Flowers in the Spring

Over the weekend we hiked through the hills behind my parents' house. We didn't get far. Fable wanted down. So we plucked her out of her backpack and placed her among new friends:

We had just the night before gone to see my mom's incredible mind-blowing-amazing play (which I mentioned last week) and listened to David Lynch, the founder of Responsibility speak about his decades of experience educating children who live on garbage dumps in Mexico and Nicaragua - children who have never known life outside the landfill.

In one week, my mother and her directing partner raised over $8,000 to fund David Lynch's Blue Tarp Schools and provide landfill communities with fresh water* - and in the process brought this noble cause to the attention of hundreds of children in Southern California, and their families - giving kids as young as eight, the opportunity to spread hope and educate their communities through theatre, music and dance.

Inspiring stuff.

There is so much we can do for others. For starters? We can live our lives appreciating all the incredible things we have. Plant seeds of change where foliage is lacking. Give money if we have it and hope if we can spare some and time when, at the end of the day, some remains.

Spring is about new beginnings. About hope and change and appreciating the beauty we have within us, behind us, beyond us...

It's about celebrating with standing ovation, the wild flowers that dance in full bloom.

For those of you who give - who love and inspire and change and compliment and help and go on faraway journeys to spread peace and resources and songs of hope - thank you.

You make this life a worthy one.


*Today happens to be world water day. Go here to see how you can get involved.


Marie | 12:53 PM

Your perspective on the world makes me glad you have kids. Thanks for being so inspiring, I really love your blog.

Tiffany | 12:59 PM

I love these photos! I have pictures of myself as a little girl admiring wildflowers and I still try to do that every spring/summer to remember those moments.

Eppyville | 1:18 PM

LOVE these pics ... and your kind words ... what an inspiring endeavor your mom took on ... kudos to her and her efforts! I too am one of those trying to make a difference in small ways whenever I can ... and I hope to teach my kids to do the same as they age. It is in those things that remind me what an incredible world we live in ... we have the ability to change things in such big and small ways!

Adriana | 1:27 PM

I love these pictures! Fables hair is so long all of a sudden. It seems like that happened really quick.

Sarah | 1:30 PM

I am definitely putting one of these pics on my phone to remind me to slow down and enjoy the simple things.

Brooke | 2:07 PM

Those photos are spectacular! Just so breathtaking, I can't get over it.

Unknown | 2:37 PM

Lovely lovely lovely. All of it. Thank you.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 2:59 PM

Beautiful. I can't wait for flowers like that to bloom here.

And loving the mushroom dress. Fable & Ivy could be twinsies.


Anonymous | 4:11 PM

Fable looks like a pioneer girl here. How long are you going to grow her hair?

Diurla | 5:34 PM

This was just what I needed to read to make my day bright. Thanks so much!

aimee | 5:38 PM

rebecca. thank you. as always, you inspire. you inspire me to be a better mom. and a better human. perhaps it's the glass of wine i just had, but, i'm finding this post particularly touching.

ERM | 6:23 PM

your words are beautiful and true. thanks for putting this truth and beauty into words.

Ray | 8:50 PM

Beautiful field of purple flowers. I love the photos of Fable bowing by the flowers and blowing into the wind. So beautiful and you could tell she was loving every minute of exploring. That last photo of Archer instructing Fable is precious as well.

How wonderful of your mother to raise money for such a cause. She's awesome.

Susana | 3:44 AM

She really is a wildflower herself. The most beautiful sort.
Also, those mushrooms? Yummy.

Kat | 5:25 AM

beautiful photos and beautiful words

Boston Mamas | 9:17 AM

Beautiful. You inspire me so much R! xo

Anonymous | 9:21 AM

Gorgeous photos! Where do you parents live? My friend is a photographer and we're doing pics this weekend, here in So Cal and looking for a field,
Awesome that your mom was able to raise so much money for such a great cause!!! So inspirational!


Thanks, all!

Alyson - the hills are behind my parent's house in La Costa. (There are several hiking/mountain biking trails there as well) The entire So-Cal region is covered in wild flowers so any back-hills area will look very similar! Lots of California poppies, too.


Thanks, all!

Alyson - the hills are behind my parent's house in La Costa. (There are several hiking/mountain biking trails there as well) The entire So-Cal region is covered in wild flowers so any back-hills area will look very similar! Lots of California poppies, too.

Thilie | 1:10 PM

Amazing pictures!!
You should print and hang them in your wall!
And Fable`s dress is so cute!

Maura | 6:03 PM

Wow!! These pictures leave me speechless!! So beautiful!

Renee | 6:20 PM

Beautiful Pictures! Your mom rocks.


I'm so glad I stopped by here today. My heart is lifted. I work with high risk youth and am always trying to nurture, encourage, challenge and support growth. I love to here inspiring accounts of others planting there own seeds of hope and change.
Beautiful photos as always. Fable reminds me of my own little love. Enjoy the gifts of spring :)

GingerB | 9:55 PM

Your mom rocks and so do you. thanks for helping me back to the big picture view.

Loukia | 7:15 AM

Aww, just beautiful. :) And the pictures, gorgeous. I can't believe your baby girl is so big already! I wish we could pause time sometimes, or rewind. I wish I could hold my children as newborns again. I can't believe that phase is GONE forever. Sorry, rambling again...

EMQ | 11:13 AM

Such amazing photos! It just makes me giddy to think about exploring the world with Lisel like you do with your kids!

Chelsea | 8:19 AM

beautiful post rebecca.

Anonymous | 4:00 PM

If your father and mother both live there it would be your parents' house, not your parent's house.


Yep. Noted. Thanks.

Anonymous | 9:42 AM

Thanks for replying! Gorgeous!!!
Yes.. poppies, everywhere! We live in the Antelope Valley.. home to the Poppy 'festival', which is always kinda lame cause there's really no poppies AT the festival! But.. anyway, yeah fields out here are covered!

a little black cloud in a dress | 9:05 PM

what kind of backpack do you use? I've been searching for one for my two year old for when we go hiking, and I can't seem to find anyhting. thanks!!


Hey, Hollie. We have a Kelty Kids backpack!