Wearing Things (and Giveaway)

Oh, hi. See these necklaces I am wearing above? They're pretty rad, right? Not quite as rad as my handmade stickered-sunglasses (see below) perhaps, but a close second.

And so. Today I am featuring some of my favorite handmade pieces by my friend, Lisa of Lab Designs and we're going to do us a giveaway. Because it's been a while and giveaways are the best. But first, a few accessories I am also enjoying this week. 

1. Foam Visors.
I forgot all about visors until recently when the kids started decorating visors at camp/school. This one is a Revi original. I also have one in red, purple and white. 

2. Sunglasses covered with stickers.
photo 4 (86)
This one is also a Revi specialty because she puts stickers on everything. (Do you ever see windows of "family cars" covered in stickers and think HOW THE HELL DID THE PERSON DRIVING THE CAR LET THAT HAPPEN? I used to but now I know exactly how that happened because I have a sticker bandit in my jurisdiction. Thankfully, I caught the minivanstickerwindow situation early and now forbid stickers of any kind in the car. The melted crayons in cup-holders are an entirely different story.

3. A body covered in stuff. 
The girls call this "getting Mama dressed for the ball" and it is indeed a BALL because I'm not allowed to move. This is as good as it gets.

For the last week I've been wearing these two amazing pieces by Lisa of lab / designs. One is two antique chains linked and it reminds me of my twins and the other is a hand pounded coin that looks like a tiny sun. All of Lisa's pieces are hand-made and one of a kind and these are some of my favorites. 
The Sutton (which I'm currently wearing.)
The Bexley (which I am also currently wearing.)
photo_1-2_copy_4 The Ramsgate
photo_1-2_copy_7 Copenhagen 

Lisa at Lab Designs is generously giving away one piece of jewelry, your choice. To win? Tell me what you're wearing.... or what you wish you were wearing. I am currently wearing cut-off jean shorts, a shirt with a horse on it and Fable's rainbow hat that we got at the fair. (But if I had my druthers and 7878997 dollars--and that bod--I would be wearing this probably. Just, you know, casually chilling in my cleav-bearing frock, typing on my computer machine.) I'll pick one winner next Wednesday, August 13th. In the meantime you can enjoy a 20% discount with code GGC20. Good luck and happy shopping!