Girls by Girls

First of all, hooray for girls! Specifically, for-girls-by-girls photography collectives like Girls by GirlsIt's Me and You and Teen Vogue's new Girl Gaze Project, (which you can read more about here/follow on Instagram, here.)

I was first introduced to Girls by Girls through this piece by Maddie Crum on HuffPo and I've been following founders, Ashley and Ophelie ever since.  IMO the teen girls and young women of today represent the ULTIMATE in squad goals and I am SO excited for my girls to have so many INCREDIBLE role models as they come of age. Because while "perfect images on social media" are TOTALLY a thing, so are collectives like Girls by Girls and The Girlfriends Gallery, which yes. 

I love that movies like The Diary of a Teenage Girl are being made. And Girlhood. I love that it was Kiersey Clemons that stole the show in DOPE. Oh and P.S., Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was my #1 favorite movie of 2015. In fact, ALL OF THE ABOVE were my favorite movies of 2015. (Youth, too. I LOVED Youth.)

via Girlhood, currently streaming on Netflix. 

Via the aforementioned HuffPo piece:

“At first it might be shocking, but then through exposure it becomes normal,” Armitage said in an email describing her work, which currently lives only on social media, although she plans to put together an “IRL” show in the future. Last year, she took her project a step further by kicking off a collaboration with another young woman photographer, Ophelie Rondeau. The two met on Instagram, and decided to start a collective where only photos of girls, taken by girls, could live.

"...Girls by Girls, is a mashup of the pair’s own photos displayed alongside submissions, which they aim to keep as diverse as possible in terms of expertise, orientation and race... “I’m trying to show that being ‘beautiful’ does not mean being white, thin and cis-gendered.”
For more on Ophelie, Ashley and Girls by Girls go here, here and here. LAWLESS over FLAWLESS. Keep on, ladies.
Phoebe by: Stefanie Bonnefoy