12 Movies We Watched This Summer as a Family (And Liked. Mostly.)

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This summer we watched many family movies because that is what we do. Once a week we cuddle on a couch that is way too small for all of us and watch something we will (hopefully?) all enjoy.
The question is, what movie can ALL SIX of us watch and enjoy? And it is, indeed a question we ask ourselves constantly because family movies ARE NOT created equal. Frozen is an anomaly. So is Marmaduke. (We love Marmaduke.) And Sound of Music. And Ferris Bueller's Day off. Anyway, here is what we (for better, for worse) watched as a family this summer:

1. Pollyanna 
Pollyanna is my dad's favorite movie of all time which says pretty much all that needs to be said about my father, the optimistic physicist/background artist/rapper. I grew up with this film and we recently borrowed my dad's copy of the DVD and watched it as a family. (All four kids loved it. Especially the prism scene.) Pollyanna is rated G and full of wisdom and kindness and everything that matters. Definitely rent this one, team. Optimus Prime < Optimist Prime.

2. Rudy
I mentioned Rudy a few weeks back and I think I even mentioned its similarities to Pollyanna, so I'm listing these side by side because they would make a KILLER double feature. Rudy and Pollyanna speak the same language and had they been around at the same time, would have no doubt been the best of friends. I've seen Rudy 789798 times and it's always great. Classic family feel-good amazingness. Go, Team. 

3. Back to the Future
Back to the Future 01
We were worried this one might be too scary so we got it started when the twins were napping and then finished it during the day. Everyone was fine, however, including the little ones. However. I had forgotten how rapey some of the scenes in Back to the Future were and had a moment where I was like, "WTF IS THIS. I AM FAST FORWARDING THIS! CLOSE YOUR EYES!"... so, you may want to watch this one first or at the very least, have a conversation about HOW NOT OKAY it is to touch someone who is saying NO. Sheesh, Biff. You bastard.

4. Honey I Shrunk the Kids
This is a classic and was appropriate for all six of us to sit and watch as a family, which is what we did. The scene with the ant was a little tough on everyone and there are certainly suspenseful moments but all in all, this one rules. ED: The kids loved this so much, I agreed we could watch the sequel later that week... which was... uh... a mistake.

5. Honey I Blew up the Kid
This movie is absolutely terrible. Even the kids, who are pretty pumped to watch any/all movies said "that was one of the worst movies I have ever seen" when it was over. (It does have a few funny moments, though. But, I mean... so does Bambi.)

6. Three Amigos 
This movie is not for kids probably but I grew up watching it and it's one of my all-time faves. And, yes, there are guns, which I knew (obviously) going into the family screening of this film, but I forgot HOW gun-ish some of the scenes were until I was sitting on a couch surrounded by my kids, which... uh... oh. 

At one point, Archer whispered to Fable, "I can't believe Mom is letting us watch this," to which I tried to explain that THIS IS A SPOOF, ACTUALLY, SO... IT'S... HUH... OH. You're right. I am a total hypocrite.

So, OF COURSE the kids LOVED this movie. Fable was crying laughing when all of the animals started to sing along and Bo calls herself "The Three Amigos" even though she is actually "one person" and OH MAN, IT'S SUCH A CLASSIC, isn't it? It's really good. I don't know that I recommend it for young families but there you have it.

And this scene, well... this scene is for all ages:

Goodnight, Ned. (Cue shooting star.)

7. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead 
Everyone loved this one, too. It's PG-13 for language and everyone smokes and there's some sexual innuendo but other than that... ahem... hi. The thing is, I LOVE this movie. Sue Ellen is my hero and the way she rallies her siblings together to get the house in order for the fashion show is SO THE COOLEST. So what that there's some bad influences thrown into the mix. Everyone has their shit, man, and the good in this film FAR outweighs the "bad." To me, anyway.

8. Napoleon Dynamite
This one got an "eh" from our crew. Archer liked it. Fable couldn't care less and Bo and Revi watched the first five minutes and then fled the scene to play outside. That said, everyone DID reunite for the infamous dance scene and agreed unanimously that it was thumbsupawesome. 


10. Annie.
I could not dislike this movie any more. And I LOVE Carol Burnett. And I LOVE the music. But ugh, double up, ugh ugh on this story. Sorry, I know it's a classic but it gives me the creeps. Girl meets Daddy Warbucks, Girl loses Daddy Warbucks, Girl Gets Daddy Warbucks back and lives happily ever after as Little Annie Warbucks, billionaire. And I get that it's just Cinderella with better music, but I despise Cinderella as well. (I hope the remake  has a little more soul.)

11. School of Rock
I forgot how awesome this movie was. And that Sarah Silverman was in it. And that it's High Fidelity Jr except Joan replaced John and Jack Black... is... still the same... character.

ED: Revi NEVER sits still for movies and she watched/danced the entire thing. She also laughed at every. single. Jack Blackism. When the movie was over, all four kids grabbed instruments from the bin and rocked out like mofos and then later that night, Revi tried to bathe with a guitar. (School of Rock was Revi's favorite movie of the summer and maybe ever. Frozen permitting, obviously.)

12. Mrs. Doubtfire
I saved the best for last because of all the movies we watched this summer, Mrs. Doubtfire was the most unanimously beloved. It was also Archer and Fable's favorite. (Mine, too.)


What about you guys? What are some of your favorite family films? What did you watch/enjoy this summer?