Liner Notes 10/16

IMG_4634 photo IMG_4699
IMG_4213 IMG_3862
IMG_3874 (our first fall day)
IMG_3928 IMG_3410 (this, always.)
IMG_3927 IMG_3435 (holding feet.)
IMG_4092 (everything.)
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We just got back into town after a long weekend in San Diego where we attended a friend's wedding and spent time with our extended family, cousins, grandparents and of course, my parents, who make an extremely handsome couple.
IMG_4536 IMG_4730 IMG_4183
An incredible time was had by all and for the first time all of the second cousins (my Nana's seven great-grandchildren) were together under one roof/garden. Amazing.
IMG_4558 (soon to be EIGHT great-grandchildren, seven of whom  = girls. Estrogen, thy name is family.)
IMG_4736 Bo and her "twin" Mikaela
IMG_4732 IMG_4296 photo IMG_4720 with cousin Anushka
The wedding was gorgeous. Our friends married on the beach at Sunset, with the bride's mother ministering the ceremony.
IMG_4537 IMG_4560
We all sat outside on benches, and when it was over, the couple walked home to the house where she grew up and that's where we danced and ate and were merry.
IMG_4544 IMG_4528
My Nana taught me how to do "the knee replacement dance" which went a little something like this, hit it:
IMG_4729 IMG_4728
We finally figured out who Bo closest resembles. Her great-great grandfather holy eye twin samesies. 
Fable has been wearing a mermaid costume for four days straight and finally, yesterday, Archer's like, "Fable! You've been a mermaid for days! It's time for you to turn back into a human."
"Not Fable, Archer. My name is Ariel. ARIEL!"
IMG_4717 IMG_4723
Which brings me to this: HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. One would think finding cute and clever twin costumes would be an obvious thing but I have been completely stumped trying to think of costume ideas, pretty much since they were born.

Last year, Bo and Revi were so small, even infant costumes were humongous on them. (Hal and I went as Brad and Angelina, so naturally Bo and Revi were Knox(ette) and Vivienne.)

Anyway. I've spent many an hour scouring Etsy for the badassest costumes in town and have had little luck in the Bo & Revi genius twin costume department. I'm afraid Pottery Barn kids it is. (I actually really love the seahorse. Would glue-gunning some drum sticks and maybe a small guitar to the costumes a la "Band of (Sea)Horses" be too try-to-hard hipster-y whoa? Okay so don't answer that.)
This is a really crazed month so please bear with me if I'm not as post-y as usual. (Hal did offer to write his first ever guest post so stay tuned for that, maybe. I have no idea what he's going to write about or when he's going to write it but someday he will write a publish a post on this blog. I think.)
I'm in New York most of this week and have only a few days to finish decorating Archer and Fable's room before we shoot our final episode of Child Style and I bombard you with a bedroom photo extravaganza and ten new episodes of our show. In the meantime, here are a few stills of our work in progress:
IMG_3250 Archer's side of the room, above and below:
IMG_3864 Fable's side:
I have a thousand things I still need to get, a light fixture I need to figure out how to call an electrician to install and some other last minute-y lamp shad-y type things, but all in all, I'm pretty stoked on how the room is turning out. Archer and Fable were super active in the design and they both love their little areas and the invisible line that both separates their space and unites it.
Also, can we please talk about American Girl dolls for a second? I never understood them AT ALL and now I'm totally obsessed and a little bit jealous that Fable gets to wear matchy-match dresses with her "daughter" and I do not. 

P.S. I just realized this blog celebrated its seventh birthday last week. SEVEN YEARS of GGC HOLY H. So to celebrate, here's my first ever GGC post.

Painful? God yes. Most of those early posts are. But they also make me realize that I'm a lot "older" these days than I give myself credit for. Not that seven years from now (if blogging is even still a thing then?) I won't look back on recent posts with the same cringe, but man, a lot has changed since October, 2005. And October, 2006. And 2007. And 20082009201012011.

Anyway. Whether you've been reading this blog since 2005 or since five minutes ago, thank you for letting me share.



ec | 1:26 PM

beautiful wedding, beautiful family & the room looks amazing.

and 7 years! I loved your first archer is darling. I also loved anonymous' comment about your reckless baby wearing ways. ha!

Katie McIntyre | 6:02 PM

We honeymooned in San Diego last week and I thought of your family and kept my eyes peeled for the gorgeous www as we cruised up the coast! What a beautiful place to grow up and share with your fam! Congrats on 7 years - I've been reading for years and years and definitely have an interwebs crush on your whole crew! High fives from Canada...maybe we will get too see your hgtv fabulousness soon?! :)

Sarah | 9:32 PM

Last Halloween I was mega pregnant, so I went as a blowfish, and I made my husband an owl costume.

Get it????

Hootie and the blowfish my friend!

I have a teething baby now, can you tell?

Anonymous | 6:51 AM

Last year I went as a brick and my husband went as a brick layer.