Healthy Lunches, Party of Four

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As mentioned in Monday's post, packing lunches is my absolute least favorite thing to do in the world. Maybe because it's my last "mom duty" of the day and I ALWAYS put it off until it's like 11:59 and I'm half asleep in the fetal position under a chair I have just swept under (also last minute) and I'm like, "ohhhhhhh. I have to make lunches now."

And then I make lunches.

Which, once I get going, I kind of enjoy. A TINY bit. It's like a puzzle of nutrition. Tetris with whole foods. Last year I posted THIS about packing lunches for Archer and Fable and although we still eat similarly, I wanted to map out a typical night in the life of packing for four people----which I am about to do as soon as I finish this post.

Which I am about to do as soon as I finish this post. And then tomorrow night I will do it again. And the next night. And the next. And the next. (I also have the twins sleep in their clothes and make sure that Archer and Fable lay their clothes out the night before. Mornings are CHAOS but I have managed to get everyone to school on time all by myself, these last ten days and I am very proud of that action. Because it is not an easy task, I'll tell you what.)

Anyway, lunches...
photo 2
Let's start with the littles.

Bo and Revi must have THE SAME EXACT things in their lunch boxes or else chaos ensues. I have to literally count the berries or else "BO GOT MORE THAN ME" and "REVI HAD AN EXTRA RASPBERRY!"

I try to give them something different every day as a main course. For example, this was the menu last week:
"Baby guys"
This is a meal that Revi named and it's now what we call anything involving lentils. I buy them pre-made at Trader Joes (see above) and mix them up with quinoa, olive oil and a little seasoning.
For those who would rather buy pre-made quinoa, you can find these at Whole Foods. One bowl = three "baby guys" salads for my girls. 
photo 4 (97) Revi's Bento box from yesterday's lunch. Bo's looked exactly the same. 

Healthy Crackers and Hummus
photo 5 (78)
A few scoops of hummus and some crackers totally works as a main course.

Spinach Bolani
I wrote about Bolani in last year's lunch post and it is still a weekly staple in my kids' diet. (Mine, too). 

Raviolis/Bowtie Pasta

I make a giant pot once a week and pack them in all four kids' lunch as a main course every now and again. 

Hard boiled eggs.

Revi won't eat yolks so I just give her the whites. With a side of almonds, of course. Archer and Bo will eat the whole eggs. (Fable will not eat eggs of any kind ever.)

Which brings me to sides...

Sides always include almonds (and I'm not just saying that because this post is sponsored by almonds. My kids have always lived on them and so have I). I carry them around in my bag in case anyone is hungry, kids, friends, strangers. I find almond packs under my pillow sometimes (Revi) and in my shoes... I keep them in my car... it's hysterical. I am so down with almonds.

Every lunch also includes fresh fruit (berries, typically, or apples or the occasional peach) and fresh veggies--cucumbers and carrots are go-tos because they're easy to pack and easy to eat, but I also pack edamame, sugar snap peas and cooked broccoli.
And then there's the "snack" which is (99% of time) organic string cheese and a handful of crackers. The pecan almond crackers are literally the best crackers that exist, and again, I'm not just saying that because this is sponsored by Blue Diamond. I love them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The kids do, too. 
photo 3
For the big kids, I pack similarly to the twins, except Archer and Fable's main course is typically a sandwich. Archer is currently on a Turkey Sandwich + Garlic Mint Cheese Spread + mixed greens kick which I will post photos of now:
photo 4 (98)  photo 1
(On the weekends, Archer eats sardines for lunch like it's his job but we learned the hard way that they were not appropriate to bring to school.)
photo 5
Bo + Archer's fave.

Archer only eats strawberries, blackberries and raspberries for fruit so that is what he has every. single day. Fable will eat any fruit under the sun so I mix hers up with apples, peaches, blueberries and the occasional plum. Fable is pretty into boring sandwiches at the moment ie. yogurt cheese and bread with no hummus or anything that

Other extras include:

- artichoke hearts (the only other veggie Archer will eat besides cucumbers)
- goat yogurt from the farmer's market.
- Seaweed snack
- More almonds
- Almonds
- And almonds.
- Almonds.
What a typical lunch looks like for Archer & Fable. Includes snack. 
photo 4
And now I will close my computer and make all of these lunches I just wrote about. What about you guys? What do you pack in your kids' lunches? High five.

EDITED TO ADD: I use Goodbyn Bento Boxes and Rubbermaid Lunch Blox. (Both pictured above!)

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