I filmed the following video yesterday at the LilySarahGrace benefit in Pasadena with Bo bounce-dancing in my lap (hence the quality) but I wanted to share it because Karmin ROCKED it yesterday and I'm now a full-blown megafan of this band. (Talented, gracious, and do-goody = I'm forever yours.)
At one point Amy (do you like how I just called her Amy? Like we're pals?) cruised over to hold Bo's hand who was going ballistic with dance moves the entire performance. And Bo was like, whooaaa... 

Total whoa o'clock.

A big thanks to the ladies at Juicy Juice for generously donating drinks to yesterday's party. And to everyone who joined, donated, supported (and continues to support) this incredibly worthy and important cause. You're amazing and it was super fun meeting some of your families yesterday. And in the rain, no less! Heroic! Viva la art in public schools! 

144. Crash Your Party by: Karmin