Liner Notes 10/9

Over the weekend, we had a little birthday party for Fable. A rather impromptu "princess" party with four of Fable's closest friends from school, decorations from Target, pizza from Fable's favorite restaurant and a face-painting, party-rocking Rapunzel who RULED.
IMG_3195 IMG_2763 This was supposed to be "Fable and her four princess friends." 
(Twas the next best thing to perfume bottles.)
IMG_2777 photo
Bo insisted on being in on all the action. (She thinks she's four, too.)
IMG_3217 IMG_3214
IMG_3226 IMG_3225 IMG_3223
My mom made the cupcakes. They were (of course) beyond.
Rapunzel came with her own soundtrack that she DJ'd on her iPod. 
 photo-7 And we all danced. photo-5 photo-4 And danced. IMG_3118 (And danced.) IMG_3198 IMG_3199
photo-2 making bead bracelets
photo-3 (Archer made one for Bo.)
IMG_3251 crowns, necklaces and wands from the 99 Cent Store = 3$ goodie bags = win.   
  IMG_3254 The Princess and the Frog
IMG_3201 IMG_3176 WWW made dresses so that Fable and Rainbowflower could match:
She didn't have a pattern for the American Girl doll dress so what did she do? She MADE ONE UP OUT OF HER BRAIN. (Of course.) 
IMG_3208 IMG_3189 IMG_3186 (Fable made four wishes.) IMG_2795 IMG_3210
I overheard Archer whispering to Fable, "I'm pretty sure you're going to remember this day for your whole life."
He had just finished telling her all about his fourth birthday party, how the candles spelled Happy Birthday Archer. He told her that he regularly "thinks about those candles" or in his words, "my memory likes to play the movie of that day sometimes."
I don't know about "remembering..." but we had ourselves a pretty awesome day.
"This is the best fourth birthday party I've ever had!" she said. 
And it absolutely was.
 *** IMG_2790 photo-7


Becky | 1:08 PM

Love the one of your mom, you & Fable. So sweet. Birthdays are just magical, regardless of circumstances, because kids are magical! Love it.