Game Night: The Guacamole Won. (Sponsored)

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The first thing I want to talk about is the guacamole. Because when my parents arrived to Game Night (Day) with my grandparents and my mom asked if there was anything she could do to help me in the kitchen, I handed her an avocado and introduced her to my smorgesbord of salsa options.
She had never made salsa the World Famous Bec way so I took great pride in showing her the ropes of Bronson Alcott High and then I washed the red out of her hair, cut her sweater into a belly shirt and we performed I want to be a supermodel for Travis Birkenstock.
IMG_3585 Larry Woolf going absolutely bonkers with the guac. Bananas!

I knew game playing would be a challenge for our tiniest of family members so I set up a tent complete with plush blankets, pillows and stacks of tupperware to play with and VOILA: Burning Man for toddlers. (Burning Doll?)
IMG_3383 IMG_3668
Which worked PART of the time. The other part looked something like this:
IMG_3557 And this: IMG_3567 IMG_3570 And this: IMG_3575 IMG_3576 And this and this and this:
IMG_3598 (Bo thought the control was a phone.)
IMG_3597 "Bah-bo?" IMG_3581 IMG_3565 IMG_3556 Oh no she didn't. (She totally did.) IMG_3561
Everyone got a chance to play at least twice and at one point we had four generations of teamwork which was kind of amazing because FOUR GENERATIONS!??? I love four generations.
IMG_3595 My dad with his dad, Archer and Hal
Fable set the table with straws and plates we picked up at the dollar store. (Note Rainbow Flower's plate. I didn't even notice it until I embedded this picture into this post and about died. I have no idea where that tiny doll plate even came from. NO IDEA. All I know is that I love children and their magical things that appear somehow, this tiny plate included.) 
The pizzas ended up being a huge success. I set up a table of goodies, handed everyone in the house a frozen pizza, blew the whistle and BAM! Pizza party central. (Contrary to last week's guac, this is actually pinnable? Maybe? Build your own pizza for game-night? I used a more appetizing filter this time? (A friendly reminder: My ad network, FM is sponsoring a sweepstakes for readers interested in participating for a chance to win a WiiU deluxe set and 5k toward a family vacation. Find out more, here.)
IMG_3837 toppings for everyone! 
Fable made my pizza for me and it was delicious. Especially the asparagus candle part.  
Here's my dad showing off his creation: 
IMG_3833 Putting his creation in the oven:
IMG_3832 Waiting for his creation to bake at 425 degrees for twelve minutes:
IMG_3831 BAM: IMG_3827
I served two side salads along with the build-your-own pizzas: my quinoa "informal gathering" salad and my "I heart hearts" salad (Arugula + Herb Salad Mix from TJs + Garbonzo beans + Hearts of Palm + Artichoke Hearts + Garbonzo Beans + Goat cheese + Oil & Balsamic) and everyone ate everything and hooray, go team(s). 
My favorite moment of the day came when Fable, out of nowhere, beat everyone by, like, 789723984724987 million points. 
IMG_3577 IMG_3574 (with some help) IMG_3572 IMG_3578 IMG_3571 IMG_3580 IMG_3579
And when I wasn't busy trying to keep everyone entertained/happy/fed/wiped/photographed, I played a couple games myself.
IMG_3593 IMG_3592(I lost by 789723984724987 million points.)

Ah, yes. But in the end, everyone won. We skipped the sharing-of-wigs-and-headbands (ahem) but other than that, Game Night (Day) was exactly as we'd haphazardly planned. Except better.
IMG_3587 IMG_3590
My mom even called the next morning to tell me how proud she was of me for throwing a fun-filled Night (Day) full of love, togetherness and amazing guacamole.  
photo-1 photo-1photo-1photo-1
(Thanks, Mom. And thank you Dad and Grandma and Grandpa. Love you all.)