Introducing Izzy & Ferd (and Giveaway!)

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Today on GGC, I'm excited to feature, Izzy & Ferd, a new (LA based) kids line for boys and girls to wear and share:

What I love most about Izzy and Ferd is how wearable their pieces are for boys AND girls... I love that they're clothes built specifically for play... for exploring... for washing 787897 times... for comfort and MAN, those prints... I want a jellyfish jumpsuit, man. (How sick would that be!?) 
Also, I love that they're made with love by local parents. Hi, local parents. Keep making things, please.
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P.S. The shirts the girls are wearing in the below photos are The Measure. They are the PERFECT sister and/or brother shirts (I have one, too. Because I like to match with my kids while they are small enough to think it's cool).
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Wherever you go, 
I go, my dear 
I carry your heart 
(I carry it in my heart) 
- e.e.cummings
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ED: The Measure is offering a 20% discount from now until Saturday 12/13 with code GGC20.
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Squid pants = Izzy & Ferd // Hawaiian dress = Kona Airport
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Izzy & Ferd have a $100 voucher up for grabs. (Winner will be contacted Monday, 12/15.) To win? Tell us about your dream adventure. Mine is to take the whole crew on an African Safari someday. I've also always dreamt of visiting the Galapagos... and Machu Picchu. And Marrakech. And everywhere else in the world...
photo 4-4 (In the meantime, though, home isn't so bad.)
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 Happy Tuesday, friends.