TOTW: Lemon Loves Lime

Bo and Revi turned sixteen months on Sunday which means they've been out of my body twice as long as they were in it aka time flies and so do they which is appropriate considering the wings they are currently rocking as a fashion statement.
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My mom found these (Lemon Loves Lime) dresses on post-holiday sale-she-couldn't-help-herself and over the weekend they arrived by mail. And then I OMG'd for an hour, put them on the girls and fell over repeatedly for the rest of the day/weekend. Fable has a couple LLL pieces as well and they're magnifcent. (You can check out their Fall 2012 line, here, now on sale. You can google your favorite items to find them for purchase.)
To those who have recently asked where I shop for the kids' clothes, almost all of Bo and Revi's clothes are Fable's hand-me-downs and/or resale shop purchases. However! This site has really adorable things for girls and a few cute items for boys as well. Like this shirt for instance. I also love Misha Lulu forever and Target/H&M cannot be beat for little boy jeans. What about you guys? Where do you shop for your kids? What etsy stores and online shopping destinations do you recommend?



Billie | 6:09 PM

I love I've only found them in the past 2 months so can't truly speak to how well they hold up. But they're stuff is super cute, relatively affordable and after 2 months of minimum 1 wash per week (my girls world wear their stuff every single day!), so far so good. A dress with a skirt underneath? My youngest is in heaven! Plus, I live in Canada and they have a Canadian distributor, no duty at the border.

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

I have a 13 month old, where did you get the girls' boots from? They are adorable!!

Niki | 12:17 PM

My mother in-law is realy great at finding good deals at hand me down stores and restoring and adding something new to the clothing. They always look super after she is done with them. I am not sure what stores she goes to, i will have to ask her but i am sure that D.I is one of them.

S | 2:56 PM

For very basics, I'm a Kohl's and Target junkie. That way, if my kids destroy something with dirt or sauce or berries (they are fruit junkies and strawberry stains haunt me), I don't have to worry because it only cost me a few dollars. But about a year ago, I started finding awesome things for incredibly reasonable prices on zulily (for instance, my daughter's Christmas dress that retails for $60 only cost me $9 plus a flat shipping fee; her birthday dress was fun, unique, and only cost $12). Some brands I like there are Freckles & Kitty, Penelope Mack, and Baby Sara. I've got other alerts set up too, but the brands are escaping my memory right now. Point is that the brands vary, but for awesome kid style, I love me some zulily.