The Month in Moments: June

I'm usually a big fan of Junes but this one was a bit of a sun-blocker. A menace. A pill. A bomb disguised as a Goodyear blimp...
IMG_0323 IMG_4621
It was also joyous and full of love and light and magical moments and times with loved ones. Lots of family time. Lessons learned. Changes in the pH balance of our lives.... I turned 34, which seems like an insignificant number in the scheme of ages, but something shifted in me the morning I woke up. Something inexplicable and effective. New days of new years (and new months) come with fresh-paged journals and I am always grateful for that.
IMG_2888 IMG_4350 IMG_4543 IMG_4652  IMG_3372 IMG_2233_2 IMG_4622
IMG_4537 IMG_4540 IMG_4373 IMG_3510 IMG_3721 IMG_4654 IMG_4541 IMG_4538 IMG_4434 IMG_3176 IMG_3177_2 IMG_3190_2 IMG_2562 IMG_3274_2 IMG_2372 IMG_4349 IMG_4429IMG_4635 IMG_4636
IMG_2437_2 IMG_3173
IMG_2129 IMG_2234_2 IMG_3343 I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. May your Julys be full of adventures. And wishes made with the ones you love. 
IMG_3504 IMG_3505 IMG_3506