IMG_8192 Bo & Revi in the mirror

Bo and Revi have adopted a recent fondness of mirrors. Specifically putting hats on, wigs, headbands, anything they can drape over their heads and scampering over to the mirror to laugh at each other because YOU ARE SO FUNNY AND I AM SO FUNNY AND WE ARE SO FUNNY TOGETHER. And they are so funny together. They're the clowniest.
IMG_7085 IMG_7092 photo
This has little to do with this song of course but when I see them knocking their heads against the mirror together I think of their strange kind of mirror and how every day they spend in their side by side cribs and their side by side strollers and their side by side yoga moves is another day they become more learned as partners as well as people. Pretty incredible, that. 

152. Strange Kind of Mirror by: Birds & Batteries


Several of you have asked why the numbers on these posts. Here's what I wrote when I started with what I called "track tuesday" in 2009.  And why I kept going after track 100. Today's post is the 152nd track in an epic mix tape that is coming up on its fourth year in the making. I so appreciate when good music is passed on to me (many of you have sent me songs throughout the years, and I'm grateful) and the hope is that some of these songs make it onto your soundtracks as well. I also like that what started as 100 songs in 100 weeks is reaching toward 200 with no plans of stopping. No limits = lesson learned.