"I don't cook," I said, while effortlessly crafting a platter of calzones

The following post was sponsored by Blue Apron. Thank you for forcing me to cook, Blue Apron! You are my hero! Even though sometimes I feel the need to hide from your boxes when they appear on my porch.
This month, Blue Apron sent me two boxes worth of dinners. Three of those dinners are included in today's post. (The fourth we were unable to get to because of an out of town voyage. So! We froze the chicken and are hoping the produce is still fresh upon our return this weekend.)

First up, we have Chicken Paillards and Fresh Linguine with Summer Squash and Cherry Tomatoes...
1. I am now a food stylist:
IMG_4548 Meet Tim, our Dinner. 

2. This recipe instantly excited me because it included the kind of chicken I am REALLY good at cooking now AND I knew it would make for a delicious vegetarian dinner as well. Here's what it looked like putting it together ready go: 
IMG_4550 Sorry, Tim. I had to do it. 
IMG_4551 IMG_4552 IMG_4554 IMG_4557 My meal, sans chicken 
IMG_4555 Hal's meal, con chicken

I typically serve my kids their meals so that all. of. the. foods. are. separate. and. not. touching. because. (and maybe it's just my kids) I have found that children hate when, say, chicken touches pasta... even if it's supposed to be chicken pasta. (ED: We are at the point where we now have 798789789787 tiny bowls for berries and veggies so that THE CUCUMBER DOES NOT TOUCH THE MACARONI OH GOD WHY DID IT TOUCH?  IT TOUCHED, MOM! IT TOUCHED AND NOW I WILL NEVER EAT AGAIN! AHHHHHHHH!) 

Because. In the words of the late 20th century poets known as Offspring, "You got to keep it separated." (Hey. Come out and play.)

Anyway. This is what the kids' plates looked like. Plain pasta. Salad. Chicken on the side. 
ED: Bo doesn't care if food touches other foods. She's my garbage disposal kid. She eats everything. Even arugula that has touched a piece of pasta. 
IMG_4558 (This meal was my favorite, by the way.)
IMG_4545 Thanks for the memories, Tim. 

For Meal #2, another delicious ensemble. May I introduce, Spring Strozzapreti Pasta with Butter Lettuce Salad, Voila: 
Annnnnd, here's this fancy shot:
IMG_4549 And some prep...
IMG_4560 And some cooking:
IMG_4562 And BAM! I made this!
IMG_4565 (So good.)
Lastly, we have calzones, which were the most fun to make and now I feel like I want to start making calzones because I am REALLY good at making them now. (With ready-made dough and all the ingredients.)
I mean, they were SO delicious and even Revi devoured her ENTIRE calzone (including veggies) which is pretty major stuff. Here is what the making-of looked like:
IMG_4113 salad, fresh mozzarella, basil + chopped zucchini 
IMG_4114_2 tomato sauce (made with zucchini)
IMG_4116 IMG_4117_2 I mean... look at these beauties! COME ON NOW!
IMG_4122_2 IMG_4120_2
And now I am starving.
Thanks again for sponsoring this post, Blue Apron! Please put me down for the Mozzarella and Barley stuffed Zucchini and the Black Bean and Red Quinoa Enchiladas next time. Also the Spring Pea Gnocchi. And, like, 789782 other things.


And for those of you who want to give Blue Apron a whirl, you can click here to get two meals off your first Blue Apron order. (First 100 readers only.) ENJOY and big love to all!


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