TOTW: Ella Lou Turkish Towels (& Giveaway)

Updated with winners, below!
A while back, my cousin, Erica introduced me to her dear friend Lindsay and her new Ella Lou pestamels, which have since replaced the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets the girls lived in their first few months. I still love me some A + A but was in need of something heartier for wrapping, draping and covering, and Lindsay's (GORGEOUS) light-weight blanket/towel/all of the above(s) were exactly what I was looking to get into. (We also also have one of her pillows which sits on our bed and is my favorite.)
Here are some pictures I stole from Lindsay's website. How perfectly summery are these bad boys? I hadn't even realized I could use them as beach towels until like five minutes ago. Gorgeous.
essential2 essential4
Not only can they be used to swaddle babies (and adults) they're also ideal for beach, pool, or as couch throws. AND on cooler days, you can use them as... scarves!
Hello, I am wearing a blanket as a scarf and I like it! (Bo's unsure?)
Bo & Revi & Moss Green Herringbone IMG_2792
Not only are all of Ella Lou's products high quality gorgeous, they're also hand-crafted, sustainable, not to mention charitable. You can read more about Ella Lou's social mission, here, check Ella Lou's blog here and shop the various pestamels and pillows here.
Lindsay has generously offered to give away one pillow and one blanket to two lucky readers. To win? Tell me something beautiful. I'll choose two winners via next Thursday, May 10th. Don't forget to include your contact information!

Lindsay is going to be at Mom 2.0 this weekend and doesn't know anybody so if you're going you should totally go find her, hug her and be her friend forever. She's 100% artisan-crafted wonderful. 

Updated: Congrats to commenters #201 Janae Nicole and #259 Candice Peat. And thanks to everyone for participating! Much love!



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Steph | 8:51 AM

Something beautiful? Here you go: this morning, my 4-year-old hugged me and said "Mama, I promise never to break your heart."

I'm putting those blankets on my new-baby wishlist!

Nikki | 9:21 AM

Something beautiful to me: after my recent surgery my husband washed my hair. Such a simple thing, but I couldn't stop smiling at him. In that moment I felt so loved.

Lauren | 11:33 AM

Seeing my husband with our beautiful baby girl. She is three months old now, and he went to rehab two weeks before she was born. He has been home about a month now, and to see them together, to have the three of us home together, healthy and happy is so amazing and beautiful. I thought I was going to lose him forever, just watching him slip through my fingers, and now I appreciate every little moment of her smiling at her dad, of sharing those little moments of baths and changing diapers and even when she cries in the night to share that with him is beautiful.

Estelle Hayes | 12:48 PM

Wow, these are beautiful. I just placed an order as a gift for a friend. So happy to have found this site. And your babies look so happy to be wrapped up in them.

Brittany W. | 6:14 PM

My first-time pregnant belly and how much my husband loves it.

Andrea S. | 6:46 AM

I am pregnant with our first child, due in October. We don't know the gender yet but my husband is convinced she is a girl. The other night while lying in bed he turned and said to me, "I just realized that one day I will dance with her at her wedding." Cue: heart melting, falling in love with him all over again.

andreaswinson at hotmail dot com

Emily | 7:58 AM

Something beautiful: I've been really sick through the first trimester of my second pregnancy and my 3 year old daughter tells me (unprompted) "don't worry mama, listen to your body and it will be ok" whenever i'm feeling really bad.


Chrissy | 9:49 AM

Something beatiful? Surrender. I am learning surrender. In the face of adversary sometimes you have to step back and surrender to the process of healing. I am working on that. And it's hard. And beautiful.

E | 12:37 PM

Going for a walk for the first time in months now that my broken foot is healing.

Anonymous | 1:30 PM

I am 14 weeks pregnant with a very unexpected but oh so wanted baby. This is my third pregnancy. My other children are almost 6 and almost eight. The past few years have been hard, my family has been through the deployment of my husband to Afghanistan, the almost year long separation of my husband and myself, finding out that thanks to PCOS the chances of having anymore children were basically null, and various other trials and tribulations. My husband and I reconciled, went to therapy (together and separate)and started on the road back. Flash forward to today; 14 weeks pregnant and happy, sometimes almost hysterically so. To me, today, right now, that is beautiful.

Siobhan @

dani | 2:49 PM

I'm half way through my pregnancy! A baby girl due in September!

Courtney Lynn | 3:32 PM

Something beautiful... today I began a nursing school rotation on an oncology floor. I watched as an elderly couple walked around the floor... she in her hospital gown and slippers.... her husband trailed behind her, wheeling her IV bag around. Through thick and thin and for better or worse, love is beautiful.

Heidi | 8:34 PM

I'm so excited for Mother's Day. Even though I wanted to be a mom so badly, I never realized just HOW MUCH I would dig it. Now that's a beautiful thing. Babies rule.

heidi.pardo at gmail dot com

SKhan | 5:52 PM

My 6 month old twins are sleeping peacefully, that is beautiful to me!!

Christy | 8:38 PM

My daughter is 3 1/2 and the most creative wonderful person I know. She's also almost cripplingly shy. She likes to pretend that she's a kitty and all of the sudden when she's around a stranger she wants to say Hi to she will meaw at them. She is amazing and beautiful.

jinxy112 at gmail dot com

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