Fun with Head Lice

After treating our hair for four weeks with Cetaphil and hope, we FINALLY rid ourselves of the horribleness that is lice ugh brutal blergh. Or at least we THOUGHT we did until we found a couple more nits in Fable's hair over Christmas Break (a break that is still happening hence the quiet on this blog/back to regularly scheduled programming next week). To be safe, we started treating her hair immediately and are (once again!) on week two of our second four week Cetaphil-treating cycle.
For those unfamiliar with the blast that is the non-toxic Nuvo for Headlice treatment, this is how it works:

1. You pour Cetaphil all over the head of the child/adult infected until every last hair is drowning in the stuff.
2. Then you blowdry the entire Cetaphil-helmet-head dry which takes HOURS and I'm not even exaggerating. (Hours.)
3. You wash out the Cetaphil the next day and repeat for three (or more) weeks.
4. You cry a lot.

ED: It worked for two of of three of us. Hopefully, second time's the charm for Fable fingers crossed.

In the meantime... yesterday, before washing out Fable's crazy Cetaphil hair, we snapped some pics.
IMG_4563 IMG_4449 IMG_4559 IMG_4567
(Because if you have lice, you might as well make liceade.)
IMG_4380 IMG_4565



Rebekah Hamon | 1:01 PM

Hi...just thought I'd share this with you because we've had head lice here twice...all 4 of the long-haired people in our house. First time we did the combing twice a day for 3 weeks - pure hell - I'm sure you know what I mean. The next time I read online about smothering the lice with mayo overnight & then combing with a lice comb in the morning. Use shower caps & throwaway pillowcases during the night. WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I will use super thick conditioner instead of mayo next time, like the alba brand. I repeated it weekly for 3 weeks just to be sure, but once a week for 3 weeks vs twice a day for 3/4 weeks was a no-brainer for me. And it worked.
Good luck! So sorry you are dealing with this again!

Sabrina | 2:50 PM

I wondered why she had really crazy bed head on instagram. Also, every time I read about the lice situation I get crazy itchy and go check my hair. Along with my daughters.

Anonymous | 8:54 AM

If Im ever in that situation, Im doing the two day treatment over the counter product. I am all about clean living etc, but the tradeoff of living with lice in the hair for three weeks is gross IMO. Also the worry of The lice respreading on the sheets, couches, and clothes would be too much of a worry for me.

Anonymous | 7:01 PM

I just happened upon this post last night while perusing Flipboard. I had already decided I was calling pediatrician today because we have been battling lice for over a month now. Each child has had at least 3 nix treatments. I had alo covered my son in Vaseline overnight. That was a pain to get out, but my daughter has down the back hair so I didn't try it. Anyways the doctor actually recommended this treatment so I just finished blow drying my daughter's hair. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. If I hadn't seen it last night I would have been hesitant about it but it is nice to know it worked for someone. If it doesn't work for us the next step is prescription medication so I am hoping.