When I first saw this video, I thought about all of the things that happen when I'm asleep. Here in LA and around the world... stories happening on every block of every town, people in and out of windows, dumping buckets and opening doors, closing them, locking them, opening them... was this shot late at night or first thing in the morning? And what is this man doing playing his guitar against the window of a closed restaurant with chairs on the table? All these years later and La Blogotheque is still my favorite website on the Internet. Every video is magical and exciting and alive. Every performance is a buoy of hope and light. Even when I don't understand the words* of the songs... 

(Feel free to translate.)

212. Fazenda by: Rafael Castro 

Good evening to all. Or, if it's light where you are, good afternoon...

213. Sayonara Saigon by: Mikhael Paskalev (pssst... watch this, too.)


P.S. My friend, Amelia sent me this last week and you ought to check it out if you haven't already. It's absolutely wonderful and joyous and ALIVE.