Oh, HI!

So, we're in Hawaii right now which is insane. I didn't actually think this was happening in real life, which is why I didn't mention it until now because while I have been invited on exciting adventure-trips before, I have never been invited to bring my family. And this whole time I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop and it didn't.

And then suddenly it was Wednesday night and I realized I still had to pack for six people and then I freaked out a little bit and then yesterday, the six of us got on a plane c/o Toyota and flew to the big island of Hawaii, where I am currently surrounded by four children who want to go to the beach right now but it's 5:30am Hawaii time so maybe we should wait a little. (Although, maybe we shouldn't. Dawn patrol sounds pretty sweet.)
photo 3
Before I post some photos of what went down our first day, I just want to thank Toyota for an opportunity our children will remember for life. We went to Hawaii as a family when I was 16 and I always hoped to come back with my family someday and here we are and we're all reeling and pinching each other. (The flight from LA to Kona was a first in our family history that went off drama free. The kids were amazing and Hal and I kept nudging each other, like, can you even?)
ksdjh photo 2 hkuahds photo 1
I'll be checking out/test driving the new Toyota Sienna while I'm here and my family and I will be partaking in various activities around the island, and then, when the Toyota event ends, the six of us will be spending an extra couple of days exploring the island on our own. (I couldn't NOT extend the trip, right? I mean WE'RE HERE!)
photo 5 photo 5 photo 1
photo 5 photo 2
photo 5
Here are some photos from yesterday/last night and I'll continue to update on Instagram as well as GGC when I have the time and bandwidth to do so.
photo 3 photo 1 photo 3 painting coconuts by tiki
photo 5 photo 4
In the meantime, thanks again to Toyota, and thank YOU all for making this trip possible. I recognize that your readership is the reason that opportunities like this exist for our family and I'm so grateful. We all are.
photo 2
Mahalo to all... oh.