Warwick, New York ----> Maine

Tracks... the light at the end of the hall Skipping Rocks feets The View from Mt. Peter Untitled Following Hal through his childhood
Tonight we're heading out to Maine. It's going to be a haul and we'll be driving all day tomorrow as well, so I thought I'd check in with some of my favorite photos from our last three days in Warwick (it has been BEAUTIFUL and so beyond lovely here) before I disappear for a few days.
One Shoe
Popsicles Untitled Gardening at Dusk Girl on the Bridge before Ice Cream O'clock
Issacson Bound IMG_5914
ED: Where we're going in Maine, there is no Internet. Or electricity. Or indoor plumbing. Or running water. Or shoes. Or socks. Or problems. Just kidding. We will be wearing shoes. And of course there will be problems.
into the woods Revi on the Rock
Fable and Firefly Untitled up and away... Out of the Woods fireflies chasing fireflies *** Revi to Bo Bo to Revi IMG_6231-1 IMG_5917
Over the next few days, I'll be posting some old standby posts from yesteryear(s) and I'll check in early next week with an update on the great off-the-grid experiment I am very much looking forward to experiencing. Until then, I hope everyone is having a beautiful week. Much love to all.
Reverie Run