A Few Fave Finds for Back to School

The following post is sponsored by PayPal. I've teamed up with PayPal for the month of August to share back-to-school items from preferred retailers that I'm currently coveting or recently purchased. You can check out a few ways to save on them here and as always, you can pay for all of these items with PayPal online. (PayPal is my online shopping BFF.)

We just purchased this guitar for Archer and for the price, it can't be beat. It is the PERFECT first guitar for a child who is just learning to play. Highly recommended for those getting their kids going with guitar lessons.

I like to keep a few awesome things on my person as spontaneous gifts for the people I love and these are currently riding around with me in my purse. If/when any of my kids pierce their ears, I'll order them a pair of these for their first day because of course. 

I'm so in love with this I am tempted to buy it right this second. Except we don't have the trees to hang it from so I'm going to have to figure out how to rig this bad boy to make it work because I REALLY want the kids to have places all over the house (and yard) that are quiet and cozy for reading and this rainbow hammock is kind of perfection. 

Our kids attend a public school where they must wear "uniforms" except the navy/white uniform requirements are pretty lax. Dark denim is my go-to for Archer who lives in jeans most of the year. 

I just ordered these three dresses (above and below) for Fable because, like the jeans, they're uniform-y(ish) without being too uniform...y. (I'm constantly on the lookout for pieces that are fun and also navy and am stockpiling for the twins as well.) 


I love this bedding. It's happy and it makes me want to snuggle. 

Exile Vintage is one of my favorite Etsy shops. They have a super great selection of vintagecasual day looks for... back to school drop-off? Here are some of my favorite pieces currently for sale. #paypalit while they're hot, folks. 

We have a RVCA in our neighborhood and this is where I buy all of Hal's clothes. Here are a few tops I'm digging for Hal to wear to school pick-up. (On the days the big kids stay late for extracurriculars, Hal does school pick up.)

... and this RVCA Fedora ($44) for Mama, too (because several of you have asked for recs on hats and this totally goes with the Exile Vintage pieces above.) 


...I've pinned some of these items (and more) on the #paypalit - Back to School board and will continue to do so through August in case you're interested in following along. In the meantime, Happy Shopping, friends. 

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