"Think of them. Heads up, eyes on the target. Running. Full speed. Gravity be damned." - Shonda Rhimes

The entire speech can be found here and I urge you to read it in its entirety. It's worth a dozen reads. Ten dozen! It's a masterpiece, truly, and made me feel such gratitude for the past, such excitement for the future, and such total empowerment for NOW. 

Shit has GOT to change, YES, but it's also important to pause and reflect on how much has. Great movement has been made -- an inch here, a mile there... and to walk this path, however rocky and jagged its edges, is to recognize those who have cleared the brush before us. Praise be to them. To everyone and anyone who has ever pushed and paved...

So, thank you, Shonda for your voice and grace. Your sisters may have held steady the bow, but your arrow is a force to behold -- a true bender and breaker and beam.