The following is a cover of a song we all know and love. Or, if you're me, resent because it reminds you of that time you flew all the way to London to meet a man you (thought) you were crazy in love with only to find that he didn't love you back. 

(It was Fall of 2000 and you had just arrived at Buckingham Palace after taking a cab from the airport. You agreed to meet there because it would be totally hot and romantic and we'd all live happily ever after the end. Except. You were an idiot and lied about your age for months, assuming it wouldn't be a big deal that you were nineteen. Not twenty-eight. So you told him you were nineteen and he was pissed and you were hurt and mortified because you were the asshole who flew all the way to London to see this guy who now wanted nothing to do with you (which, naturally made you want him more) and you didn't understand. You didn't understand why he didn't want to be with some crazy teenage liar. 

Meanwhile, he had already purchased tickets for the two of you to see this "new" band, Coldplay, so you went... You went with him on your first and last date and when (Yellow) came on, you tried to hold his hand but he wouldn't hold it back and then you had to fly home, back to LA, rejected and humiliated with that fucking song blasting in your ears. On repeat. Because you were a masochist and bought the CD. And those stupid yellow stars felt like they shined for everyone but you. Because you came along and he didn't write a song for you. Not even a verse or a line or a word. He did write you a letter and told you he never wanted to see you again. "I'll never love you, so...")

Anyway. That happened. But to hell with all of that because my friend Jeremy Toback and his group Renee & Jeremy have a new record "dropping" next week. (Whuuuuut.) It's called A Little Love and it's full of amazing covers including The Monkees' Daydream Believer and Coldplay's Yellow, one of my favorite/least favorite songs. Enjoy: 

118. Yellow (Coldplay) covered by Renee & Jeremy

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