My kids started school this morning and I have a slew of back to school posts I'll be rolling out these next few days but I wanted to take a moment today to pay my respects to Robin Williams. I posted this last night on Instragram after witnessing the changing of the marquee at The Improv here in Hollywood because the whole experience was too poetic not to share.

In the comments on Instagram it was mentioned that we didn't love him we loved his work. And I wholeheartedly (and respectively) disagree. For many the two are not mutually exclusive. For the great comics and the great actors and the great writers and painters and musicians, the work is beloved not because it is played precisely or written without grammatical errors, but because it murmurs with the depths of the human puppeteer. What made his "work" so great was that it was infused with human insignificance. Only the TRULY significant can approach that in a way that is genuine and beautiful and hopeful and REAL.

That's why we, as strangers, are so moved.

Because a friend is someone who holds up the mirror. In the flesh, yes, but also from the stage, from the screen, from the page, the sky...
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True comedy is such a commodity - it is the most underrated form of genius, perhaps. And also, perhaps the most misunderstood. To stand on a stage and deliver jokes to an audience of judges... to spin tragedy into comedy in such a way that reminds us of and also distracts us from our flaws... what more is there to ask of another? What bigger the gift?

I've spent a lot of time reading the various stories and tributes to Robin Williams. My friend Matty tweeted this last night and then I came across the image/words his daughter Zelda posted and then I found the Norm Macdonald stream and I'm just going to leave it here because it made me laugh and cry and think, Yes. This is why we're all so sad.

I laughed and laughed and it was like I was in a dream because no one else was there. No one. #RIPRobinWilliams
He angrily hung up on my friend and I was about to thank him when he said I hadn't even tried the jacket on. #RIPRobinWilliams
Then the funniest man on earth dressed me, a complete stranger, and i remember he ended with a windsor knot. #RIPRobinWilliams
When he left my dressing room, I felt alone. As alone as I ever remember feeling. #RIPRobinWilliams
...Because even though we didn't know him, this scene feels familiar. Like he was speaking yiddish to us, too.... a Jewish tailor taking all of our measurements with his invisible tape.

The place was out of Moo Shoo pork and there was nothing he could do about it. 

And that, of course, is what makes it hurt most of all.
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To those battling depression, my thoughts are with you. I'm sorry you are hurting and I'm sorry we operate in a world that stigmatizes mental illness, that calls suicide "selfish", that ridicules humans (especially men) for being empathetic and emotional creatures, and makes it extremely difficult for ALL PEOPLE (especially those who are not financially established) to get help. I don't have the experience from which to write on this subject but Jenny does so I'm just going to leave this here. Peace and light to all.