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First of all, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. Here are a few photos I snapped of our weekend which ended up being a two day affair of family and balloons and bouncies and dancing over and over to "It Takes Two" because it really does take two to:

A. Make the thing go right and

B. Make it out of sight.
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Balloons are my kids' favorite things in the world (ED: for those of you in Los Angeles, the bouncer we rented this past weekend was SIXTY EIGHT DOLLARS including insurance! Tip is not included, however, and these guys deserve a fat tip, especially when it's 102 degrees outside. Yikes. Also, whoa, cheapest bounce house ever o'clock and this one even came with a full-on obstacle course and basketball hoop inside. Sweet!)
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Anyway, the weekend ruled. My parents were here and my grandparents and Nana and my grandma's triplet sister and her husband, my great uncle, and it was extremely hot and sweaty so we had a wet t-shirt contest and my grandma won.
photo 5

My mom won!


Nana won.

(JK, Hal won.)

photo 3

And here's a short montage of some of what went down later. #TwinLyf

(rocking out in the background credit: Hal)

214. It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ Eazy Rock

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