Gone Style: Katya's Five Minute Makeover

For our second episode, Sarah, Josie and I got to play makeover with the the lovely and inspiring Katya! Hooray for Katya!

As always, Katya's makeup-look graciously provided by Josie Maran Cosmetics. Background music, once again, c/o my brother, David.

Interested in getting Gone Styled? Email me at gonestylemakeover (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll hook it up! In the meantime, I'll be posting these as often as I am able to! They vids take a very long time to put together but my editing skills are improving! I'll be quick as a cricked on imovie in no time JUST YOU WAIT!



Lindsey | 8:08 AM

Love the "Gone Style" episodes! Sarah's hair advice was spot on and I now I must find that cute sweater. . .

Boston Mamas | 9:03 AM

This is my first time checking out your GS series, Rebecca. LOVE IT! You've got such great karma girl! -Christine

http://soodz.com/blog/ | 9:19 AM

Love it! I need to get gone styled myself! I have been trying to vamp things up on my own, but I need a second set of eyes..! xo

Jess Kiley | 9:21 AM

I think John Mayer prefers Vimeo, just sayin'.

Kirdy | 9:42 AM

LOVE this! Your editing is wonderful. I just watned to make sure that you post any and all "post-makeover" photos of Katya, I'd love to see her at her party! Can't wait for the next makeover.

Marie | 11:39 AM

such a fun series! woo woo!

Anonymous | 1:41 PM

I'm pretty sure Josie doesn't know how to apply make-up. The way she throws it on so heavily and haphazardly, (not to mention poor lighting) it looks like she just doesn't give a shit. Becca, I think you would be better off doing the makeup segment on your own.


I love those shoes.

Sadie | 2:43 PM

I'm thinking Katya is going to look like one of Santa's elves at her party. Sorry, but I just think the red and green and black combination is for xmas ornaments. Can't wait to see the "after" photos, because I'm having a hard time visualizing the look all put together. Did you ever post "after" pics from the last makeover?

Amy | 3:23 PM

Can Josie please give her thoughts on the advice I've always been given regarding eyeliner on the inner lid -- which is, don't do it. It's highly likely to cause eyelid infections. I stopped doing it in the early 90s after repeated issues, but I sure did like the look! And yes - I hope you show after photos for all the makeovers!

The Beckster | 5:52 PM

When do we get to see the completed look?!

Also, have to agree with anonymous - not a fan of the eye make up - it seems really heavy.

I love the clothes and jewelry choices.


Will post pictures of both Katya and Missy's completed look(s) as soon as they send me photos from their parties!

mathilda Dunn | 9:50 PM


I am a huge fan of these segments. I would LOVE to see someone chosen who is of the more "zaftig" body shape/zize. You and Josie are both so itsy, as is Katya. I am a a curvy 10/12 and would love to see a makeover done on someone more my size. As a rounder gal, I sometimes feel so left out of fashion!


Hey, Mathilda!

Katya IS itsy bitsy but I'm SO not! And Missy, who was our first makeover has sexy curves, too! A lot of amazing women contacted us to be involved and everyone varies in size! So yes!

Hate that you feel left out of fashion! Plenty of amazing pieces for all gorgeous bodies!

xo, mama

Josie Maran | 10:19 PM

Amy - I've been a model for almost 20 years and worked with some of the best makeup artists in the business and have never come across anyone who was against using eyeliner in the waterline. I've also never heard of a model getting an eye infection from doing it. That being said - if it's happened to you then there must be some precedent for it. You may have sensitive eyes that were reacting to a chemical ingredient in the liner. (*prepare for shameless plug*) You should try my liner - it's 99% organic and chock full of moisturizers like Jojoba, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Butter. Hit me up and I'll send one to you!

Anonymous - That's such a pretty name. Is it Latin or Greek?

Elena from Greece | 11:48 PM

love the combination of red shoes with green sweater. so pop or sth:)

Anonymous | 2:55 AM

I agree with Anonymous re Josie doing makeup. I was not believing it when she first started, then at the end when she was wearing the blue shadow (looked like a young child applied while playing in mama's makeup) I was stunned. Anyone who's makeup looked like that would never get to do mine.

Would you let someone with horrid hair do yours? Not.

Sorry, but true.

P.S. The name is Latin. It means Truth.

Missy | 6:05 AM

Wow, I love it all! How adorable - and those shoes are pretty damn hot. I wish I had an unlimited clothes budget cuz I have the feeling I'm going to want to buy all of these looks you put together. You're really good at this!

Katya - welcome to the 5 Minute Makeover Club! Congrats and Good Luck!

Mathilda - I'm the same curvy size as you are so look at my makeover! The dress was perfect for my shape :)

Rebecca, Josie and Sarah make a great team!

Unknown | 7:28 AM

Hahahah...you tell 'em Josie! Good of you to have a sense of humor about it. To the anonymice, the nice thing about makeup is that if you feel you've put too much on, you can always take it off--in that regard, it's not at all like getting a haircut. Most beauty pros, including models like Josie, are comfortable wearing looks that most people wouldn't. I know I couldn't pull off the bright blue shadow, but that wasn't what she suggested for Katya, so who cares?

mathilda Dunn | 10:05 AM


I just went back and looked at your makeover video...and yes, we have nearly the same shape/size. I am happy to hear that the dress was a winner on you! I might have to pick one up myself (and I love the color!).

Rebecca, again -- I love the style pieces...so fun and inspiring! Can't wait to see more!

sara. no h. | 10:47 AM

Great makeover ladies! So much fun to watch. Keep 'em coming! woot!

Just a tip, the mac store offers free imovie classes. And, version before the current version of i-move is SOOOOOO much easier to use!

littlerowboat | 10:55 AM

I'm sure you've already heard of Thao with The Get Down Stay Down, and even though I don't know you, I have a feeling you might like 'em.
I don't know if I can actually leave the link, but specifically check out 'When We Swam' on you tube.

Kait | 11:37 AM

I do have to say, I absolutely love your GoneStyle episodes.

I also love Josie Maran's makeup, I have learned so much from her already! Thanks Josie!

Sarah | 3:27 PM

this is fun, but would be more fun if you would show poor old us the afters!!!!

katie | 1:15 AM

i just want to say: Katya, you go girl! it takes balls to make a decision like that, and i'm totally jealous that she's figured out what she wants to do. im in a similar situation, except, i still need to figure out exactly what it is i want to do after i take my EIT exam for engineering.

and of course fabulous makeover, i really like the collaboration!


KH | 4:10 AM

I think Josie is fabulous! And Sarah! And Rebecca, of course!

Whittles Wobble | 4:31 PM

I think it would make the Gone Style episodes SO MUCH BETTER if we got to see the finished product all decked out. Pretty please! I feel like we're building up the climax and just when we're almost there...crash! burn! boom!


I know! I know! Totally working on that. In the meantime, I'll post "afters" as soon as the ladies attend their events!

RevampedChaos | 9:36 AM


Could you provide us with some of your favorite resources for cute clothes? You have great taste and I'm sure many of your readers could benefit from your suggestions!

Amy | 4:08 PM

Love Archer's painting behind you, there, Rebecca!