Girl's Gone Hero: Drew Barrymore

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Ed: Since my teens, Drew Barrymore has been one of my greatest heroes. First as an actress, then as a producer, always as a woman, fearless and uniquely herself. So when offered the opportunity to do a brief interview with her on GGC, I was beside myself excited. And when she called me on Monday? I was so overcome with awe, I forgot my own name. People talk about that kind of thing happening but it's never happened to me. I've spent years honing my craft of cool as not to come off as Crazy Superfangirl when meeting admirable people. But interviewing Drew put a wrench in all that. Thankfully, she was gracious and kind and didn't hang up on me. Instead? She chatted with me candidly: a heroic act indeed.

Drew Barrymore on the set of her directorial debut, Whip-It

GGC: First of all, let me start by saying ... Thank you so much for talking to me and my readers today. It's such a total thrill for me, I cannot tell you. You have always been one of my absolute heroes and on behalf of myself and a million girls like me, I'd like to thank you.

Young women need heroes, fearless leaders to inspire and motivate, and in a way, that’s what your new movie, Whip-It is all about: the importance of finding your people, of surrounding yourself with peers who might bring you out and into your own. For Whip-It heroine, "Bliss," that was her Roller Derby team, “The Hurl Scouts.” Who are those people for you? Who are your "Hurl Scouts"...?

Drew Barrymore: It’s so important we have people who inspire us. Flower Films is my Team Captain. My partner, Nancy, Chris Miller, the people I work with… We encourage each other and make each other feel like we can do these crazy things, yet keep each other in check. It’s an inspiring, nurturing, very grounding, honest place… a huge inspiration for Whip-It. I’m also lucky to have an incredible group of friends. In my case, I didn’t have a traditional family growing up so these people became my family. There’s honesty there and I’m very nervous for people who surround themselves with people who don’t say it like it is. In fact I think it’s very detrimental.
One of the greatest things you can do as a friend other than listen and laugh and support is be honest. So that’s really important for me, especially the older I get. It’s harder to hear (the truth) when you’re younger, but at that point you have to go out there and learn your own lessons and fall on your face a little bit.
But I do think being around smart, fun, brave, empowered people is vital. And that can come in all sorts of forms. There’s no rule or cookie-cutter version of that.
I think the most important thing when you’re in your core group, your tribe, is, “do you feel good about yourself!? The real you, the true you!!?"

GGC: What was it about Whip-it that attracted you as a producer and especially as a first-time director?

Drew: I wanted to do something that was personal. I felt like I had a lot to offer emotionally (when it came to) mothers and daughters. I relate to the intricacies of that subject. I wanted to make something honest. I know what it’s like to be a young girl, wanting to believe you can figure who you are and find a world where that’s accepted and fostered and not hindered.

I understand that when a mother and daughter have a different broad vision that it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. (In Whip-it) Bliss’s mom wants the best for her, and it's not what (Bliss) wants for herself so they have to find common ground and acceptance. And although I didn’t experience that with my own family, I feel how important that is – I see it all around me.

I think it's SO important to find out who you are and celebrate that and say it loud and say it proud and not let society tell you otherwise. Find the group that says, “Great! Yes! Who are you!? What do you want to be!? Let’s DO that!!!

GGC: Find your peeps!

Drew: Yes! It’s scary enough in this world! You must surround yourself with people who can help you believe in the importance of being yourself!

GGC: Kathryn Bigelow just won the Director’s Guild award for best director, for her feature film, The Hurt Locker. The FIRST time a woman director has won. Why do you think there are so few female directors in Hollywood today? Do you think that will change?

Drew: I love Kathryn Bigelow. Loved The Hurt Locker. And I guess, I feel like the dynamics (of the industry) are continuing to evolve so I’m never looking back. I’m always looking forward.

I’ve always been sort of turned off by women who complain about men having more power. Well then? You have something you want to do? The best way to make change is to go out there and do it.

There are so many interesting, empowered women out there. How do we continue that?

We must create great opportunities for ourselves! And (Kathryn Bigelow) is a total example of that. So, Thank you, Kathryn Bigelow.

I sort of was a girl who grew up believing I could do all these things I wanted to do and nothing deterred me… You can’t let anyone break the belief system in yourself.

GGC: Like your tagline suggests, “Be Your Own Hero.” I love that.

Drew: Thank you! I’m so glad! And you know? I really buy it! I really believe it! I say it to myself! "Do it and get out there!"

GGC: I’m so inspired by you!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and my readers, and congratulations on everything you do!

Drew: Congratulations on everything you’re doing! Like I say to my friends: "You’re doing it! Keep doing it!”

Oh. My. Gosh. I’m totally writing your name on my binder right now.

Drew: I hope it’s a Pee Chee or a denim binder with kitties on it.

GGC: (laughing like a crazy person) Yes! It is!

Drew: Then I’m in! I’m so right there with you.

I have three copies of Whip-It (now available on DVD and Blueray!) to give away to three fabulous readers!

To win? Tell me in the comments why YOU are your own hero. Three winners will be chosen at random via, next Wednesday (2/10) pm.

And now I will go die.

I'm dead now.

R.I.P. self.


*Update: Congratulations to the following winners:

1. Siobhan 5:23
2. Haley 11:30

Please email me with your information so we can get you your DVDs asap and thank you all so much for your incredibly kick-ass, beyond inspiring comments. I have THE most amazing readers in the history of the land. Thank you, thank you all. You're the awesome.


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leaner | 11:07 AM

I am my own hero, because I made it through a deployment. Last year when my husband was deployed to Iraq, I had to be a single parent, I had to take care of everything, and I was awed by the inner strength I accumulated during that time.

robin | 11:09 AM

Yay for Drew! And lucky you, getting to interview her!

Okay, hero talk. Hero is an interesting word, one I wouldn't necessarily just spontaneously use to describe myself. Seems so vain, you know? But this got me thinking, and it's true. Everyone IS a hero, for someone, and it should start with yourself. So, I am my own hero because I do what feels right for me. I raise my kids the way I feel is right for us as a family, and I try not to let other people's opinions or judgements bother me (too much.). I keep on keeping on, even when my legs feel heavy. I have come from a family where people barely graduated from high school, let alone went on to college, and no one believed I would, or could, either. And yet, here I am, with my Master's degree! (no job, but...maybe soon?)
I try to do things for myself, but also to help others. Which is why I am training for a triathlon and raising money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. A HUGE challenge, on many levels!

yeah, "be your own hero." That's a great line, a great motto. Thanks to Drew, and you, for getting me to think about it!

Jenny | The Balow Bunch | 11:31 AM

Be your own hero is almost the exact same thing I said to my friends years and years ago in 8th grade (I only remember because we video taped this moment and we ocassionaly laugh abou it today.)

We asked each other who is your hero, who do you look up to? The first friend said, Gwyneth Paltrow. The next friend probably said some gymnastics star. I said, "I don't have any heros. I don't look up to anyone because they are not me. I don't need heros. I'm just going to be the best I can be."

I'm totally paraphrasing that -- but that's exactly along the lines of what I was thinking.

It'd be fun to watch this movie with those old friends of mine.

Jill Smyth | 12:02 PM

Oh, Pretty Lips - don't you just love the Internet?! Friggin' Drew Barrymore. Called you. DREW BARRYMORE CALLED YOU! I give, Internet - you are magic.

Anyway, put simply - because I am awesome. Layers upon layers of complexity, beauty, intelligence and humanity. Everything. I am the Universe, beotch. How could anyone else be my hero?

Humility is so lacking here. But seriously, it's just a lack of space for explanation. Cause I'm talking months worth of ratholes and understanding. Layers, like I said.

Everyone should be heroic in their own respect. Listen to Pretty Lips and Drew Barrymore, y'all. Wisdom overload.

p.s. A nod to Drew's supremely creative language. Results, people. That's what you're looking for, anyway, isn't it?

Lisse | 12:44 PM

Once, after about 10 years of marriage, my husband said to me "You are not a failure. You have accomplished just about every goal you set for yourself."

I thought about it for a few minutes and realized he was right.

Now, I have to set some new goals ;)

Studio222 Photography | 1:29 PM

Loved it! And I've always loved Drew. I think she like a phoenix! :) I'm so happy she made this movie and really got to put herself out there in the director seat.

I'm my own hero because during the darkest time in my life I was able to pull myself out of it. I even built a successful business and found my soul mate.

Gina | 2:57 PM

GGC, thanks for posting this interview. I love Drew too! She is just so honest and real. What an honor that you got to have such a great conversation!!! So fun!

I'm not my own hero yet, so I have no comment there. Good luck to all the other ladies!

Liesal | 3:13 PM

I am my own hearo because I'm learning how to be a grown up and a good wife.

Unknown | 4:28 PM

Awesome interview! The movie, which I adore was shot right here in my home state, Michigan! Drew was spotted hangin out at some of my old haunts, cool! She is fabulous and inspiring.

I am my own hero today. In two months I'll graduate from college with my teaching degree, 31 years old, first in my family to complete college, first teacher. It has taken me 10 years to finish school without any help and paying my own way. I never thought I would finish; at two different points I gave up. It took guts and tears and sacrifice but I am damn proud of myself!

Kelly O'Keefe | 4:48 PM

I like to practice my small time heroics at the grocery store. I am crazy for my little market and I always try to have fun little interactions while I'm in line. Making my fellow shoppers laugh a little or complimenting the clerk. Nothing big but that's what sprang to mind...
xo to the blog master!

Loukia | 6:52 PM

Hey way to go on this interview - I LOVE Drew Barrymore and I wish were BFF's, seriously, she's so awesome!

I'm my own hero because I'm a mom of two boys who are 4 and 2 years old and I haven't pulled out my hair yet! ;)

Speaking of interviews - I'm still dying to feature you on my blog - one of these days... one of these days...

Life. Complicated. | 7:06 PM

I love GGC! I am my own hero as I balance being a military wife, mother to a 17 year old with girl drama, am currently carrying twins, working 2 jobs - teaching college and my day job- and helping my husband keep on top of grad school. I run a pretty tight ship around here keeping everyone scheduled, know what homework is due where, parent/teacher conferences, OB/Peri appts, you name it and it is shoved into my brain along with taking care of two crazy boxers!

Much love!

Jennifer J. | 7:21 PM

I'm my own hero because I went from needing AA to getting (almost an AA)I gotin over my head when I was a DJ living in LA and crashed and burned and came back to Orange County. I sobered up, met my boyfriend, got knocked up, had a beautiful daughter and thought: I better right a wrong and got my HS Diploma. From there I kept going and will graduate from community college in December and plan to keep going!
I am so proud and know that my daughter will be proud of me too! I have a few friends that tell me, I'm going back to school and a lot of it is because of you-you make it seem "do-able" I can't tell you how proud that makes me!

Jennifer J. | 7:23 PM

BTW: Sooo cool that you got to interview Drew. She seems so down to earth and you deserve the accolades from someone you admire so much...You are one of MY heroes!

Andrea | 8:26 PM

I am my own hero because I have taken all the negative from my childhood and used it as a "what not to do" guide for raising my children. I no longer dwell on the bad things that happened or all of the things that didn't work out, but instead use it as positive energy to propel myself forward.

Junket | 8:28 PM

I don't really know if I'm my own hero but I can tell you that I LOVE Drew Barrymore. Ironically, it was one of those "six degrees of separation" things involving "Whip It" that made me make the final decision to move to L.A. It's a great story and without that movie, it wouldn't have been possible!


Jamilisa | 5:02 AM

I guess, I could say I'm my own hero because I'm surviving being a single mom to 3 kids, and they are thriving. The job of being a single parent isn't for pussies (ha!) - even though I usually don't feel like I'm doing such a great job, the job is getting done, and occasionally I can feel proud of myself.

Samantha | 5:10 AM

Holy. Dude, that was the COOLEST thing. Congratulations! And you were such a great interviewer! I love Drew, too so reading this was amazing.

I'm my own hero because I've wanted to be an actor since I was three and I'm making my way through it. I signed up for an open mic stand-up with less than a week to get a routine together. I was so nervous, I thought up a million excuses as to why I couldn't do it, but I DID. I'm breaking out of my comfort zone to make dreams come true and that makes me my own hero.

Thanks again for sharing this interview with us! And for the blog in general. You're amazing!

Anonymous | 6:40 AM

I am my own hero because after almost three years of motherhood I've realized that it's not a bad thing to take time for yourself. I rejoined my writing group and I started running, two things that I cannot do with a toddler or husband in tow and remind me that I am still my own person.

lexi | 6:50 AM

Great interview! I'm my own hero because I put myself through college.

Erika | 8:18 AM

What an incredible opportunity to talk to Drew Barrymore! Like you, she has been a hero of mine for a long time. I think it's because we are the same age and knowing what she is acoomplishing in life inspires me.
I am my own hero because I've made this quote my mantra, "if it's going to be, it's up to me." anon.

Shana | 8:18 AM

*sigh* I heart Drew. :)

I am my own hero because I survived my horrendous childhood, have become a functioning member of society, am continuing my education, and am working on how I'm going to be a really, really good parent to my future kids.

Anonymous | 8:57 AM

love your blog.. momversations.. drew.

I am my own hero because, um...i recognize the fact that I'm not that, not yet anyways. Yet, I'm always open to ways in which I can come closer to that status. (But truth be told, it seems a bit lofty).
I am a hero in that I have a 40-year old girl scout sash with LOTS of badges :)

Loran | 9:25 AM

I watched Whip It last night and loved it. I am insanely jealous you could interview Drew because she is awesome. I am my own hero because continue to grow and evolve as a kind, caring person!

Cara | 9:38 AM

I am my own hero... just knowing that I gave birth to that wonderful little boy laughing hysterically at me when I make silly faces!

MelissaE | 1:05 PM

I am my own hero because I do one thing every day that I'm proud of. I'm an HIV Educator and I push myself to constantly learn new things about a disease that is impacting so many people in the world. The work is hard and rewarding and it really is my dream job! I'm so very proud of getting it and doing it well.

megan | 2:57 PM

I am my own hero because I am a really good mom!

Single In NJ | 5:06 PM

I'm terrified of traveling alone. By Car, by train, by airplane.. by SUBWAY.

This past friday, I put on my big girl panties and I rode the NYC Subway all by myself... and it felt FABULOUS.

Jennifer | 6:17 PM

Long time reader, first time commenter!

I am my my own hero because I know what I want and if I work hard at it, I usually get it.

Thanks for having this drawing, I haven't seen this movie yet and I really wanted to when it was out. I would love to get the DVD. Fingers crossed!

PS: your kids are really cute. And did you do a wheat thins ad or something to that effect awhile back? I thought I saw your mug in my people magazine. :)

Becky | 6:28 PM

In January of 2009, I had routine surgery to remove my gallbladder due to disease/stones. While inside, the surgeon made many mistakes, leaving me damaged and sent to another hospital for repair and a several week stay.

Due to my injuries, I was put out of work. I lost my job and I lost my health insurance. I accumulated over $80,000 in medical bills.

My fiance and I were recently engaged the previous Christmas before my surgery. We were unable to afford a normal wedding, so as soon as I was able to walk again, we had a courthouse wedding in April 2009.

During my recovery, he took care of me. He bathed me, and eventually, when I wanted to bath myself, would hold me up in the shower until I was too exhausted. He brought me jello cups, and tried to support us as long as he could.

My husband lost his job in July. We had to move out of our house and in with his mother. His father had passed away the weekend before our wedding in April.

Despite all of this, and despite my injuries, I am continuing my education online to finish my Bachelor's degree. In September, I finally felt physically able to work again, and I got a job as an ABA Tutor working with autistic children.

My husband found a part time job, but we are still unable to support ourselves. We still live with his mother.

My body was ruined. My credit was ruined. My wedding was ruined. Our life together as newlyweds was not as it should have been.

But I'm trucking on. And I'm finishing my degree. And after a year of trying, I still can't get a lawyer to take my medical malpractice case. I am almost $100K in debt, and we can't even stand on our own two feet.

We were ready to get married and start a family. And now I don't even know if I am physically able.

And perhaps I should send this story to Oprah instead...

Thanks. :)


Steph | 7:07 PM

I am my own hero because most days I can look around and say "See? Once upon a time, you didn't even want this mothering gig, and now you are rocking the shit out of it."

Most days, anyway. ;)

Mrs. Cline | 7:17 PM

When I was going through a painful breakup, my Aunt Jennifer just kept telling me "You need to be your own best friend. You will never not be there for you."

So, I went out and got to know me. "We" went to coffee shops, the mall, the movies, dinner. All alone. Or together, as it may be.

I became my own best friend and found myself to be pretty darn cool. I like me! I like the women I am and I hope that I will like the mother I'm about to be.

If we are not our own best friend, our own hero, how can we teach this to our children, our daughters?

Haley | 11:30 PM

Wow, so jealous. I love Drew. Awesome interview!!

It's definitely not something that's easy for me, but after being down on myself pretty much my whole life, I'm taking steps to turn that around. I am going to be honest and say that maybe I haven't quite achieved hero status yet, but I'm working extremely hard on finishing my bachelor's degree (which hasn't been easy due to really bad depression) and once I do that (hopefully this year), I will feel like I can do absolutely anything.

The Beckster | 12:33 AM

I think Drew Barrymore is my favorit celebrity. (Aside from Dolly Parton) Because she's always so positive and happy. I cannot STAND celebrities who bitch and whine, b/c hello - seriously?

That's why I'm sticking to Parton and Barrymore. Thumbs up!

Unknown | 2:34 AM

I am my own hero because I'm strong. I've dealt with depression and anxiety since I was 15. It's not what you would choose for yourself or anyone you love, but I know that I am stronger and more compassionate for it.
I'm my own hero because I am finally Dr. Hero. After 6.5 years of fighting tooth and nail I have my PhD.
And I'm my own hero because teaching college students is crazy important to me and I love every minute of it.

Anonymous | 5:12 AM

I am my own hero because I am my own inspiration. I am proud of my work and volunteer accomplishments and never believed I would be where I am today. I've done well for myself and look forward to the future.


blabbermouse | 10:53 AM

Love that you geeked over the interview with Drew ... I would be a blathering mess if it were me.

I'm my own hero because I found what I love to do and am working my a** off to get it going on.

Tiffany | 3:29 PM

I love Drew Barrymore, I love all of her movies especially the quirky ones because they remind me of myself. Great interview, lucky lucky you. Ah, shucky ducky!


Zee | 3:55 PM

I've never really thought of myself as a hero: I do what needs to be done. But throughout various times in my life, people have referred to me that way, jokingly or not.

Right now I am in grad school full-time, with a toddler and a baby on the way. And I'm actually getting stuff done at school, around the house, and in general. So: today, I AM my own hero!

Leslie | 7:41 PM

I am my own hero because I pursue what I love with unrelenting passion.

greenbuttonblog | 8:07 PM

I am my own hero because I came out happy and whole on the other side of a really shitty childhood and the death of my parents in my teens. I found the people who became my real family, found a wonderful partner who understands what I went through & who I am now, and, most importantly, I became the step mom to a little girl. Through her, my experience of my own childhood has been redefined. It gives me so much joy to give to her emotionally, mentally, and in every way what I did not have as a child. Every single day & every time she curls up beside me and asks me to read her a book or giggle maniacally over a singing a silly song, I feel myself heal a little bit more.

Maggie May | 8:29 PM

I love the interview with Drew, I am a lifelong fan of hers since E.T. :)

I am my own hero, because as I wrote in my latest blog post, I faced the pain I was terrified to face and birthed my Lola naturally in a tub of water.

Catherine Just | 10:32 PM

I have 22 years of sobriety. Got sober when I was 18. Went to art school and studied photography. My photo was picked to be published on the cover of National Geographic. It was one of those - I can die now moments for me. I'm starting to do what I've always wanted to do - lead photography retreats in gorgeous places around the world.
And I'm raising my son Max who has Down syndrome and I feel proud and so much joy being his mama.
Still learning how to live my best life ever and I feel like I've done a lot of work on myself and still seek to better myself.

I am my own hero. I am proud of my personal accomplishments and that I've always done it my way - regardless of how painful it might have seemed to others. It was the only way for me.

Unknown | 6:03 AM

I'm my own hero because I'm always trying to improve myself and follow my own path. I moved to China by myself three months ago, and have found a dream (for me) job working for an non-profit that offers after-school arts and sports programs to migrant youth. I also just got out of a 5 year relationship, and I'm proud of how well I'm dealing.

Thank you for all the inspiration you share with us :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 6:23 AM

Ok, seriously, this is awesome. Also, Whip It is one of my favorite movies. I'm such a geek I saw it at the movies and have already rented it on PPV 3 times. I need to own it already.

(Side note, I can't believe I'm admitting this, but secretly I'd love my rollergirl name to be Mother Steffer) and ok anyway.

I'm my own hero because I have fought against authority to see my child healed and given the proper medical treatment when we were told he might just end up in an institution. That's a big one. And then there's also all the little battles I fight every day, trying my best to be myself and remember to have passion in what I do.

Thank you for the chance!

Carrie | 8:02 AM

I am my own hero because a few months ago I became a step-mom. To a wonderful 12 year old girl who's mother is not exaclty reliable or unselfish. I am my own hero because I am there for her. Every day. Anytime. It is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but I love her and want her to have the best her father and I can give her.

Heathrow's World | 8:32 AM

Great interview! Awesome!
I am my own hero because I am making it work being a Mom. Working part time at a job I despise so that I can have more time with my kid than my coworkers. We're broke, but we're happy.

Kalen | 9:39 AM

I'm my own hero because I finally realized I am the only person who can truly control my freedom.


Drew is an inspiration for sure! Fun interview/giveaway! Love it <3

Olivia Singleton | 11:50 AM

I watched Whip It last night and really did find the message to be so profound. Be your own hero. Who would have thought it could be that simple? I don't think I've been my own hero lately. But I think it's time that I start.

mommymae | 3:19 PM

bec & drew! bffs!!

this has me totally stoked for you!!!

i'm am my own hero because have only wanted one thing out of life as long as i can remember: happiness. i've been holding on to it for quite some time.

Unknown | 4:20 PM

I am my own hero because I kicked butt in high school and college in order to get a fabulous job and be able to move out of my hometown. I accomplished more than I originally set out to.

jenny | 6:13 PM

I'm my own hero because I'm working hard in college to make something of myself!

Kayley Maybe | 6:16 PM

I am my own hero because I went to the Target pharmacy today, totally sick and looking like absolute crap, to obtain a prescription for my 5 month old daughter. I don't think I have ever looked so bad in public, but to make my daughter feel better I'm willing to do pretty much anything.

Misha | 8:08 PM

Do we fully have to embrace "hero" to participate? Drew is a hero of mine, for sure. The honesty of your words and your love for your kids makes you a hero of mine.
Having two boys drug-free, all on my own steam, so to speak, are experiences that I will carry with me forever. Childbirth made me realize how kick ass I could be, how kick ass women are. It was the hardest and most rewarding "work" I've done. But now comes parenting which almost requires you to be your own hero and to work harder than you ever imagined.
Parents are heroes everyday. The ones, that is, that love their children unconditionally, that put their heart and soul into the whole messy endeavor.

lindsay | 10:36 PM

i'm my own hero because for the first time in my life, i'm making decisions based on putting myself first.

drew barrymore is legit my hero! sooo jealous you got to talk to her!

Amy | 10:55 PM

So jealous that you got to talk to Drew. I love her! Great interview. I'd love to win a copy. I'm a hero these days because I'm more comfortable in my skin than I've ever been in my life. I'm learning how to take care of myself - I got myself out of depression without medication. And I'm starting up a photography business while simultaneously raising a 20-month-old and a 4-year-old. That's either heroic or batshit crazy!

Meemo | 11:12 PM

I am my own hero because after giving birth to 3 boys, I've realized that I can get through anything, no matter how sucky, painful, embarrassing or crappy it might be. Like that killer spin class.

katie | 5:18 AM

Just gettin' things done.

the paper doll | 7:59 AM

Because I discovered what I'm made to do and I'm in grad school learning how to do it. AND I'm paying for it all by myself. WHoooo!
And this is one of my favorite movies of all time and like you I totally have a girl crush on Drew!

Kristie | 12:32 PM

Being yourself, owning everything that is uniquely you...that takes guts and spirit. I'd like to think that I do that every day, and therefore I am my own hero. I'm always inspired to just be me.

Thanks for all you do for women everywhere, Rebecca! And Drew--eek! I heart you both.

Chop | 1:14 PM

I'm my own hero because my son was born 7 weeks early (5 weeks ago) and we are making it. We have good and bad days but I am actually being a mom and that is amazing to me :)

Mary | 1:18 PM

Ohemgee! Way to go, you! I get up every day and inspite of me, my daughter is an awesome twenty-year-old college student! I did something right.

Erin | 3:23 PM

I'm my own hero because...I spent 2 months living apart from my husband because I took the leap and landed a job at my dream company. But that's not the reason why i'm my own hero. I'm my own hero because I truly enjoyed those 2 months just hanging out by myself. Everyone kept saying "Oh, you're away from your husband! HOW do you do that?? Must be so HARD!" Guess what? It's not. I'm great company and very much enjoy hanging out with myself. I'm comfortable with me and not alot of people are that comfortable with themselves to take a chance, land the job, move out of state and know NO ONE but love it.

Laura R. | 4:33 PM

I am my own hero because I respect myself. Too many women don't.

Morgan | 5:43 PM

Because I carried a Little Tank in my belly for 9 months, and he is now my favorite little person.

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