TOTW: Ella Lou Turkish Towels (& Giveaway)

Updated with winners, below!
A while back, my cousin, Erica introduced me to her dear friend Lindsay and her new Ella Lou pestamels, which have since replaced the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets the girls lived in their first few months. I still love me some A + A but was in need of something heartier for wrapping, draping and covering, and Lindsay's (GORGEOUS) light-weight blanket/towel/all of the above(s) were exactly what I was looking to get into. (We also also have one of her pillows which sits on our bed and is my favorite.)
Here are some pictures I stole from Lindsay's website. How perfectly summery are these bad boys? I hadn't even realized I could use them as beach towels until like five minutes ago. Gorgeous.
essential2 essential4
Not only can they be used to swaddle babies (and adults) they're also ideal for beach, pool, or as couch throws. AND on cooler days, you can use them as... scarves!
Hello, I am wearing a blanket as a scarf and I like it! (Bo's unsure?)
Bo & Revi & Moss Green Herringbone IMG_2792
Not only are all of Ella Lou's products high quality gorgeous, they're also hand-crafted, sustainable, not to mention charitable. You can read more about Ella Lou's social mission, here, check Ella Lou's blog here and shop the various pestamels and pillows here.
Lindsay has generously offered to give away one pillow and one blanket to two lucky readers. To win? Tell me something beautiful. I'll choose two winners via next Thursday, May 10th. Don't forget to include your contact information!

Lindsay is going to be at Mom 2.0 this weekend and doesn't know anybody so if you're going you should totally go find her, hug her and be her friend forever. She's 100% artisan-crafted wonderful. 

Updated: Congrats to commenters #201 Janae Nicole and #259 Candice Peat. And thanks to everyone for participating! Much love!



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Janae Nicole | 4:56 PM

Beautiful is my mother. She is the kindest, most selfless, hard working woman I know. When I was little, I thought she was the prettiest woman in the world, and I still do. She's not perfect, but she's perfect for me, and I love her.

Anonymous | 4:56 PM

Everyday is a beautiful gift. I it sounds corny but it's true. We only have a short time on this earth.


suzannahmarie | 4:57 PM

The abandoned peony bush down the street by the apartment building where I stop every couple of days this time of year to harvest my favorite flower ever, Peonies!

Alma Boheme | 5:06 PM

Here is something three year old is on the couch sitting next to a fancy gown fit for a flower girl refusing to go to bed. Regardless how bad I am losing this battle she looks beautiful in it as she picks her feet.
I love fabrics that have multi- purpose for a busy momma!

Alma Boheme | 5:07 PM

Oh shoot my Email
Too busy with the beauty...

Jen | 5:22 PM

I love the blue towel. Very beautiful.

Amalia | 5:23 PM

The most beautiful thing right now is the snuggles my little family has every morning. Me, the boy, and the dog! The dog is the best snuggler of all of us.

Bridget | 5:36 PM

Got to have dinner out with four other moms while all the daddies took care of our young babies. Best night in a LONG time. Yay for new friends and some time to recharge.

Kristy | 5:37 PM

Beauty is new beginnings. I'm moving across the country to start a new job in Portland, OR. Terrifying, exciting.

Lauren | 5:42 PM

My something beautiful is that I have 3 weddings to attend in the next two months! What a lovely thing to be a part of!

PS: I die for the ikat pillow! Love it!

Melissa S | 5:44 PM

Something beautiful - found out I'm pregnant today! Baby #2 on the way!

Anonymous | 5:45 PM

Beauty is this collection of comments! I am maybe getting misty eyed right now.

Also, beauty is my son's imagination. This morning he made a potion in one of his science experiment vials that he hoped would give him powers to shoot spiderwebs and climb walls. It included water, lotion, hand soap and a mini-marker and he poured it over his hair. Then he asked me what he could add to make it work.

Oh, my heart!
(contact: Twitter, please. Username: CourtMacSchlach.)

Sarah Wilson | 5:52 PM

The rolls on the thighs, arms and chin of my 10-month old daughter.

Betsy | 5:54 PM

The face on my 3 yo when he saw that I was sad and came to give me a hug, telling me that I was, "The best". I don't think you can get anymore beautiful.

Beanhead | 5:58 PM

This has taken me a very long time to realize this....

I am beautiful.

melbourne dreaming | 6:01 PM

One of my best, most favourite memories is of sitting across the table from my grandpa, me in my early twenties and him in his seventies, both of us laughing silently (it's hereditary) to the point we both had tears running down our cheeks.


Autumn | 6:04 PM

Close your eyes when the wind blows and listen to the sound of the leaves moving in it. It's my favorite sound, ever. Beautiful.

L.L. | 6:10 PM

The most beautiful thing I can think of is my daughter's smile.

Hyatt | 6:11 PM

The most beautiful thing is my son's giggles.

Anonymous | 6:14 PM

It's been a crazy week, but both my mom and my husband got me flowers this week. Every time I look at them, I see their beauty and forget about the stress for just a minute.

Jes | 6:18 PM

Coming down the stairs to see my 2 and 4 year old boys playing a board game for the first time by themselves :) "It's your turn, take a spin!"

Sabrina | 6:21 PM

My son just celebrated his first birthday today.

Dani K | 6:22 PM

These products are beautiful! Also beautiful is my son telling me "mama, you are beautiful" this morning spontaneously! Made my day.

Anonymous | 6:29 PM

I'm a teacher, and school ends in 3 weeks. That's the most beautiful thing I've heard all year.


Elysha | 6:32 PM

The most beautiful thing in my life right now are the moments when my 3 year old daughter kisses and hugs my 8 and a half month pregnant belly and says, "Baby, I love you!" It melts me 100% of the time.

Elysha | 6:34 PM

Oh dear...I left off my email...

Tina C. | 6:39 PM

A little beautiful for today:
Hearing my toddler learn a new word (waffle) and even better, watching him spin in happy circles around the living room.

tinaotherworld (at) yahoo (dot) com

alyssa | 6:40 PM daugther telling me I will still be the best mommy ever even if I don't win the race

sarah | 6:52 PM

Once when my brother was 3ish, we were driving around and listening to funk. "Tell me something good" came on. I asked him to tell me something he thought was good, and he said, "pancakes." Not beautiful, but sweet and true!

Laura | 6:54 PM

Something beautiful: It is spring and the azaleas are blooming and the sky is blue blue blue and the leaves are green green green. I am moving away from my hometown after 25 years and I am drinking in all this beauty while I can.

k5brown | 6:56 PM

Beautiful the middle of dinner, out of the blue, my 2 year old son leans over towards me. I didn't know what he wanted so I leaned over and he kissed me. For no reason other than he just felt like it. Beautiful!

stargazermama | 6:59 PM

I overcome with joyful tears as I watched my sweet boy gleefully chase a tiny yellow butterfly through a field of dandelions this morning.

it was like watching a short film on the definition of happiness.

truly beautiful.

Masha | 7:16 PM

Beautiful.... when your very independent toddler sees you walk through the door, drops everything he is playing with, screams 'mama' at the top of his lungs, and runs to you as fast as he can!

LaurelAnne | 7:20 PM

Having my 4 year old spontaneously tell me she loves me about a dozen times a day :)

Raq | 7:21 PM

I am currently nursing my daughter, as I touch type this comment with one hand. She was born on Saturday. She is beautiful.

Jack's Mama | 7:34 PM

It's 10:30pm (east coast) and im cuddling in bed with my 2.5 yr old (who refuses to sleep) but still loving it

Chelsea Perkins | 7:35 PM

Those blankets are beautiful! Being part of a community of strong, humble, supportive, funky mamas in Columbus Ohio is absolutely beautiful.

keltrow | 7:49 PM

Beautiful ... having the final walkthrough before we buy our first house tomorrow and seeing all the potential for our life and soon to be family!

sepi | 7:54 PM

i was sitting on a train in boston a few years ago and there was an enormously pregnant woman who seemed a bit down on her luck across from me. at one of the stops a dad & his 2ish year old daughter [similarly unkempt] got on, sat next to me and proceeded to play a game with her small dolls. the pregnant lady burst into quiet but serious tears watching them. the dad gave the girl her dolls back, asked me to make sure she didn't go flying off the seat, and then sat next to the pregnant lady. he handed her a tissue, held one of her hands and said, "don't you worry, he'll come around. and if he doesn't, then you get the best of your kid all to yourself. so it can't be all that bad."
i've always wondered what happened to that mother and her kid.

Anonymous | 7:59 PM

My boys (1&3yrs) playing nicely together.

Dcrowley30 at gmail | 8:16 PM

My firstborn turned 10 today. I did something right to have been rewarded with that sweet soul.

Lindsey Fyfe | 8:19 PM

Thanks for this chance!
Beautiful: (I'm a potter) I just went to my ceramics studio and saw the kiln all ablaze to the backdrop of a twinkly sky. next week I'll have some of my beautiful handmade pottery ready for my mom on Mother's Day :)

fabulousmrsg | 8:21 PM

My sweet baby boy sleeping and snoring in my lap-beautiful!

The anxious mother | 8:46 PM

My children and I painted pictures in the moonlight tonight. It was even more beautiful than it sounds. I told them I loved them about a million times.

andrea.d | 8:54 PM

We had our first thunderstorm of the season tonight; beyond beautiful!

andy-dj at shaw dot ca

Libby | 8:59 PM

My friend had her baby at home in the water just like she dreamed of last week and she is gorgeous and I'm excited for her :)

gretchen | 9:17 PM

something beautiful...i had my son devin at 26 weeks. he only weighed 2 lbs. I'm pregnant with his baby sister and I'm 28 weeks. he loves her already and touches my belly and tells her "hi baby sister".

hillary | 9:44 PM

Maybe only beautiful to me, but I stopped taking Zofran last week and I am feeling great! Pretty miraculous given my usual hyperemesis during pregnancy. I feel so lucky and blessed.

nra | 9:56 PM
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nra | 10:02 PM

my family is coming to see me in two weeks!

Megan | 10:10 PM

My something beautiful is that my 7 month old totally recognises her grandma (my mum) on skype and gets excited when she hears the skype calling sound.
My mum was here visiting for the first two months of my baby's life and we've been skyping almost every day since she's been back home (I'm in Australia and she's in Canada).
I know it means SO much to my mum that she isn't forgotten. I sit here smiling with tears in my eyes thankful for technology and the ability for my mum to be part of our day-to-day and getting to see all my baby's milestones almost as they happen.

Unknown | 10:35 PM

your blog

these comments

my very first mothers day!

watching my husband and 7 month old son together
and watching him laugh as daddy blows raspberries on his belly, his gummy smile always makes my day

chaosgoddess04 at gmail dot com

thekersh | 10:53 PM

So, If you’re going to ask me for something beautiful it’ll have to be an excerpt from the last page of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Big Woods book that I just finished with my 5 year old. Recently, I’ve been wishing for time to go faster to get through my youngest daughter’s first year—she’s 6 months right now. But at the same time I’m thinking “hey, now is now”! Enjoy…

When the fiddle had stopped singing Laura called out softly, “What are days of auld lang syne, Pa?”
“They are the days of a long time ago Laura,” Pa said. “Go to sleep, now.”
But Laura lay awake a little while, listening to Pa’s fiddle softly playing and to the lonely sound of the wind in the Big Woods. She looked at Pa sitting on the bench by the hearth, the fire-light gleaming on his brown hair and beard and glistening on the honey brown fiddle. She looked at Ma, gently rocking and knitting.
She thought to herself, “This is now.”
She was glad that the cosy house, and Pa and Ma and the fire-light and the music, were now. They could not be forgotten, she thought, because now is now. It can never be a long time ago.

Melissa | 10:59 PM

I'm a wife and mom to two beautiful little girls, 9 and 7. Alone time with my husband is sometimes few and far in between. However, yesterday I scored an old lounge chair and set it up in the backyard next to the one I already have. I grabbed some blankets and pillows and the husband ( kids were sleeping) and we lounged under the moon together and moon bathed perhaps, and talked and we laughed, uncontrollable laughter and it felt so incredibly wonderful.

Ellie D | 11:08 PM

Something beautiful is my cousin being pregnant again after two miscarriages.

Anonymous | 11:53 PM

Hot chocolate so thick that your spoon stands up. That is beautiful.

amster911 AT gmail dot com

Ioli | 12:29 AM

Suddenly realizing at 38 that I'm not afraid of life anymore. That is truly beautiful, because it makes you see the beauty around you.

Leigh | 12:33 AM

My son's excitement in figuring out a new game. He's fascinated by chess at the moment.

Candice Peat | 12:58 AM

Being able to be a stay at home mom and watch my daughter grow up every step of the way. So lucky and thankful for that!

Unknown | 4:40 AM

Something Beautiful? This giant cup of coffee next to me and an empty house. Hallelujah. Have a beautiful day!

Debra E. | 4:54 AM

My heart dog passed away two weeks ago--he was a 15 year old greyhound. It was and is so very sad, but I will never forget his beautifully soft ears, his graceful run and his yummy horse-y smell. Dogs are beautiful.

tehamy | 5:09 AM

My something beautiful: Every night when I put my son to bed, I tell him that I love him. He replies "I love you too. Mommy, you are my best friend."

Jen | 5:10 AM

It's beautiful to watch my 9 mo old twins new favorite game, grinning at eachother across the room, crawling to eachother as fast as they can for a kiss/headbutt when they meet in the middle!

Anonymous | 5:34 AM

it's raining but it doesn't matter because i am in love with my brand new husband!!

Brooke | 5:53 AM

Beautiful is my 2 year old son running around and laughing and squealing as his father chases him through the house.

OneRadMother | 5:53 AM

Beautiful: when your husband says "I'm glad we have our bed back for our dreams and our love." Beautiful is having children who sleep through the night.

Susan | 6:01 AM

I realized this morning that, be it nature or nurture, I am so much like my parents, and it makes me feel closer to them.

April | 6:02 AM

one year ago yesterday my son was in an accident and we all thought he was lost, or at best going to be severely disabled... today he is a healthy thriving terrible twosome preschooler. that is BEAUTIFUL.

Chrissy | 6:04 AM

Tomorrow we are driving an hour away to escape into the mountains. The Smoky Mountains in the late spring are achingly lush and rich and beautiful.

Lindsay | 6:20 AM

I am going to be a first-time mom soon and I am so excited!

Shelly | 6:28 AM

Hold everything earthly with a loose hand. -- Charles H. Spurgeon

Candace | 6:38 AM

My eight year old daughter crying at the sight of our 6 mo old B/G twins when they are laughing. "Why are you crying, honey?" "Because they are little miracles, Mom."

Betsey | 6:39 AM

Something beautiful - this morning, while we thought our two year old was fast asleep, my husbands feet touched the floor and before a few steps were even taken our daughter came bursting through the door yelling "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!!!" in the most excited tone. Then she showered him with hugs and kisses.

Jenski | 6:39 AM

Beautiful: my baby's morning grins and giggles, makes 5:30 not so bad. os

Anonymous | 6:42 AM

my something beautiful today: my daughter is finally getting over getting 4 (FOUR!) teeth at once, and her giggles this morning were simply delightful :)

kirsten | 6:45 AM

these look wonderful...

our weekend is going to be beautiful - it will probably rain, but our baby shower is tomorrow and it's the first time we'll have this many friends and family here since our wedding 3 years ago...

Anonymous | 6:47 AM

My boyfriend and I laughing at our nine month old making kissing noises at the cat.

Candace | 6:48 AM

What is beautiful is the absolute joy my 3.6 years and 19 month old daughters are experiencing living in California. They now have the opportunity to go outside anytime they choose and explore grass, trees, flowers, snails and buggies (as the baby says)! I never realized how limited they were in NYC. So happy!!!

Anonymous | 6:57 AM

Something beautiful....I have been so stressed lately I broke out in hives! Yikes! I was at the grocery store yesterday storming in and this old guy looks right at me and says, do you feel that breeze, beautiful. And it was. Then (because I had not gotten the universes memo) I pulled out in front of this guy and he SMILED and WAVED at me like "hey, it is okay, no harm no foul" then when I passed him again I smiled and he waved. Grace from strangers is so beautiful.

Sheena | 6:59 AM

Something beautiful...
After years of a strained relationship, my younger sister and I have finally found common ground. She recently moved to Nashville to pursue her music career and somehow this distance has helped us connect on a more meaningful level. Love it.

Sheena | 7:01 AM
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Brooke | 7:03 AM

Something beautiful.....Bo and Rev's eyes! Seriously they both have stunning eyes!

bhailey (at) att (dot) net

Lauren | 7:07 AM

My Eden climbing rose bloomed for the first time this week. I planted it two years ago. It is the most beautiful blossom I have ever seen -- the size of my palm and the density of a tiny cabbage.

FSURia | 7:08 AM

My baby boy is getting his first tooth! (He's about two weeks younger than Bo and Rev.)

Molly | 7:14 AM

I just went into contract on a house this week for the first time. I hope your home dreams come true soon too!

Jackee | 7:28 AM

I was able to spend my birthday at work, helping a baby have his birthday. Beautiful.

Rebecca | 7:34 AM

My sister and brother-in-law have spent the past 3 years trying to have a baby or adopt a baby and on Wednesday got a call saying a birth mother had chosen them for her baby. My new niece or nephew will be born on May 16th or hopefully sooner as I am dying to meet him/her!

Emily | 7:38 AM

Watching the girls feeding the horses and pigs at my friend's farm yesterday. They were so happy!

awordartisan | 7:39 AM

Beautiful: seeing the finish line at my first marathon, last weekend.

domestiCate | 7:41 AM

My peonies are in full bloom!

Barb | 7:45 AM

Watching my husband thrive in his career as he takes on new challenges and stretches himself. My dad being approved for a clinical trial for his degenerative disease. My two healthy boys (3 years and 8 months) who love to laugh. Almost a year in our first home where I can stand at the kitchen sink, the heater vent warming my feet, and watch my preschooler play in the backyard. Life is so sweet. Thank you for the giveaway, but mostly for the reminder to recognize the beauty around me. :)

Anonymous | 7:47 AM

Something beautiful? I'm days away from the end of my first year of graduate school, my tomato seeds are sprouted, and it finally actually feels (and smells!) like spring!
Anna -

Kelley | 8:09 AM

Something beautiful... the determined whimsy of a three-year-old: yesterday my daughter dressed as Supergirl with winter boots; today she had two different colored socks on.

Beth | 8:27 AM

Something beautiful: My 2 year old son said to me, "I love you hunny momma!"

devon | 8:42 AM

We are made to love each other.

Amanda M | 8:47 AM

My mom is flying in tonight, in time for my birthday tomorrow and hopefully the birth of my first baby (any day now!).

Amanda M | 8:48 AM
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MySleep-DeprivedLife | 8:50 AM

My daughter learning to say "i love you" is beautiful.

Kirdy | 8:55 AM

Something baby girl walking on wobbly legs, giggles coming out of her mouth while she walks her way around. A beautiful miracle she is!

colleen | 8:55 AM

My daughter, who is two, telling me that I'm her best friend in the whole wide world.

Leslie | 9:36 AM

My peaceful boyfriend sawing logs while I get ready for work in the am. Normally I'm quite jealous of him being able to sleep longer than me. ;) This morning I am seeing it differently. Perhaps it’s because it's Friday, or because your post inspired me to think differently today. Regardless, I know he is an amazing man and I am so happy I get to wake up next to him every day.

Birdie | 9:40 AM


Janean jbrd77 (at) hotmail (dot) com

megan | 9:41 AM

Beautiful: when the kids are finally old enough to ride/walk on their own to the fishing pond nearby!

Jenny O | 9:45 AM

Going back through a year's worth of photos of my almost-three-year-old and watching her from a toddler to a little girl.

Amanda | 10:16 AM

Beautiful: watching my three year old daughter holding her two week old sister!

julie. | 10:31 AM

Something beautiful - this weather!!! my boys play outside together almost every morning before breakfast!

Anonymous | 10:37 AM

something beautiful! i am due to have my first baby in 3 months & we just painted baby nelson's room purple! we don't know if it's a boy or a girl but a boy can have a beautiful purple/grey room, right?! we're free like that. ;)

Warrior Woman | 10:49 AM

My daughter's Godmother, my lovely cousin is expecting baby #1 and I would love to bless her with a gift like this. There is a special kind of beauty that comes with watching the women you grew up with becoming mothers and seeing your own children play together. I can't wait!

jennski | 10:51 AM

Healthy children...beautiful.

Anonymous | 11:05 AM

Love this...and the comments.

As a woman in her mid-thirties, I ache for a life filled with a husband and children. It can be truly heartbreaking to have the one thing you want more than anything be just beyone your reach but I'm starting to be at peace with where I am in life right now and appreciating it for what it is.

Realizing that even when life doesn't turn out the way you thought it would, it can still be pretty darn wonderful.

Now that is beautiful.

Rockdarter | 11:24 AM

Your blog is beautiful. It almost always makes me feel better. Also, sleeping in a bed warmed by the day with the windows open, feeling a cool breeze. that is beautiful.

Sarah | 11:25 AM

Happy almost-7 to Archer! My darling girl will also be 7, on May 30. Exciting to know they will remember this time, eh?

Here is something beautiful, to me: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”
― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Shelley Senai | 11:34 AM

My husband and I will be together 10 years this September. And we're only 26.

Anonymous | 11:57 AM

I reached a point in my life where I'm ready to take care of the little girl that I was supposed to be taking care of since birth.

Being with her is the most beautiful thing in this world.

Anonymous | 12:24 PM

i'm 38 weeks pregnant with our first baby & we have a c-section scheduled for next week be/c of complications...i'm nervous & yet so excited to meet this little one!

AMS | 12:45 PM

"She had always assumed that she would have years to sort out the meaning of life. Now, it seemed she would only have a few seconds, and that realization came as an epiphany. ... [S]he realized the that the tragedy of death had to do entirely with what was left unfulfilled. She was ashamed that such a simple insight should have eluded her all these years. Make something beautiful of your life. ... [S]he ... understood for the first time that having a child was about cheating death. Children were the foot wedged in the closing door, the glimmer of hope that in reincarnation there would be some house to go to..." Cutting for Stone, Abraham Verghese

Le | 12:56 PM

To love and to be loved in return

Anonymous | 1:04 PM

My first child was born 6 weeks early, 4 days before my husband's grandmother passed away in Paris. Because he was born early, she got to see a picture of him from across the ocean and know my husband was a father before she died. That is beautiful to me. And so is my precious baby boy.

Berit | 1:09 PM

my two-year-old son's infatuation with my two-month-old daughter. He pats her head when she cries, repeating, "It's OK, fweetie. It's OK."

lexi | 1:14 PM

My daughters wonderful mood made today truly beautiful. :)

Erin | 1:24 PM

the sun in out in NYC and it's finally warm! everyone is outside, buzzing around, the flowers are popping open, birds chirping, smiles all over. pretty beautiful

Anne | 1:24 PM

I've always been self conscious of my jiggly belly, but since becoming pregnant I can't get enough of it. I've never seen anything more beautiful than my growing tummy.

Laurenn | 1:26 PM

We moved to a new city and my son was bummed until we found a playground with rocks. He made me a rock pile and told me he loves me. Swoon.

Amanda | 1:38 PM

Something beautiful: My son, Trip, had an absolutely perfect day last Saturday and he recognized the perfectness, let everyone else revel with him, and recognized the rarity of the event.

sofie | 2:32 PM

Today started off so badly. Countless hours of lost sleep in the past few weeks from trying to balance being a full-time mom and a full-time student. Had to take the dog to the vet for an ear infection -$213!!! Almost got into a wreck on the highway because what appeared to be a dead body wrapped in a tarp was in the middle of the road and I was speeding (as usual...always trying to keep up with my life).

And Adam Yauch passed away today-- that one is really heart breaking.

When I finally made it to my daughter's school for her first ever recital and mother's day tea (<3), and the kids took the stage and started singing "You Are My Sunshine", I just lost it. It was so dang beautiful, and her smile as she stood on stage in her party dress, so proud and happy, was perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. So there I stood, in a room full of posh and put together moms, and me feeling bedraggled and choking back salty tears. Because I knew that I was witnessing a moment that will forever exist in my memory as an amazing day, despite all the other crap. My kid is THE best.

cora d | 3:00 PM

My two year old asked if I had an owie on my leg today; when I said yes, she came right over and kissed it.

coradavidson at gmail dot com

Monica | 3:29 PM

beautiful: my sister's getting married at the end of May, after waiting for a decade for the person to be her partner in life.
beautiful: reading through your posts about Archer growing up reminds me so thoroughly of my nephew. Two beautiful beautiful souls.
beautiful: I'm on a positive trajectory heading towards home.

alicia lacy | 4:58 PM
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alicia lacy | 5:02 PM

Something beautiful: Realizing that we only have a few more months as a family of three (our second baby arrives this summer). Every day I soak up these last days as a threesome, and look forward to the day that this little baby gets to meet his/her fantastic big sister.

Maggie | 5:12 PM

My best friend sat me down and said that she and her husband couldn't think of anyone else they'd like to be the godmother to their soon-to-be first baby. I get to meet him in August, until then, I've decided to start writing him letters.

Anonymous | 7:04 PM

Something beautiful: scent of jasmine and gardenia this morning as I strolled through Garden District of New Orleans.


Anonymous | 7:14 PM

My 4 year old daughter singing her made up songs about life and death and all things in-between. My six year old son learning to use real tools to make his very own fort.

I love to watch and learn from them!


Anonymous | 7:25 PM

The sound of my children's laughter, might be the absolute most beautiful sound I've ever heard... wait, not might be... is.

Dianne | 7:35 PM

Today I had a man yell at me in the middle of the crowded store I work at. I later cried because he was just so mean. I realized I have never nor will ever treat someone like that. So it made me feel better and a personal reminder to always be kind to others :)

P.S. My son James and your Bo need to be BF/GF when they are about 30!!!

I love your blog!!!!!


Aileen | 7:46 PM

Something beautiful: it's been a crazy semester here, but I will always treasure spending Easter morning with my boyfriend's parents, watching the profusion of butterflies in our front lawn while eating homemade pastries and taking photos with an antique camera my boyfriend's grandfather brought back from Germany in the 30s.

Virginia-Ann | 8:04 PM

Something beautiful, the smile on my Gran-daughters face when she comes running into the house yelling Gama, Gapa, and if we are not in the places she expected she pouts continues to call for us and upon seeing each of us the smile returns to her lips and to her eyes!

giranimals | 8:06 PM

The way my 3 year old son whispers his words of affection to his in-utero sibling. He instructs me that they are "just for the baby" and asks me to turn my head....he loves the idea of being a big brother.

AlisonLeigh | 8:29 PM

Something beautiful...myself. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, to look in the mirror and love what I see.

Mrs. Nifer | 8:42 PM

My baby boy is half a year old today, he is beautiful!!

Jenfierrodowning at gmail dot com

Devon Wilson | 9:07 PM

Tonight I went to a party with dear friends who brought their one month old baby daughter, Pier. She charmed everyone who met her & made our little group feel infinitely more complete. That, to me, is beautiful.

frans rilea khaous | 9:44 PM
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mamansarah | 9:50 PM

i begged him to
touuch me
inside my head
as he repeatedly fell,
fell to the bed
touuch me
touuch me
for touching's sake
touuch me
touuch me
i plead & i quake

touuch me
not because you love me
if love is even real
touuch me
touuch me for the feel

~a poem i wrote about a year ago.

amazedlife | 9:57 PM

Today I saw a handsome young man in a leather jacket holding the hand of a older man with developmental disabilities to help him through a parking lot. It was beautiful.

Bree | 3:45 AM

My best friend turns 50 today...I met her 45 years ago in first grade. Lovely...

Mena | 9:36 AM

My four-year-old daughter Sophia and I co-sleep, and the other night while we were dreamily cuddling before sleep overtook us, she whispered in my ear, "Momma, when we cuddle, our souls go live in each others bodies. Can I give you some of my love?" --- and held out her little hand as if she was offering me a flower or a piece of fruit.

Ethereal beauty, she is.

Heathrow's World | 9:47 AM

The Jacaranda trees in bloom everywhere in Phoenix, so in love with them right now....

Lisa Lazenby | 9:52 AM

Singing lullabies with my kids at bedtime. Them singing along with their toddler voices is so beautiful!

Lisahlazenby AT gmail DOT com

MSimone | 9:53 AM

My children of course! And my tiny garden that is starting to grow.

Lauren | 10:12 AM

My husband and I are expecting out first child! =)

lauren (dot) coleman (at) live (dot) com

Anonymous | 11:36 AM

Here's something beautiful:i finally said no ... Katherine ;

RzDrms | 11:58 AM

Something beautiful...

There's a woman in my town, the capital of my state, who feeds hungry people out of the back of her old, beat-up car. I don't think she's got a lot of money of her own; she's said in her newspaper interview that she's been down on her luck before and knows. She offers hot food 3-4 times a week at two different locations: spaghetti and noodles or beans and rice or soup or...whatever she has.

She does it with a huge smile and brings her teenaged grandkids. They all pack into her tiny old car and feed people.

It's truly beautiful.

raspberrydreams at hotmail dot com

zack & penny | 2:38 PM

today i found my first grey hair. and i wasn't upset or bummed. why? because i thought of you beautiful mom and her decision to let her greys speak for themselves. gorgeous.

Unknown | 4:37 PM
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Unknown | 4:39 PM

my 2 year old rubbing my stomache and saying "i love you little sister" through my belly button :)

Little Bird | 5:15 PM

Something beautiful? My 17-year old son spontaneously tells me that he loves me, enjoys spending time with me and talks me up to his friends. Could not be more proud of him.

Anonymous | 6:53 PM

something beautiful:

Ever since I learned my (not yet 2 year old) daughter has to have open-heart surgery, my life, the love and advice that has come out of the woodwork--from people with similar stories and people without--has made me view my life as very lucky.

Anonymous | 7:14 PM

Blue sky.

Renee | 7:36 PM

Something beautiful.....I spent all night edited photos of my children. And resisted waking them up to hug them in SQUEEZE hugs (too tight mommy!)

oh, jenny mae | 9:36 PM

although it doesn't happen as often as i wish it would, it's beautiful when my 4 babies get along. makes me happy to see them being happy together.

Anonymous | 12:57 AM

Babies are beautiful!

Jamie | 1:06 AM

My beautiful thing for the week...walking out of my daughter's school Thursday night and we were lucky enough to be going in between bouts of rain. The big thunderhead clouds were so amazing, and the sun was just going down. Really it was a hot pink crown just above the horizon. By the time I hurried to the car and scrambled out the good camera it was already gone. I had to just enjoy the fleeting moment.

Cole | 5:21 AM

A beach day yesterday where I got only mildly sunburned followed by sushi dinner, what a weekend so far :)

Kat | 5:23 AM

my baby is 7 weeks old. last night, she finally fell asleep on my chest and for the first time in 7 weeks, i slept for more than the usual 10 is beautiful.

katch05 at gmail dotcom

Molly | 6:12 AM

Something beautiful. We got one of our special needs soccer players, a little boy who is nonverbal and has autism, to SCORE GOALS! He actually, for the first time in two years, sort of played along with the game.

It was awesome. I am covered in dirt and bruises, but I am so proud of him. It was beautiful.

Erika | 8:25 AM

Something beautiful; when my daughter (2) fell and bumped her arm, my son (4) helped her up, kissed her arm and said, "There I think that will help you feel better." He hugged her and walked away. His love for his sister is beautiful!

email: stillwatersmassage@gmail.

Elliesee | 11:10 AM

It is May here in Quebec and even the dandelions are beautiful. Your pictures are gorgeous always!

leeshka | 12:00 PM

It's something I think is beautiful. Once upon a time, there was a girl who was me and a boy who was her friend. Then she and the boy lost touch, and stopped talking, and had weddings and a child or a divorce respectively. Many many years went by until one day the girl wondered how he was doing and reached out to the boy even though she was terrified. Then they talked, and their wonderful picked up again like no time had passed, let alone 15 years. He helped her through it with movies and conversations when she had to bury her grandfather. They were Wonder Twins and would always be friends no matter how much distance and time and life came between them.
It's nothing as beautiful as "and then they were both alone at the same time and got married and everyone threw up The End". It's not that kind of story. It's my story.

Sarie | 1:02 PM

my kids are beautiful even when they are cranky and tired and running around the Apple store screaming and crying while I try (unsuccessfully) to get my MacBook fixed.

Erin @ Wild Whispers | 3:43 PM

Something beautiful: A new home, starting to feel not like a place, but an actual home. We waited six years. Thanks for the chance to win!


Amy E. | 3:53 PM

I have a terminally ill daughter. She can't eat or speak or really do much of anything. But the smile she gives me when I sing to her is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Unknown | 5:49 PM

Something beautiful.... hmmm, after 38 years of singlehood, on Saturday I am marrying a wonderful man. And I am lucky enough to be marrying into a kind and loving family. (So, now I have 2!)

Haley | 6:21 PM

Something beautiful: Summer vacation officially begins one month from tomorrow.

Another something beautiful: Reading all of these *beautiful* comments.

Meg | 6:43 PM

I just woke up from a nap naturally. My three and a half month daughter is still asleep. I feel amazingly refreshed and can now watch my amazingly beautiful girl sleep. I look at her and think "I made that!"

Meg | 6:57 PM

Realizing I didn't leave contact info:

Meg | 7:00 PM

Realizing I didn't leave contact info:

Sarah | 10:12 PM

16 wks preggo and feeling my baby move!

melanie | 10:14 PM

My little girl believes she sees sparkles from fairy wands in her room at night. "But only sometimes."

Sarah | 10:18 PM

Melissa | 1:22 AM

Tears in my eyes from your last post.

Tory | 5:47 AM

I am beautiful. After 14 months of pregnancy and post-partum, I feel like me again (most of the time).

ilovethemidwest | 6:38 AM

My 3-month-old boy is pretty beautiful. So is being a first-time mom. Getting a little giggle last week was beautiful too!

Mar | 6:49 AM

My lawn is full of husband keeps complaining that that are weeds but i wont let him cut them because my 2 year old runs into a front yard every day, sits among the "flowers", telling stories, making wishes and picks flowers for our whole family...

TheGirl | 8:09 AM

All weekend I have been sick at home, coughing, laying around in bed, barely able to make it to the bathroom. When I finally made an appearance downstairs my daughter said....mommy, you look beautiful. I was most certainly not but that fact that she thinks so....that is amazing.

Meg | 9:59 AM

It's a blustery spring day out. No sun, but the grey clouds are bright. I love this kind of weather.

happymedium | 10:00 AM

My two year-old son slowing things down to fill his pockets with stones and twigs and other treasures. Beautiful.

Amanda | 10:47 AM

venice at twilight while holding the hand of the man you love. beautiful.

Crystal | 10:58 AM

As I've aged, I've noticed that time speeds up. Why? It's unfair that we have to look back and think "when did our babies start becoming little people who think and reason and express themselves the same way I do?". I don't want this time to ever get away from me. I never want to look back and wonder where the time went. I want to stay in this moment for as long as this moment lasts, completely in love with my children as they are right now. Right now, they are beautiful.

Melissa | 12:18 PM

Putting my veggie garden in and watching it provide us with fresh organic eats for another year = beautiful. Last summer my daughter plucked a cherry tomato from its vine and, before she popped it into her mouth, I overheard her say to herself, "No one has touched this but me." Also beautiful.

Sarah R. | 12:26 PM

Something beautiful: Going to Nicaragua WITHOUT KIDS to celebrate our 10th anniversary and remembering that I do actually enjoy hanging out with this man!!! Those 6 days have done more for our marriage than the past year of therapy. :)

Sarah R. | 12:30 PM

oops - contact info is

Esther | 12:40 PM

Something beautiful? My parents and my in-laws love each other. I love our ever expanding family.

Anonymous | 1:50 PM

My Parents just came to visit from across the contry (FL to MN) They are beutiful...funny as I get older I want my mom and dad more and more! (I guess me wanting them by me is beautiful too!)

Nili | 4:57 PM

my something three year old wanting me to "lay with him for just a little while Mama"...gets my heart every time!

Anonymous | 5:15 PM

The Super Moon was beautiful.

The sun on my face today=beautiful as well.

chefmichelle (at) gmail

Robin Casey | 5:37 PM

My beautiful baby girl was born four weeks ago, six weeks before her due date. Amazingly she only spent 10 days in the NICU and has been the most peaceful baby. My favorite part about it all is sitting on the couch nursing her while her big brother cuddles up next to us. Pure love. <3

Hailey | 5:58 PM

Beautiful: The new crop plants being planted here in the South. They are set out with such care. They are perfectly aligned and just little baby plants. They will grow so quickly. They are all so beautiful!


Kitty | 7:59 PM

I am sipping a cold beer outside on a warm night with two snoring dogs beside me... beautiful and lovely.

Shannon | 8:26 PM

Something beautiful : Realizing I want another baby watching my son playing at the beach last weekend. The beach is my happy place.


Diana | 1:59 AM
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Diana | 2:02 AM

My husband carrying our baby during a family walk and our son falling asleep in his arms.

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