TOTW: Ella Lou Turkish Towels (& Giveaway)

Updated with winners, below!
A while back, my cousin, Erica introduced me to her dear friend Lindsay and her new Ella Lou pestamels, which have since replaced the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets the girls lived in their first few months. I still love me some A + A but was in need of something heartier for wrapping, draping and covering, and Lindsay's (GORGEOUS) light-weight blanket/towel/all of the above(s) were exactly what I was looking to get into. (We also also have one of her pillows which sits on our bed and is my favorite.)
Here are some pictures I stole from Lindsay's website. How perfectly summery are these bad boys? I hadn't even realized I could use them as beach towels until like five minutes ago. Gorgeous.
essential2 essential4
Not only can they be used to swaddle babies (and adults) they're also ideal for beach, pool, or as couch throws. AND on cooler days, you can use them as... scarves!
Hello, I am wearing a blanket as a scarf and I like it! (Bo's unsure?)
Bo & Revi & Moss Green Herringbone IMG_2792
Not only are all of Ella Lou's products high quality gorgeous, they're also hand-crafted, sustainable, not to mention charitable. You can read more about Ella Lou's social mission, here, check Ella Lou's blog here and shop the various pestamels and pillows here.
Lindsay has generously offered to give away one pillow and one blanket to two lucky readers. To win? Tell me something beautiful. I'll choose two winners via next Thursday, May 10th. Don't forget to include your contact information!

Lindsay is going to be at Mom 2.0 this weekend and doesn't know anybody so if you're going you should totally go find her, hug her and be her friend forever. She's 100% artisan-crafted wonderful. 

Updated: Congrats to commenters #201 Janae Nicole and #259 Candice Peat. And thanks to everyone for participating! Much love!



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elisabeth | 9:45 AM

Here's something beautiful: Last week I was gardening with my students and one of them asked, "Tomorrow could we plant some dandelions?"

"Why dandelions?" I asked
"Because I love making wishes!"

:) :) :)

martha | 9:49 AM

Something beautiful... my entire family is coming to see me next week. This hasn't happened since I moved across the country 6 years ago. I am so ridiculously excited.

Kerry | 9:53 AM

My kids splashing in the water outside this week. We're experiencing record high temps for this time of year here in Ohio!

Anonymous | 9:53 AM

I've survived a lifetime of abuse, am nomadically trying to evade my dad who has threatened to kill me, am in the process of divorce, but Life is beautiful. The blessing of still feeling grateful is beautiful. Sharing in your gorgeous pictures of your 4 amazing children is beautiful. Don't even care about the giveaway, just wanted to tell you that! Have a blessed day.

Julie | 9:56 AM

Those blankets are beautiful :-) Do want.

Melissa Wilson | 9:57 AM

These are gorgeous! I'd love to have one!

Something beautiful? Due to the freaky weather the whole world has been having lately, today the entire region of Southern Ontario, where I live, has experienced an explosion of butterflies taking over the skies. It's amazing.

jenna | 9:59 AM

Very excited about the Super Full Moon coming this Saturday night. And I hope to be sharing it with good friends, celebrating the graduation of one, cocktail in hand. Beautiful.

Melt Momma's Heart | 9:59 AM

Something beautiful: one of my best friends is in labor this very minute with her first babe!

Rebby Lives | 10:00 AM

Seeing Coldplay last night at the Hollywood Bowl=Beautiful. And it was. There were bright vibrant colors everywhere!

Kasey | 10:00 AM

Beautiful: My baby slept through the night for the first time. I had the first uninterrupted eight hours of sleep since 2011.

Abby H. (in MPLS) | 10:03 AM

I'm moving back to the city I think of as home. It is a beautiful feeling to have a sense of place.

Katie | 10:04 AM

I am having a girl at the end of July. I am petrified!!!!!! But I know it wil be okay because I see though your pictures the relationship Archer has with his sister. And I know I will be in love the second I hold her. And I will try my my best to not allow her to have all the fucked up issues I had growing up.

Jennifer M. | 10:04 AM

something beautiful is when my 4 year old daughter woke me up this morning to show me she learned to make one eyebrow go up and the other stay down. except...its 6am and all I see is a little screwed up scrunchy face.

Kari | 10:07 AM

Something beautiful: My husband and I just decided to start a family and he said to me, "I can't wait for our love to come to life in the form of our baby!" How stinking sweet!

KP | 10:07 AM

Beautiful: last night my apartment was full of laughter and warmth, and no judgment for anyone's flaws or failures.

KP | 10:08 AM

Oops: indubitably DOT kate AT gmail DOT com (forgot to include in my last comment)


I love these comments so much. You guys make me happy. xo

Sarah | 10:09 AM

Something Beautiful: I believe in myself. Finally.

KateFitz | 10:09 AM

The weather forecast for Portland, OR next week. Swooooooooooon. Just what I need after this brutal raining season.

jenifer | 10:10 AM

I felt the baby move today which, in my opinion is one of the greatest feelings ever!

Amy K | 10:10 AM

Those are amazing! My daughter finally mastered her tricycle this weekend, so I've spend all my free time watching her ride around and around and around.

Priscilla Edwards | 10:11 AM

Hudson, my four year old grandson. He is the pure beauty, love and light.

E | 10:11 AM

My daughter just had her third birthday. We hosted it at a facility with ten bounce houses. Her face as she went down each giant slide? Absolutely beautiful. Pure joy.

Courtney | 10:12 AM

My baby boy's laugh = BEAUTIFUL!

Liz | 10:12 AM

It's my wonderful mother's 64th birthday and what's more beautiful than that?

JessicaBates | 10:12 AM

beautiful: your babies and your mother-wolf attitude
beautiful: my dog is my shadow
beautiful: not owing anyone anything
beautiful: siblings that are also friends
beautiful: freedom to say what we want
beautiful: sharing!

Kelly | 10:14 AM

After living in a 1 bedroom loft for 2 years with a baby and now toddler we have finally found a home, with 3 bedrooms! No more sleeping on the couch for me! Wohoo!

Christopher and Marcille | 10:16 AM

Something beautiful is the fact that I am going to have a new lil babe to snuggle in July!!

Mary | 10:16 AM

Yesterday I got to pet a baby lamb and the lamb's wool was so soft and beautiful!

Becky Stephens | 10:16 AM

Yesterday I celebrated three years of marriage with my husband! It's been a pretty beautiful three years at that...

Germerican | 10:17 AM

Aw! i love the versatility, and the good thoughts that go into the production. Something I can only support (because just one? If I win, or no, I can still buy something!)

Something beautiful: Max woke up yesterday with 2 bottom teeth. They are little slivers of pearl, but they make me happy and sad at the same time. Why does this go so fast?

Another beautiful thing: My mama friends. i have friends who had children before me, and it's so wonderful to have them ass my support. I love my mamas. (oh, and the biological ones, too)

Andie East | 10:17 AM

Driving in my Dad's classic car in Long Beach, warm wind over the hands, a beautiful day, and passing the school where I first made out with a boy and thinking how strange if my past self could see my present self and wonder, how did I get there? So peaceful and happy.

skatie80 | 10:18 AM

Something beautiful: After a decade of higher education, I have a job in my chosen field and feel like my life choices have been validated.

Unknown | 10:18 AM

Beauty? My sweet girls asking if they can share a bed and "nuggle with my sissy" when we have a visitor this weekend.

Becca | 10:18 AM

life is beautiful! The air is beautiful! Love is beautiful! I'm jsut in a happy mood apparently today. Maybe because I fit into my skinny shorts today! Bring on sexy summer! (

Analisa McCain | 10:18 AM

We got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time on Monday...4 days later, I'm still in awe. :)

Tatiana | 10:19 AM

Beautiful: waking up to find my daughter has snuggled into bed with me in the night. I wake up to the sound of her sucking her thumb and can feel her fingers twisted into my hair.

Michelle | 10:19 AM

Opening up the door to the backyard and being with my boys outside.

Shea Goff | 10:21 AM

Something beautiful: Everyday exquisite miracles are happening all around me.

Cecilia Marzo @Sacred_Mama | 10:22 AM

Love the blankets! Looks amazingly comfortable.

The beautiful moment when my 5 month old son reached out his hand and gently touched my face for the first time.

Then two minutes later smacked my glasses right off. =)

Unknown | 10:23 AM

Last Friday we just saw our future baby for the first time on the ultrasound. At one point it did a little backwards somersault.

CP | 10:25 AM

my something beautiful today was harvesting fresh veggies from my garden for my family!

Katie | 10:27 AM

Something beautiful... My 13 month old (Rebekah!) said her name for the first time today. "Be-kah" Beautiful

Olivia | 10:28 AM

Something beautiful: Pregnancy. It makes me feel beyond awful but when I feel the babes moving around in there, it makes it all worth it.

Rachel | 10:30 AM

My very VERY feisty 3-year-old was being a pill. Truly. I couldn't get her to do anything I asked. I was about to resort to physical restraint (and maybe a martini) when she snuggled up to me and said, 'Mommy, I love you so much.'

Emotional manipulation (I totes fell for it!), but also very beautiful.

jf | 10:31 AM

i have 4 babies with the guy i fell in love with when we were 15 in high school- we're together 22 years and that's rad beautiful

Emily | 10:31 AM

Our pomegranate tree is blossoming and full of hummingbirds. (that tree always just makes me sigh like a 13 year old girl)

Christine McIntyre | 10:35 AM

I forgave myself today.

Adina | 10:35 AM
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CP | 10:35 AM

something beautiful - watching my daughter rocking her baby brother

Janel | 10:36 AM

When my oldest daughter came home from preschool today, my middle daughter greeted her with the biggest hug. Sister love is beautiful.

Anika | 10:36 AM

Watching my children love each and enjoy each other is beautiful!

Adina | 10:37 AM

My son (Sam) is five months old today, and we are breathing a tentative sigh of relief, as his sister Talya died of what's been labeled SIDS, and he's out of the elevated risk window. We are still and will always be devastated by Talya's loss, but are simultaneously basking in the beauty of her life, and the existence of her baby brother, who is equally beautiful.

aw | 10:37 AM

my almost-6-week-old baby girl smiled at me yesterday!

Kim | 10:37 AM

This is probably cheesy but:

My boyfriend of four years (and long distance for 3.75) is moving to Cincinnati in ONE MONTH to be with me. It has been a long time coming and I'm so excited to start our journey in the same city. It's almost like the beginning all over again--I have butterflies about it! :) Can't wait.

Sarah | 10:39 AM

Beautiful? My husband has arranged for me to meet an elephant for my first mother's day. A real, live elephant. Insert Kristen Bell sloth meltdown here.

laurel | 10:41 AM

Something beautiful: last week when you wrote about being so tired b/c the twins won't sleep, someone in the comments suggested a book (12 hours sleep at 12 weeks). I ordered the book, thanked the Lord for a plan, and am hopeful that maybe my twins will be sleeping through the night within the week. That will be very, very beautiful!!

hetherington | 10:43 AM

"be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." that's one beautiful way of lookin at things.

Megan | 10:43 AM

Beauty right now is my 2 year old daughter serenading me while playing an out of key table harp. I wish they could stay this sweet forever. meganberka (at) gmail dot com

KellyGray | 10:43 AM

I asked my now 5 year old, if she remembered being in my belly. She proudly replied "yes". When I asked her what it was like in there, she answered "It was like a beautiful cave filled with diamonds!"

I like to think that true :)

Linda | 10:45 AM

Something beautiful? My 26 year old son joining the Navy after fighting drug addiction. 6 months in the Navy and he is a success story to beat all. He is happy, healthy and at the top of his class. He's a section leader, hosts "movie nights" as a sober alternative and does as much volunteer work as he can to become, in his words "a better me".

And his words to me? "thank you for not giving up on me, Mama."

glenda | 10:45 AM

something daughter was born on mother's forever friend...

Christina | 10:45 AM

Something beautiful: I feel blah today and can't think of anything. My boys are with their dads and I feel a little meloncholy. But I know it will pass, and I loved reading everyone else's beautifuls.

Martha | 10:46 AM

The spring weather is beautiful--especially blossoms on trees, tulips in bloom, and the smell of spring in the air.

Karen | 10:47 AM

It's beautiful when people really notice each other. Not just walk/drive/push by, but really take the time to appreciate the people who are around us.

Betsy | 10:48 AM

I was just this morning looking around the web at Turkish towels. Is the universe trying to tell me that I need to get some?

Something beautiful...itty bitty strawberries ripening in my backyard. My favorite season is coming - strawberry season!

the king of carrot flowers | 10:48 AM

watching my (newly) 6 year old pick up a chapter book (on his own accord) and start reading the story of young King Arthur to me which he kept up for three whole chapters!!! brought tears to my proud momma eyes.

Kathryn | 10:49 AM

TODAY is beautiful because it is my birthday!!!! Having a bright, shiny day :)!

Liv | 10:49 AM

Something beautiful: My parents are visiting and I love listening to them play with and interact and love on my son. There is nothing quite like the love of grandparents!

Abbey McGrew | 10:49 AM

im only 4 weeks from the due date for my first child. my daughter. and i already think she's beautiful.

Sarah | 10:50 AM

having soon to be 4 beautiful healthy children and a great relationship with my husband!

Stephanie and Matt | 10:50 AM

My son first thing in the morning, when he is still cuddly and cozy!

Valeta | 10:53 AM

That yellow blanket is beautiful. <3

Feeling my 19 week old fetus move around is beautiful.

My older three kid's voices are beautful.

sonja | 10:53 AM

something beautiful to me is waiting for our first baby to arrive in 2 or 3 weeks!

thank you for the chance to win these gorgeous blanket wraps!

Sarah Ammerman | 10:54 AM

I have less than two weeks left of radiation treatments! Kiss it cancer!!!!

Dranrab | 10:55 AM

Something beautiful....feeling my 18 week old babe wiggle around in my belly. Love!


Anonymous | 10:55 AM

Watching my husband with a child I work with who has autism- his patience and intuitive nature with children makes me so excited to have a family with him.

Anonymous | 10:55 AM

Yesterday, in the middle of hustle and bustle of trying to clean up the house/cook dinner/organize bills/dishes/laundry, I overheard my 3 year old making my 6 month old giggle from the other room. It stopped me in my tracks and reminded me that everything else really doesn't matter.

Red Stethoscope | 10:55 AM

I know it's cliche, but sunsets are beautiful. Whenever I'm cranky or frustrated, I start going through the photos on my phone for a distraction and every time I get to a photo of a sunset, I always have to stop, because they're just so gorgeous.

Rachel | 10:56 AM

The unconditional love dogs give.

Mog | 10:58 AM

Something beautiful happened to me while I was walking my son to school this afternoon. My 5 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl were running ahead and I was pushing the baby in the stroller behind them. The oldest two know they have to stop at the stop sign and wait for me to catch up. As they waited my daughter took the opportunity to rock a little dance in her princess dress.

An old woman flagged us down from her car and laboriously stood up to call to us over the hood of her car.

I was instantly worried that she was upset or angry about something and racked my brain over what my kids or I could have done to annoy her as we walked down the road.

Instead, she called out that she had to stop and tell me how beautiful my daughter was as she danced her way down the street. She said just looking at her doing her little dance step made her feel so happy. It was a nice surprise!

Wendy | 11:00 AM

My husband tearing up at our kids' handmade birthday cards for him this morning.

Jen | 11:01 AM

This is an easy one-my stepdaughter is flying home tonight for a long weekend-during which we will be having a family photo shoot done. At the school where I met my husband...we both worked there and my stepdaughter was a student. This school was built in 1922 and is going to be demolished this summer when they open the new one. Now we will have the three of us, our five year-old son, and photographs of the building that brought us together as a family. A memento that will last for generations. I am so excited about this I could cry!

Kate | 11:04 AM

Beautiful is my growing baby belly! katepeaslee at gmail dot com :)

Marie | 11:04 AM

These blankets are gorgeous! Something beautiful is the little herb garden that is blossoming in my window right now, reminding me that new life can come out of dirt. It's been a tough year and I'm slowly convincing myself, as the spring and summer blossom around me, that things can turn around.

elizabeth | 11:06 AM

so easy, my little girls. they are my beauties xoxoxo

EB | 11:07 AM

Holding my 5 week old nephew

Allison | 11:10 AM

My son having pink eye & I got to spend the last two days at home with him. Just the two of us, laughing, working on projects & cuddling in for a nap. Besides the pink eye, it has been the two best days I have had in a long time!

Mackenzie | 11:11 AM

Last night, I slept with the windows open for the first time this year. This morning, I woke up to gentle sunlight and birds chirping.

Anonymous | 11:12 AM

Something beautiful: Seeing the joy my five-year-old has in her eyes when playing with her baby sister -- the little sister it took 2 years and five IUIs to conceive.

Megan | 11:13 AM

My 4 year-old son calls my 4 month-old daughter "his baby" and hugs and kisses her gently because "babies are fragile".

l'americana | 11:14 AM

I'm having a baby in 7 weeks!

shannon waugh kowalski | 11:15 AM

After trying extensively for 3 and a half years to get pregnant, my twin girls just turned 4 months and started laughing this week!! Baby laughter is the most beautiful thing in the world!!!!

Tracey R. | 11:15 AM

Beautiful - my (almost) five month old's morning smile at me after several nights of horrendous sleeping patterns!!! It still melts me and my tiredness is pretty much immediately forgotten. :-)

tbalbo19 (at) hotmail

Anonymous | 11:16 AM

My sons face - he had cleft lip surgery at 4 mos old and now at 2 years we just had our yearly follow up appt with the plastic surgeon who said his scar looks great! (

JCR | 11:16 AM

My new baby is smiling! Also I just took her outside to calm her down and she loved it- the look in her little 7 week old eyes while peering around the sky and the beautiful green spring was amazing. also beautiful she is finally sleeping in the moby long enough for me to use the computer for a bit.

Julie | 11:16 AM

I was shopping with my three little boys and instead of being told I have a handful (which is true) a woman told me my children were such a joy. She is right!

Ainsley | 11:21 AM

Something beautiful: Your photos of your kids make me want to have more kids.

racquelwyn oceana | 11:22 AM

my husband's grandmother fell and was at death's door a couple of months ago but miraculously recovered...less than a week ago we were able to tell her about her soon-to-be first great grandchild on her 87th birthday which made her so happy. she fell again two days later and died peacefully yesterday...while it's obviously sad, we feel it's kind of beautiful that she didn't die after her first fall and got to her the news about her great-grandbaby :)

Amber S | 11:23 AM

My twin skin is beautiful. I've decided to fake it till I make it. I'm going to tell myself that I'm beautiful in this new twin postpartum body until I god damn believe it.

adslama AT gmail DOT com

(And those blankets, gah! Gorgeous!)

racquelwyn oceana | 11:24 AM

i just posted a comment: here is my email:

jen manuele | 11:26 AM

Something beautiful...the branches from my birthday bouquet have taken root and decided to go on living. Little shoots of green are popping out! It is spring!

love jen

Stephanie | 11:27 AM

Waking up to cuddling And listening to my one year old daughter talk.

Jenny | 11:30 AM

my something beautiful right now is seeing the scale finally reflecting all the hard work i have been putting in.

Arnebya | 11:33 AM

I was so prepared to tell you about beauty (because those blanket/towel/scarves/however else you wanna use them are gorgeous!)and then I started reading the kick-ass comments and damn...there's a lot of beauty in the tiniest things.

Ellen | 11:33 AM

My baby is 4 months old today and he is so beautiful to me!

Jessica | 11:35 AM

My children's eyes. Nothing more beautiful to me.

crazy rabid squirrel | 11:37 AM

Beautiful? I quit my job. I have 2 small children. We don't go anywhere anymore because we can't afford it. We're stretching one income. We slowed down our lives to a speed where we experience life more.

Anonymous | 11:39 AM

Wow, those look awesome! Right now my beautiful thing is that my due date is seven days away and soon I will be holding my little girl.

Katie | 11:41 AM

Something beautiful: I am 32 weeks pregnant and stuck on bedrest with the flu, and my husband stayed home all week, cancelled all other obligations, took care of me, our 4 year old and 1 year old, did all the laundry, dishes, cooking, and cleaning. (He even scrubbed the bathroom!). And he did it all with a smile. I love that man.

findingmagnolia | 11:42 AM

I'd wondered what those were when I saw them in your instagram stream. They're incredibly lovely.

So here's my something beautiful: your readers are beautiful. Ever since you posted about our sweet Elvie, we have had so many people give to us in so many ways, and there are so many kind, beautiful hearts that came to us. Last night I looked at our Amazon baby registry, and a stranger had bought us the fancy schmancy baby bottles I wanted; it was such a beautiful act of generosity that I am *still* tearing up every time I think about it. Heaven help the UPS man when he shows up with them at my door.

Gwynne | 11:43 AM

My almost one-year-old pointing at flowers, trees, birds, and airplanes, calling them all "Tee!" (tree)

Megatron | 11:44 AM

Beautiful is making my 5 month old daughter laugh so hard that she craps herself. It was awesome!

Lyssa | 11:45 AM

Beautiful: The baby on the subway who played peak-a-boo with me for 5 stops.

Hay Kay | 11:49 AM

My baby brother turned 18 a few weeks ago, and I got a phone call from him yesterday. I was a little nervous to answer, as I pretty much get calls from him only when he's done something disastrous. This time was no different. He had gotten his first tattoo! I asked him what it was, expecting something he would later regret. He suprised me by saying that he had gotten the heart and triangle symbol for adoption. The triangle represents the adoptive family, the bio family, and the child. The heart represents the love that they all have for each other. My brother was adopted by our parents when he was 9 and I was 13. I couldn't be prouder of his choice!

Kayley Maybe | 11:53 AM

Something beautiful: My daughter laughing on the swings in the park yesterday. There's nothing as magical as the unburdened laughter of childhood.

Tasha | 11:54 AM

my 3 year old son and 4 month old daughter have started having hug sessions. That's so beautiful.

L | 11:56 AM

It's beautiful when my infant nephew falls asleep on me. It makes me feel trustworthy. :-)

Tirzah | 11:56 AM

my life is pretty beautiful :)

Susannah | 11:57 AM

Something beautiful: my 6 year old daughter making my 11 month old son laugh which then makes her laugh so hard she pees her pants. On my bed. Which makes me laugh, and thanks to giving birth to these two laughing maniacs I almost pee when I laugh.

That is beautiful.

p.s. I know you said winner would be chosen by, but I really really love these textiles!

Rachel | 11:58 AM

Beautiful; my 2 year old looking at me last night and saying "Mummy, I love you soooooo much!" This kid floors me :-)

Aliesha | 12:00 PM

I just watched my grandpa take care of my grandma, his wife of 63 years, as she lived out the final stages of Alzheimer's. He committed himself to taking care of her in their home, and although she had almost none of her former self anymore, she always seemed to feel safe. It was truly beautiful watching them navigate the very last stages of their marriage.

Sara | 12:00 PM

Beautiful? The tiny girl sitting across from me excitedly blowing raspberries for my attention, and then cocking her head to the side to see if I'm watching her. I never realized how enchanting she would be.

t. | 12:01 PM

I think your family is beautiful (and mine is right up there too.)

caressa | 12:01 PM

Tell you something beautiful? I'm finding myself again. I can't believe I lost her in the first place.

lorriem | 12:02 PM

My daughter who has a 19 yr. old, 12 yr. old and 10 yr. old just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Lilli Lorraine!! We couldn't be happier.

Bunny | 12:03 PM

Right now my kids have made a blanket and pillow pile to snuggle together on the floor.
Also my son got up and my daughter (2 years old) keeps yelling, "Come on Zekie."

kamberdawn at gmail dot com

Unknown | 12:03 PM

Having a hot fudge Sundea with my son before noon, just because we can AND because I know our time as just the two of us will change when our new baby comes next month.

Diurla | 12:13 PM

Something beautiful: A child's smile.

kelly | 12:14 PM

Two weeks ago my daughter turned a year old. I wrote and told her all the things I wanted her to know here:

The gist of it? My mother always told me that I can choose the happy path or the unhappy path in life. Well, my daughter IS my Happy Path.

Even on the worst days, she is my joy. She is bigger and brighter and more full of baby giggles and love and magic than I ever could have hoped for. I am so grateful she chose me.

I am the lucky one. And that is a beautiful thing.

jess | 12:15 PM

this weekend i'm walking in EIF revlon walk/run for Women' - with my Mother in law who is a warrior and battling Ovarian cancer hard, and taking her chemosabi like a champ b/c of her two grandchildren, my son and my niece born the same day hours apart, states apart (VT &NY) - march 9,2011 - to her two sons, meaning my sis-law and i had our lady parts in sync hundreds of miles apart. it's beautiful thing what miles and grace have done for this world and how their smiles have made ripples of happiness turn into tidal waves and given their grandma all the strength, drive and determination she needs to keep up the good fight and stay around to play in the dirt with them.

wanderingbella | 12:17 PM

After 38 years on the planet as a singleton mostly, I'm in love.

Unknown | 12:17 PM

The house my husband and I have created together. We have very little money but we have managed to pull together a home that is uniquely us. I feel so much comfort here. That is beautiful.

Carrie | 12:18 PM

Feeling crazy love for my two gorgeous kids - this morning my son called, "MOM! Alba's awake!" I went in to find them snuggled together giggling in her crib, the little monkeys.

elif | 12:19 PM

sunshine in Seattle

Holly | 12:19 PM

I think my brand new baby boy is pretty beautiful!

bre | 12:21 PM

I'm pregnant, which I've heard is beautiful? And yet I just feel uncomfortable and large.

StephanieC | 12:22 PM

Something Beautiful- I'm going home for the first time in 3 years to attend the wedding of one of my best friends from 6th grade.

Leah | 12:24 PM

Something beautiful: Gazing at my children's sleeping faces.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Deanna | 12:27 PM

I looked in the rearview mirror today and my daughters were holding hands. Love.

kristentheowl | 12:29 PM

Something beautiful- putting my 5 month old in the bed with us in the morning and watching her fall back asleep. She always has one hand on my husband and the other one on me. It melts my heart.

Anonymous | 12:29 PM

I found out I was pregnant the morning of my grandmother's funeral (3 weeks ago). It was unbelievable timing and such a beautiful picture of death and life in juxtaposition.

CourtneyLyn | 12:35 PM

Something beautiful is my husband's full support of my crazy life, work school, home, all without batting an eye. He's a keeper forever.

ThatGirlRuns | 12:36 PM

Something beautiful happened last weekend when one of my best friends came to visit me for a few days. Tiffani moved to Japan 2 1/2 years ago and I had not seen her since. It was lovely to spend quality time with her and catch up on life. Next time I'll see her will be in her new home country.

Julie | 12:37 PM

Beautiful: Choosing the Happy Path.

Elissa L. | 12:39 PM

something beautiful? A recent Facebook status of mine "Just checked on the girls and turned down their iPod. I love that they listen to Bob Marley at night. I love that as they sleep "don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing is gonna be alright" is floating around their beautiful sleeping faces."

What a great company. And I love the name Ella Lou, My daughters name is Louella! Too cute!

Rachel | 12:42 PM

Today I went to the library for the first time in way too long ( grad school, argh), and I read the entire walk back. It was amahhzing.

Anonymous | 12:44 PM

My car's engine seized a month ago which broke my heart. I commute an hour to work every day, and now my commute has involved a bike, two trains, a bus, and a whole lot of walking. I see the sun rise and set over the river every day, have met wonderful new people, and get in some daily reading time plus physical activity. Beautiful!

elizabethannaknapp at gmail dot com

lydia | 12:46 PM

something beautiful - my son swore he saw a smiley face in the clouds the other day and said "look, the clouds are smiling at me - i must be doing pretty good!"

Yoga Susie | 12:51 PM

My husband has taken up a pizza making hobby. Handcrafted weekly pizzas while 4 months pregnant is about the most beautiful thing out there!

jesse k | 12:52 PM

My sister saying she has peace about her future after her husband of 14 years is filing for divorce.

Melissa | 1:00 PM

My dad wasn't around a lot when we were kids - not by choice, but because he had to work about 80 hours a week to support our family so that my mom could stay home with us. He missed a lot of milestones, birthdays, the banalities of our daily lives... I never resented it, but I was always jealous of the relationships my other girlfriends had with their fathers.

I had a son almost a year ago. My dad (who has panic-attack inducing fear of hospitals) stayed in the waiting room for my 12-hour labor and delivery. My dad (who picked up the phone to call me maybe a dozen times in my adult life) now calls me or texts me every day to ask me how I'm doing and what his grandson learned today. He drives an hour to visit me every Tuesday, and whenever I visit he leaves work to spend as much time with us as possible.

At 28, I finally have the relationship with my dad that I always wanted. And it is beautiful. More beautiful than I ever could have imagined. And it feels really good to share that with someone!

Meg | 1:03 PM

My lower half.

I am nearly 4 months post-partum and just bought a pair of new jeans to fit my post-partum body. These are magic pants. They make my lower half look fantastic, even though I have some more lbs left to loose. It is so nice to look good again. (P.S. The jeans are Henry and Belle signature skinny jeans. Amazing!)

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

Something beautiful: Obviously these towels ;-)
But if you want to experience something beautiful come check us out on FB and let us help you wear your twins!

Stephanie | 1:25 PM

My four year old crashed his scooter on Saturday and caught the handlebars in his mouth. He knocked a tooth enough out of the socket that he ahd to have it pulled on Monday.

On Saturday, at Urgent Care, he took the ice pack out of his mouth, looked at me, and said, "Well, I'm really enjoying my Mama time."


Unknown | 1:26 PM

something beautiful: getting ready to have my first child - a little boy. i suspect he is energetic, rambunctious, and joyful based on how he moves inside me. i can't wait to meet him in another month or so but will miss the bond and soul-to-soul connection we have now.

Claire | 1:26 PM

Something beautiful? Sharing a laugh with an old friend.

claire . beckstead AT

Anonymous | 1:31 PM

Hey, For realzzzzz, my birthday is May 10th and I will be 40.....that is beautiful. (that I told the world anyway!!!)

Jenny | 1:41 PM

Something beautiful - This blog.

Tricia | 1:50 PM

My almost two year old running toward his big sister, arms outstretched, yelling "Hugs! Yes! Hugs!" and both of them falling to the floor in a frenzy of hugs and giggles. The best.
pmenzie at hotmail dot com

Megan | 1:54 PM

Something beautiful = waking up to find that my boyfriend has left me a sweet note and chiliaquiles warming in the oven.
asuangel17 at yahoo dot com

Morgan | 1:56 PM

My baby just started social smiling this week, and laughed while awake for the first time yesterday.

If that isn't a hick in the gut for PPD, I don't know what is...

Doggerina | 2:06 PM

Ben Howard's album Every Kingdom is beautiful. I can't stop listening to it over and over again.

My sister trying on her wedding dress is beautiful.

Anonymous | 2:07 PM

Walking into my son's bedroom in the morning and seeing him peeking over the breathable bumpers in his crib and then breaking in a huge grin. Kills me every time.

Tara V | 2:17 PM

Something beautiful: after a hospital birth for number one, we are having a home birth for number two... I will be able to relax and recoup in my own bed with my own shower and the snuggles of my toddler and new baby.

These blankets are beautiful too!
Verditl AT yahoo DOT com

trista | 2:23 PM

My two year old said, "happy" to describer her feelings for the first time today!

tristamj at hotmail dot com

Amy P. | 2:26 PM

Something beautiful: my cousin gave birth to her twin boys this week - both nearly 7 pounds so no need for NICU!

beyond | 2:29 PM

i had to go to a specialist today with my 9-month old, and it seems like everything is ok! he and i grinned on the subway all the way home!

Val | 2:32 PM

I'm pregnant. And scared shitless. And soooooo excited.

patty | 2:35 PM

Something beautiful...
At the end of the Muppets the other night, our million-th family viewing, my daughter starts sobbing. After I get her under control, she tells me that she's worried that Walter's brother is going to really miss Walter if Walter goes and lives with the Muppets. The fact that my daughter's giant loving heart was so concerned was so beautiful to me. Ridiculous, but a lovely little kernel of her beautiful, endless compassion.

Holly | 2:37 PM

I have 2 1/2 year b/g twins so beautiful changes to me as often as I change my underwear. At this instant it would be their sweet voices & vocabulary developing. Mainly when they talk to each other. When they say "Sissy" & "Brudda" it steals my heart!

Jessica | 2:39 PM

My son grinning as he sits in his high chair and has his first solids.
The way blossoms stream past my living room window in the spring breeze.
My son's spontaneous laughter when the dog simply walks by, wagging her tail.
I could keep going, but then I would be here forever. There is so much beauty around us, all we need to do is take is a moment to pause and look.

Lindsay | 2:44 PM

My mother-in-law took the baby and the baby monitor last Friday night (I have a 5-month old.) So I drank 3 glasses of wine and slept for 8 hours.

The Kellys | 2:48 PM

My something beautiful...watching my son learn to read, and LOVE it. :)

Angel | 2:52 PM

Love this idea! It fills me with awe to see all these beautiful messages of love and inspiration. My thought of the day regarding something beautiful: being able to be with my family as we said goodbye to my grandpa earlier this year. While I don't know how well he was able to understand what we were saying, it fills me with peace to know that I was able to tell him that I loved him before he passed on. And being able to be there to support my family through such a difficult time was absolutely priceless. :)

Also, the towels and pillows are so gorgeous!!

Robin | 2:53 PM

Life is beautiful, Children are beautiful, and after just suffering a miscarriage after seeing that first ultrasound I know the moment you hear your babies first heartbeat much be pretty darn beautiful to say the least. I can't wait for that moment again and I know things will turn out better next time.

Samantha Aida | 3:01 PM

Something beautiful... I'm pregnant with a daughter and my son LOVES her so much already. He lifts my shirt and rubs my stomach and talks to his sister. He is 3 1/2 and it shatters my heart into a thousand bajillion pieces because it is just SO sweet.

katie Chapman | 3:02 PM

its beautiful when the person who steals your laptop has a change of heart, tracks you down and returns it!

Tammom | 3:02 PM

Beautiful: The look on my oldest daughter's face when she talks about going to her first prom.

katie Chapman | 3:04 PM

when the person who steals your laptop suddenly has a change of heart, tracks you down and returns it!
Katie Chapman

katie Chapman | 3:04 PM

when the person who steals your laptop suddenly has a change of heart, tracks you down and returns it!
Katie Chapman

Sarah L. | 3:08 PM

My BFF becoming a mom for the first time :) These would be the perfect gift to wrap her little one in when the time comes.

Manda | 3:17 PM

Watching the smile spread across my 7 month old daughter's face when she sees me walk into the room. So beautiful that it melts my heart every time.
(Amanda Bandalin)

Arden | 3:22 PM

Something beautiful? Kissing my husband through the window every time he leaves the house, because one kiss at the door isn't enough!

Christine | 3:23 PM

I am a labor and delivery nurse, so every day at work I get to share in someone else's beautiful moment. However, I am due myself in about 10 days, and I will be having my own beautiful moment with my husband as I bring our third child into this world. My beautiful is meeting your baby for the very first time face to face. And its a surprise what the gender is! - we've found out the other two times. I can't wait!

Abbe | 3:24 PM

Beauty for me today is being able to eke a smile out of my sweet 7 month old son's face as he struggles with a fever, runny nose and vomiting being sick for the first time ever. He smiles, and I tear up at the sweetness. abbesol at hotmail

Rachel | 3:31 PM

Wow - such a lovely giveaway! Something beautiful: My four year old daughter telling me last night "You and daddy most of all I love so, so much."

nicole | 3:43 PM

Thanks so much for the chance to win. Something beautiful: My husband's smile. ;)

Melissa K | 3:45 PM

Something beautiful? Every day my husband proves to me that he will be a wonderful father to our impending babe, despite his protests.

Anonymous | 3:54 PM

My 4 year son told my 1 year old daughter: "You are the loveliest thing on this earth."

andreadimond at hotmail

beyondconfessions | 4:00 PM

Last week I was having Lunch with a friend and my almost 8 month old son was sitting on my lap. Mid conversation he leaned in to me and gave me a wet kiss on my cheek! It was beautiful...

Lisa & Jason | 4:07 PM

Beautiful? My almost-four year old asking "Mommy...sing Sunshine to me?"

Sadie | 4:15 PM

My sister and I have reconnectEd after 4 years. Its wonderful and fulfilling.

Meg | 4:24 PM

I'm carrying baby number two - baby number one will be 11 in three weeks!! - and he wiggles constantly! I can't wait to meet him in a few months! (Hopefully he'll wiggle a little less then.)

Rosemarie | 4:43 PM

I just got word that my first grandbaby is on the way!! :)

R | 4:44 PM

The most beautiful thing I can think of is my toddler son sleeping peacefully. I am not sure what it is but he reminds me of a little angel when he sleeps.

Jhope | 4:44 PM

Our four year old exploding into our bedroom at 6am and announcing, "the purple flowers are finally here!!!!". Ahhhh, lilacs.

Rosemarie | 4:45 PM

I just received word that my first grandbaby is on the way! :)

Sarah | 4:52 PM

My sweet baby girl turns 5 months next week...that's beautiful to me. She makes my heart expande 10,000 times its size every time I look at her.


Janae Nicole | 4:53 PM
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