All Together Now

Yesterday was the first time all four of my kids went outside to play together. One by one they trampled out the front door and down the steps. Bo and Revi, backwards in new shoes. Archer in the sandals he retrieved from under the chair by the door. Fable in her Mary Janes overflowing with sand.
Archer organized the soccer game. Bo would play on his team and Revi with Fable, but Revi couldn't care less about soccer and much preferred playing with dog bowls and eating rocks.
IMG_3852 IMG_3850
I feel like I'm always writing about a life unrecognizable. The disbelief in all of this. The "how on earth did I get here?" In this house with this husband and these children and the wet paper towel I've been carrying around for the last hour in my left hand without even realizing it. 
But yesterday, paper towel permitting, I didn't feel that way. I knew exactly how I ended up here and I recognized everyone. I watched their shoes kick and stomp and trip and drag and recognized us all.


Hilary | 9:25 PM

Fairly new to your blog, love it and your pics...also follow you via instagram, been reading your past blogs over the last couple weeks, time permitting;) I so so relate to this, I am a busy mom to five-homeschool my oldest two.....I often look around and think just that "how on earth did I get here" Then those wonderful moments happen and I know how and why and that there is no where else on earth I am supposed to be. Thanks for all your honesty and beautiful words....and pictures. So glad I found your blog!

Sarah | 7:35 AM

Ah .. beautiful! I check in once and awhile and since the babes are changing so fast it always seems like more time has past since I've been here. So so important to be 'in the moment'. I find when I realize I am not it's time to slow right down. Happy that you could do this, what gorgeous pictures! BTW .. did you move yet or are you staying in the same house? The driveway looks different from other pics.