"Let's choose us."

This week on Mom.me I wrote about Wednesday night and how, on the way to the black-tie "casino night" holiday party, we decided to flip a bitch and go our own way...

After ten years of marriage (next month) sometimes the only way to keep the fire burning is to go back to the early days and do it up like new. Date nights are one thing, but ditching the plan for the un-plan is equally important. It is for us, anyway. Getting in the car without a real destination... or, you know, changing it last minute...
And stumbling upon that little restaurant on the corner of the street was like stumbling upon the book of answers and realizing that (duh!) that shit's empty.

There are no answers.

We don't know where we're going to end up tonight or tomorrow or next year, but knowing that we can sit side by side and people watch together, rightnowinthisverymoment, well...  that's exciting.

So is the ever changing view.

(You can read the story in its entirety, here.)