Don't be Rash + Winter Beauty Faves

Trusted for generations, Skinfix's award-winning products ensure head to toe happy and moisturized skin. Available exclusively at Target.


My original plan for this post was to do a "winter beauty rituals" post and include my favorite products. That was before I had actually used the product on a daily basis. That was before last week, when Fable broke out in a viral rash all over her legs and the witch hazel was not working to alleviate the sting. I then remembered that I had just purchased the healing balm for/via this post and decided to give it a spin.

Fable had been sick the week before and while she tends to have extremely reactive skin, this particular rash was on another level. (She had bruises from itching so hard, poor baby.) The stuff was magic. The itching went away and the rash soon followed.

ED: This is not a very glamourous post. Apologies. When I agreed to do this post it was because I have extremely sensitive skin (I am literally allergic to sun) and Fable, Bo and Archer do as well. Hal has to lotion up his feet every night before bed and wear socks because he has such issues with dryness so I was like, "Cool! Hook me up. We'll give this Skinfix a spin...fix."
photo 5
The Healing Balm also works on diaper rash, bug bites and eczema, which Archer and I are both prone to. It's wonderful. It soothes. It works. I'm in. Skinfix is available exclusively at my boyfriend, Target.
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And now, because I got a little TMI with the rash/hives thing, I am now going to make a list of my favorite beauty products for winter, which also happen to be my favorite beauty products for summer because, here in LA, the seasons do not change and it's all the same.

1. Skinfix (obvs) The every day lotion for every morning application, hands, arms and elbows especially and the repair balm for rashes and other skin ailments.
photo 3
2. PONDS - I have been using PONDS cold cream to remove makeup and keep eyes from drying out since I was twelve years old. My mom used it before me. And her mom before her and her mom and etc infinity. Anyway, there was never a time when PONDS wasn't in rotation with the Woolf/Welsh/Fisher-Smith women and I have absolutely no idea how I have three tubs of the stuff in my bathroom right now. Unless, Rachel, did you leave yours in my bathroom when you were staying here? Mom, did you leave yours, too? Because, uh, wtf? 
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3. Kinara Facewash - Hal got some free at work a while back and now I'm hooked. The only reason I know and use products other than soap and water to wash my face is because someone hooked up a free gift at some point. I think Ryan Seacrest is a fan of Kinara, therefore E! News got a stash of the stuff and Hal was able to take some home. Anyway, fast forward to all these years later and, hi, here we are. Thanks, Ryan Seacrest. 
photo 2
4. Amore Pacific Face Cream - One jug lasts 14 months. It smells like heaven and is a true dream come true on your face if you have combo skin like me. 
photo 3
4. 10 Bronzer (Benefit) - I'm actually currently out of this and it's really taken a toll on my whole way of being. Let this be my note to self to reorder. REORDER, SELF!
5. Burts Bees Lip Balm - Do I even need to explain? It's simply the beest. (I've been using the stuff since Jr. High when it only came in a tin.)
6. Pink Plaid lipstick: MAC - I like the color. It makes me smile.
7. Baby Powder for hair - I used to drop $20+ a thing on Dry Shampoo but now I'm older and wiser/more juvenile  and realize that throwing some baby powder against my roots/bangs is the same thing. So, yeah. Baby powder works wonders on hair that hasn't been washed in a few days. It's also 100 times cheaper to use than dry shampoo which is awesome but $$$$. 
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8. Beanies - I will wear a beanie every single day if the weather is cool enough (less than 75?) to pull it off. That way I don't even have to deal with bad hair days or unwashed hair being gross-looking or carrying around ponytail holders on my wrists...
(Sorry about the mirror, guys.)
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9. Jumpsuits - I have worn this NSF jumpsuit every other day for the last month. It is THE most comfortable thing I own and I find that not only can jumpsuits be worn with every single kind of shoe, jacket and accessory, they can also be worn without fear of discomfort for the extra pound or five that may or may not have been put on over the holiday break. (My jeans are not my favorite things to wear at the moment, ahem.) I also feel very cool and slightly tough when I wear them. 
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What about you guys? What are some of your go-to winter beauty items? Are they different from summer beauty items? I'm especially interested in hearing from people with highly sensitive skin. High five, fellow sensitive skinners! High (moisturized) five.