Milk + Bookies + Peter Rabbit

Have you ever heard of Milk + Bookies? I hadn't until a few weeks ago when I was asked to participate in the following event at a local Baby Gap. It's a fantastic charity for those among us who adore books and want to share the love of reading (and owning books) to people and places that cannot afford to maintain personal libraries of their own.

Pretty cool, right? Which is why I'm honored to be participating in the "bookraiser" event this Saturday. I'll be reading from Emma Thompson's new book "The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit" inspired, of course, by Beatrix Potter, of whom I am a MASSIVE fan.
(Fable, too.)

If you're local to LA/Santa Monica, please join me at the Baby Gap on Wilshire & 20th with your child(ren) and a gently used book or two to donate. There will be cookies on hand, family friendly activities and if you're in the mood, some shopping as well.