Tis the season to attempt to be superhuman, fail miserably and cry in our eggnog. (Let's not and say we did.) This week's post on Mom.me is a ten step survival guide for those of you/us willing to embrace the completely acceptable truth that we may never be that "holiday mom" and that's okay. It's hard enough being a mom during the holidays, amirite?

1. Avoid Pinterest at all Costs - I can't. I mean, I can't even. I mean, it's like...you know? I get so panicked looking at perfectly coiffed holiday decorations that I just want to... not hang holiday decorations. Which is convenient because I don't. And then I feel guilty because I grew up in a Christmas decoration explosion with Christmas lights around the windows and the whole nine. Guilt. Guilt. Guilty. Guiltness. So I stay away. I stay away from anything festive, beautiful, holiday-y, including websites that make me feel like a failure, people who make me feel like a failure, people in general and all websites. (Just kidding. I love people. And websites.)

2. Hire out the Kids - This is something I too often forget and is such a win/win for everyone involved. My older kids have become extremely helpful and able-bodied in their old age and can do almost anything I can... laundry, dishes... sweeping... For every hour I spend trying to figure out how to get family glamour shots taken for the Holiday card I will get around to sending in December, 2015, my kids could have already emptied the dishwasher and swept the hallway. WIN? WIN.

3. Do All Your Shopping Yesterday - Wait. You mean, you haven't EVEN STARTED!?? Who ARE you? YOU ARE THE WORST! I AM ALSO THE WORST! I HAVEN'T STARTED EITHER!? WHO STARTS BEFORE THE 17TH!?...

You can read the rest of my super helpful (not really) list about getting into the holiday spirit, here. And please (please!) feel free to add your insight, survival tips as well...

And while we're talking about survival guides... this DJ Earworm Mash-up doesn't hurt.

Cheers to all and a beautiful (low on the stress/high on the love) week...