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Fable, seventeen-months old

Today, whilst rolling around in Archer's unmade bed I told Fable I loved her. I do this ten-thousand times a second, no doubt, but for the first time ever, she stopped, stuck her finger in my nose and said, very seriously, "ah-yuh-you, mama!"

And then she kissed me.

And I died.

It was a particularly shitty morning after some less than awesome news (about which, I will blog more in detail, tomorrow) but whatever.

I have a daughter who says "I love you," and a son who roots me on when I'm bowling and a husband who can pull off a face band-aid and still look hot.

Everything else is kind of insignificant.

Hal does his post-strike victory dance. Touché



Breezer | 8:56 PM

Oh that's so amazing. I'm so happy for you.

My daughter is only 7 months and I LONG for the day she can tell me she loves me back.

I love your blog and as is so clear in this post, I love your outlook on life :-)

Enjoy your beautiful babies.

Haley | 9:00 PM

So sweet. And I love her dress!

alissa | 9:05 PM

how exciting! and i love that picture of her, she looks SO grown up.

*mary* | 9:05 PM

She is stunning.

Amanda | 9:14 PM

So sweet!

Amanda | 9:24 PM

I have a 10 1/2 month old and too can't wait for that day...actually, I can wait...I think time is traveling way too fast as it is. But, I DO feel like we God gives us those little gifts just when we need them. Get it on tape and play it when you need it.

mommymae | 9:26 PM

my doll says "luh loh" for i love you. so did her big brother. i don't remember how the twins said it. i never gets old, no matter how they say it.

Anonymous | 9:40 PM

OMG! I'm waiting with baited breath until my little guy can say 'i love you' to me!!

GingerB | 11:02 PM

If I wasn't so happy for you I'd be filled with jealousy. Oh, wtf, I am jealous, but I am heart glad for you, getting to hear that from your wee angel, who is very nearly as lovely as mine own sweet babe, the center of the universe and the angel of babyness. Aren't we just so lucky?

Spokeit | 12:12 AM

She looks like such a little lady! I can't believe how big she is!

And you're incredibly lucky- it's awesome that you see that :)

Cave Momma | 12:24 AM

I died when I first heard those words too and my heart just about explodes every time I hear it, I just can't get enough.

Prasti | 5:21 AM

ah. so sweet. love those moments...

and fable is getting so big!

Valerie | 5:30 AM

First of all, holy crap, Fable is getting so big! Such a beautiful little girl.

Second, yes. Those moments when they vocalize their love for you in their awesome kid dialect, especially for the first time - it's like the rest of the world just disappears and couldn't matter less.

Congrats for having such wonderful people in your life, who can make even the worst things seem absolutely inconsequential :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 5:44 AM

Ivy is 18 months and has not said I love you yet. I AM SERIOUSLY JEALOUS.

Hope all is better and happier today.


Boston Mamas | 5:47 AM

EXACTLY. Isn't it awesome that these simple things in life are all we really need? xo Christine

Melissa | 6:27 AM

What wonderful things happen when we least expect it. My daughter will hold my face and say "I love you so much mommy" and my heart just bursts every time....we, like you, say this alot every day to our children - as if we think they will forget....The big thing is to never never dismiss it when they say it - a parent always must take a moment with that child and say it back. What a blessing!

Amanda | 6:48 AM

I almost cried reading this. What could be more beautiful than your child saying "I love you"?

I'm working with Jack on his words (he'll be two on Monday, and he's, I suppose, "a bit behind"), and the day he says "I love you" is the day we never get our cleaning deposit back as my heart will have exploded and melted all over the carpet.

MommyLisa | 7:05 AM

It is so awesome when they do that.


My Bottle's Up! | 7:23 AM


Amber | 7:53 AM

she is so beautiful....looks like her momma

i am so happy that she told you she loves will stay in your heart forever!


Okay, I'm dead, and she's not mine! How do you stand it? So, so sweet! And she looks like a total little girl in that picture. Wow.

Westley (2 years and change) throws his arms around me and says, "I wuv you sooo much!" And then? "You my best friend."

Ouch, my heart.

Amy | 9:07 AM

My baby started saying love you a about a month ago. Sounds like ay-nay-no but I know exactly what she means. It does take everything else out of the picture. She is all that matters.

Anonymous | 9:07 AM

I didn't comment on your post a few days ago about milestones because I thought the comments turned into sort of a brag fest, but so what if she's knee scooting, she told you she loves you!!!! I'm eagerly awaiting that day because it's way cooler than walking. : ) My heart is singing for you!

Jessica + Chuck | 9:23 AM

uhhhh- tears! you got me. the second best part is knowing she is hearing you and gets you so hard all the times you say it. growing love is so intense and amazing and i cherish it so much! thanks for sharing your moments with us.

MollyinMinn | 10:17 AM

There is nothing better. You are right.

Rebecca | 12:00 PM

That is an adorable photo of Fable. And her dress is beautiful!

Jennie | 12:07 PM

Isn't that the best?! My daughter has this thing where out of the blue she will just look at me and say, "I like you mommy." So matter of fact. Like it suddenly occurred to her and she had to let me know. She's 2 and a half. It just gets better and better with each passing month!

AscenderRisesAbove | 12:10 PM

Adorable. Got a chuckle out of the victory dance.

Erin Lane | 2:27 PM

THAT IS AMAZING and so heart warming. I got my first hug on request yesterday so i feel your excitement! Hope you have a nice weekend!

Kerry | 5:16 PM

Your girl is growing up.

So sweet.

mrs.notouching | 6:51 PM

ah yuh this post! And you too, of course.

Ray | 5:01 PM

Your family ROCKS! And Fable's a sweetheart. <3


She is so lovely. Your exchange made my heart all squeezy and warm. So sweet, I can not wait to hear my daughter say those words. Love it.

Rachel | 2:57 PM


That first I love you.. whether it's I wub oo... ah yuv.. or simply the hand on cheek.. the kiss, the eyes..

It's priceless and will shatter you and rebuild you all at the same time.


Heather | 6:13 PM

What a sweetheart.

Ashley | 12:12 AM

Someday I hope to have what you all have. SO beautiful.

Anonymous | 11:59 AM

AWE.. My son Troupe says the same, "Ah yuh, you...... (long dramatic pause) momma"

I tell him I love him several times a day #1 cause I do but #2 cause it melts my heart everytime he says it back..

Glenda | 12:14 PM

love it! Fable is a cutie.

Casey | 2:30 PM

didn't know if you'd seen this!

(check "sibling names")

stumbled across it while checking name the search (on a baby-naming website) for an original name (because these things interest me, not because i have any practical use for it yet!). perhaps a bit of a weird method, but i like the name wizard gadget!

Sarcastica | 6:42 AM

SERIOUSLY Becs, Fable is THE CUTEST! I love the way you dress her! That outfit is beyond cute!

Are you still making Fable's outfits? You should totally give some away to women's shelters etc (once she's grown out of them, of course, and the ones you don't need to keep for special reasons), I bet those mothers would LOVE to see their little girls wearing the clothes that Fable wore, she is more stylish than Suri!