Where there's a Will, there's a Wail.

Today on Mom.me, I wrote about tantrums and this photo, taken earlier this week was snapped just before a MAJOR meltdown that occurred during a battle of wills between Bo and me in which she decided she would ONLY wear shoes to school. Like, 100% NAKED. No diaper. No underwear. Just a pair of sneaks and that's it.. (ED: Bo is only wearing diapers to bed right now. Revi goes back and forth between diapers and undies depending on the time and the girls are essentially potty training each other which is amazing. More on that, later.)

The LOVE + LIGHT in this photo is LOL + WTF in reality because Bo sat there by the fence for TEN MINUTES battling my will with her own. It was a face off but I was going to win this one.


Except,  I didn't. Because Bo can call a bluff like no other and when I proceeded to load all four kids into the car (including her, naked) and she was TOTALLY cool with being naked in the car... going to school... naked. In sneakers... I realized that she was going to win.

"FUCK!" I proclaimed, in defeat.

"Fuck?" she repeated

"NO! Shhh... no! Fuck is a bad word! I said DUCK!"

"Fuck is a bad word?" she sweetly asked, completely naked with nothing but a backpack and a collection of angelic curls. "Duck says quack?"

And then I crumbled.

And Bo, apparently, feeling sorry for the fact that I was such a sore loser, followed the rest of us back inside and agreed to finally get dressed.


Anyway, today's MOM.ME post is about how everyone is an asshole sometimes, our children included.

You can read the entire column + comment with your tantrum tips, here. 

P.S. This is a picture that Hal took on his phone a few months back if anyone was wondering what a double meltdown looks like.
"Fuck this." - my face
Keep fighting the good fight, people. And please keep your ideas for future columns coming! Either here or in the comments of Mom.me.  Happy Fri!