Game On. (Game On!)

photo 1 all aboard the merry-go-round!

Today on I wrote about feeling totally overwhelmed with the whole "coming back to earth after break" thing which I feel like is a pretty common scenario many of us suffer from this time of year. I think? I certainly do. So does Hal. And the kids.

Every year I forget that January is just as overwhelming as December but, you know, without all the chocolate. And gingerbread. And gingerbread spiced lattes.

The (big) kids have been home all week from school and our Internet was down for two days so I've been shlepping the kids to coffee shops in order to get the various things off and running. Like "gotta publish a post! Let's go get... a hot chocolate at the cafe up the street with wifi!" and then, you know, "Gotta email a word doc! Let's go... back for more hot chocolate!"
I always say I look forward to January, and the whole getting back into the swing of things thing and then January comes and it's like, "Wait. How do I get on the swing again?"

January is December's hangover. And all week I've been searching for the Aleve.

Game on. (Game on!) More, here...