TOTW: Ella Lou Recycled Clutch & Giveaway

my floorboards are an optical illusion?

Remember those amazing textiles (and pillows) I posted a few months back? Wait. Has it been.... whoa, seven months? I seriously was like, "remember three weeks ago when I posted... " DAMN YOU, TIME!!! Anyway, Ella Lou has just come out with a brand new collection of clutches that are currently on the top of my list of favorite fashionable things. ED: If I was a clutch, this is EXACTLY what I'd want to look like:

ED: I'm normally a big bag person (don't really have a choice at the moment) but these clutches have me jonesing for a date night. More than usual, even.

In EllaLou's words:
Theseclutches are made from found, limited edition textiles that have been sourced during the designer's travels and natural materials which have been treated using natural dyes. "These fabrics are storytellers, they speak of their history and traditions of craft, of adventures abroad, foreign marketplaces, culture and creativity."
One of the things I love about Ella Lou (besides being amazing pieces curated by a woman I adore) is that with every purchase you're supporting The Global Soap Project which you can find more about by going here.
Lindsay from Ella Lou has offered to give away one of her clutches (of your choice!) to a lucky winner. To win? Tell me... something? Perhaps what you're up to this weekend? I'll pick one winner next Friday, December 22 via disqus randomizer.

In the meantime you can shop EllaLou and save 15% at the register with code 15OFFHOLIDAY. Happy shopping and good luck to all!

UPDATED: congratulations to Alice Dawes for winning the clutch giveaway and thank you all for participating! Happy Holidays and much love! 



Cissyrene | 1:17 PM

I have violin practice tomorrow. Yay for fulfilling life long dreams!

Unknown | 1:55 PM

I took my baby to meet Santa today and she had a meltdown!
Ps- these clutches are beautimous!!!
Pps- I heart your blog

Manda | 2:29 PM

I plan on baking many cookies and eating them until I can eat no more! Productive, I know!

Lauren | 2:54 PM

Date night, actually. Yay for grandma. And a my girlfriends and their kids christmas party - loved your post on friendship awhile back.

Anonymous | 3:57 PM

Choir practice for my church's (not a crazy creepy church, btw) concert on Saturday, church and then a date with my husband Sunday. Lots of wine and snuggles with my family in between. :)

HarperBklyn | 4:04 PM

I am seeing my best friend (since the 2nd grade) for a much needed girls' weekend. I just had my third kid two months ago and I can't wait for her to meet the baby and then for us to get pedicures.

Kristin Leigh Ward | 4:52 PM

Cleaning, cleaning, with a side of laundry in the world's smallest washing machine as my parents are coming to spend the holidays with me and my husband. We live in Kamakura, Japan and this will be my mother's first time to leave the US ever! I am super excited!!!! And let's face it - one of those clutches would definitely improve the look of my chapped, tired hands! :)

SpillingOutBeautiful | 6:02 PM

My team and I (AmeriCorps NCCC) will spend the weekend traveling from NYC (where we've been doing Sandy relief) to our campus in Vicksburg so we can go home for the holidays. So much excitement!

Jessica | 6:09 PM

I'm getting my cookie-baking and candy-making on this weekend so I can take yummy gifts to coworkers and neighbors next week!

Unknown | 6:30 PM

This weekend we are celebrating my husband's graduation from his PhD. He's a smart fellow!

Katy | 7:23 PM

Gorgeous clutches, I love them all!! This weekend for my family (Ella, 4 years & Otto, 6 mo.) is for packing for our travels to the east coast (from SF/CA) for the holidays. Yay so excited but I know what chaos and craziness lies ahead! Hope your family is enjoying the holidays!

glenda | 7:37 PM

Gorgeous clutches. Could've used one on my trip to Maui

Deb and Mike | 8:38 PM


MJP | 9:01 PM

Having a date night with my husband for the first time in like a year. I don't even know what we are going to do, but we will enjoy being together.

Margie S. | 9:16 PM

Here's something odd. The number of comments on any given post here is different depending on whether I'm on my phone or laptop. For some reason that makes me feel off balance. But on to things: this is birthday party with the fam weekend! Cake!

cj | 7:07 AM

I will start! my Christmas shopping.

Anj | 9:58 AM

I, along with my hot husband and sassy toddler, will be spending the weekend in New Orleans to celebrate Christmas with some of our dearest friends :)

The woman behind the desk... | 2:41 PM

This weekend I'm officially giving up my Procrastination Nation citizenship and finally, maybe, possibly starting my holiday shopping. Wheeee!

Leslie | 5:20 PM

Big family dinner with close friends! Very excited to start the holiday extravaganzas!!

Buffy | 6:03 PM

Yay for cute clutches.

Amy | 9:00 PM

Here's some excellent and important wisdom from Mr. Rogers - and his mom: "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." To this day, especially in times of "disaster," I remember my mother's words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world."

ec | 10:11 PM


I'm hanging with my people this weekend. Christmas piano concert at a local cafe & Christmas party tomorrow.... gonna be good.

Arnold | 10:49 PM

These clutches are adorable! I'm doing something totally luxurious for me and having brunch at a terrain with my two best girl friends in honor of the holiday seson. Then I'll come home and spend the rest of the week end with my wonderful husband and three boys!

Tara Vuono | 6:42 AM

Oh my gosh! The linen and gold? Gorgeous. Us: swimming was cancelled because of a "foreign object in the pool" (don't want to know), so we're having a lazy Saturday followed by visiting family on Sunday. (I'm ignoring the part about the hour and a half drive each way with our 4 month old who is a car SCREAMER. Wish us luck.)

Unknown | 7:29 AM

Sick :( beautiful clutches for a good cause!!

Anonymous | 7:57 PM

I am hugging the ones I love, baking cookies, walking pups in the northwest rain, and meditating on peace and hope.

amandak | 10:48 AM

I adore textiles!

This weekend my son and I made a perfectly imperfect gingerbread house.

Monica | 11:23 PM

We decorated a bit but mostly played...made pancakes and avoided the news for the sake of the kiddos.

Carrie T. | 5:11 PM

Oh those clutches look amazing! I bought two Turkish towels from Ella Lou this summer for he beach and they are amazing also!

QueenBananaBean | 11:50 PM

My daughter is doing gymnastics right utero.