TOTW: Hats by She Makes Hats! (& Giveaway!)

A few weeks back, Robyn from She Makes Hats emailed me asking if she could, as part of her 10,000 hats for 10,000 people project, make hats for our entire posse. (Of course I said yes. Hats are the best.) So. Robyn sent us a link to her shop and the kids picked out their colors and styles and it was all very fun and exciting for all of us. And fun. And exciting. A week later, the hats arrived and it was like Christmas up in here. Everyone LOVED their hats and loved knowing they were part of this huge amazing project. The monkey and the monster (pictured above on Bo and Revi) were particularly incredible even though I still have no clue which hat goes with which babe.
Are you a monkey or a monster, Revi? (Both.)
You can read more about Robyn's 10,000 Hats project here but I wanted to share this passage, here, because it was particularly inspiring to me. 
When Bo and Revi were in the NICU the only hats they wore were hand-knit by strangers and I loved that. I loved that the hands that knitted the hats (I will keep forever) were doing so with love and selflessness. It made me feel so blessed to live in a world where that was possible. 
IMG_8011 (via)
I feel the same way about Robyn and what she's doing -- creating life goals that are as self-fulfilling as they are selfless. How cool is that? (The coolest.)
I'm grateful to be a part of her this project. And I will wear my hat as a reminder to share the things I love that make me happy. All of us will.  Thank you, Robyn. 
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Robyn is giving a hat (of your choice!) away to three readers this week. To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick three winners next Friday, December 14th. In the meantime you can browse Robyn's site here and check out her Hats on People project here. Good luck and a happy weekending!



Anna Lucero | 11:27 AM

Wow what talent and such a giving spirit.

Fuchs Family | 12:40 PM

Fun project. Love your mustard colored hat.

t. | 12:43 PM

I wish I could knit. Me please!

kayla k. | 1:23 PM

Love the hats and love how adorable your kids are!

Kaylie | 1:53 PM

You all are looking so good in your hats! Someday I will knit a hat, until then I'll buy homemade.

Bridgitt | 4:34 PM

I totally one want one like the ones the kids have, with the long braids....

Kinsey | 6:28 PM

Amazing!! Such a gift to be able to create items that bring warmth in a number of ways :)

Kristen | 6:40 PM

I love this homemade movement that's going on. And I love that the Internet is helping it spread. It's all so very George Lucas, if you know what I mean. :)

Kathy O'Hara | 7:17 PM

Yeah for hats! Can never have enough - esp. made by hand! :-)

Amy M | 7:22 PM

She makes me want to learn how to knit too!

Kelly S | 7:48 PM

I'd love to be able to knit a hat. They're adorable!

Wendy | 8:13 PM

Winter is coming! Little heads need cute hats to keep them warm I love how generous people are being. :)

Charm | 9:39 PM

her hats are so cute! I wear a handknit beanie (hat) that was made with wool from a sheep that lived at the youth hostel I bought it from. It's my favourite! but my boyfriend doesn't have one and I might have to fix that with one of Robyn's wonderful creations!

traberlee | 1:40 AM

The hats are adorable!

Meagan | 3:00 AM

Loving the hats , the monkey is absolutely precious!

Ashleigh.Witt | 5:03 AM

Adorable hats and a wonderful cause!

Alison | 5:51 AM

Super cute hats!

Kelley | 8:01 AM

What a beautiful, inspiring post. I'm new to your blog and this is the first post I've read. I'm officially moved and officially a follower. You've really perfectly spun her mission, love, and selflessness with your own story, and it reads like you did it with ease! Totes inspired to do the same on my blog!


GonzoVixen | 9:21 AM

Her hats and project are amazing!

Rachel | 10:10 AM

This post made my day! Thank you!

Anyavieve at yahoo dot com

Kayla the iGirlfriend | 11:03 AM

This is so sweet and lovely. And that yellow suits you amazingly!

Unknown | 2:49 PM

Love these hats! The detail is delightful and fun and the whole project is just fantastic!

Unknown | 5:49 PM

Love her project and her hats. You and yours wear them well.

glenda | 6:37 PM

Love!!! Monkeys & giraffes are my fav. Love the ones R&B wore at the nicu.

Emma | 6:43 PM

So cool! I would love for my boys to have one of her neat knits!

Ms. Molly | 9:22 PM

What great hats! I love knit hats for my whole family too.

S | 8:59 AM

I wish I knew Robyn for real so she could teach me how to knit a hat. I actually bought all the material to do so this summer, cast on, and suddenly realized I have no clue how to use circular knitting needles. I'm in love with these hats.

Sophie Lesher | 2:00 PM

beanies are awesome, but people are awesome-er. love the concept, love the hats. xoxo

amrb20032011 | 2:09 PM

I love the way a knitted hat feels. It's like a hug for your head.

Unknown | 7:05 PM

Really great idea!! Love all the hats!

Leslie | 10:12 PM

That's amazing. Love the monster hat!!

lauren | 3:58 AM

What a great project! And adorable!

The woman behind the desk... | 5:18 AM

Beautiful hearted AND an enviable knitter? She's a keeper!

Sarahptitiously | 4:17 PM

Revi looks SO MUCH like Fable in the pic with the monkey hat. Uncanny.

ec | 7:33 PM

love your yellow hat. love them all.

Margie S. | 4:46 PM

I don't need a hat for myself, though these are so wonderful! I just want to say that I am a new knitter and, on my third try in fifteen or so years, this time it clicked and I love it! I have made fingerless gloves for my sister and a scarf for my daughter and beer cozies for friends. I haven't yet attempted hats. Until now. Reading about Bo and Revi's hats has totally inspired me. After I finish all my Christmas gifts my next project is absolutely NICU baby hats filled with love. I'm excited to research the best fibers and choose gorgeous colors and get to it! Thank you for the wonderful gift of my next project to be excited about!