Thursdays and Saturdays

Growing up, we all played a sport. And an instrument. Some of us did theatre, too. Some of us took dance. I don't remember after school extra-curricular life being particularly hectic, but then, I wasn't the one shlepping everyone from hither to thither and back. That? Was my mom.

Fast forward to present day life.

Sundays: the twins have gymnastics.
Mondays: Archer takes guitar (and Fable and I have alone time).
Tuesdays: Fable has dance after school (and Archer and I have alone time).
Wednesdays: Archer and Fable have play practice.
Fridays: Hebrew School

And Thursdays and Saturdays are wide open.

They weren't always, though. There were a couple weeks when every. single. day was accounted for. Archer and Fable started piano lessons AND were ALSO doing theatre on Saturdays. Which was too much. Financially and also just... time wise. Like, what the hell is happening? How did we book so much shit? OH, RIGHT. There are four children. Who all want to do things. And there are only seven days in the week. And two parents... 

You can read my post in its entirety, here. Cheers to a relaxing (ha) weekend, everyone!