I recently found myself in my kitchen with four dancing children and this song blasting from Hal's computer and it was the greatest moment of my entire life, pure perfection wonderful amazingness and suddenly every question had an answer and every cloud had a rainbow and perfect harmony amen wonderfulness nirvana and then Archer, in all his dance-move glory accidentally stepped on Fable's foot who fell backwards onto Revi who whacked Bo in the face and suddenly everyone was crying on the floor and this song was still blasting and these are the arms you fell into... womp womp.

150. I can see the pines are dancing by: AA Bondy
IMG_5479 Happy Thursday, everyone.


Anonymous | 11:49 AM

I love the way you express yourself. If only I had the answers to my questions aka problems, then my life would be so much happier and the weit of the world would be lifted from my tired shoulders. I will continue to ponder for the answer. Perhaps you could do a post on this subject...how do we know when we do or dont have the answer to an important question or shall I say life decision? Do we listen to the white noi of others opinions or do we erase them from our subconsience?