Elections are for Everyone

This week on Mom.me, I was asked to write down a list of reasons why women, mothers specifically, should WANT to be involved in this election's proceedings. Apparently there has been some discourse on the Mom.me Facebook page about "NO POLITICS! STICK TO PARENTING!" which, okay, cool. I get that there is a time and a place for politics but, also? Really? Are we that short-sighted? Do we not see that VOTING and ELECTING a government that RECOGNIZES our needs as women and mothers is INTEGRAL in our experience raising our children? 

No offense to those who would rather NOT DEAL but SHIT IS GOING DOWN, you guys. It always has and it always will and that is ALSO important to recognize because YES, WE ALL HAVE A SHITLOAD OF SHIT on our plates. And some of that shit? Is awesome, beautiful, INCREDIBLE shit. And some of it is just shitty and TIME WE HAVE NO TIME THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME.

However. There is a world outside our homes. And neighborhoods and I believe that as parents it is our moral obligation to stay informed, to have an opinion and to converse intelligently about all the things.

Also, I hate the idea that "PARENTING" and "POLITICS" are to be washed in separate cycles as not to bleed all over one another. Because, here's the thing. They should. They SHOULD bleed all over one another...

... As citizens of this country and parents to future citizens of this country, engaging in respectful debate, listening to other points of view, paying attention to what is happening in the world is crucial to building a better one.

And if you're still not convinced, here are 7 reasons why you should care about this and ALL elections.

You can read my entire post, here...