What walks on two legs in the morning, grows an entire pant size by noon and is impossible to shop for?

This week on Mom.me, I wrote about the great drought of tween boy clothing items. 

In the last few months, my 5th grade son went from can-totally-shop-in-the-kids-section to... uh... wait... where-the-hell-do-we-shop now?

Archer is tall for his age and going through a growth spurt as most children at this age do. He put on three inches and 15 pounds since the summer, which, I mean... pants have no chance in this house. One pair of jeans in particular he only wore once because... he grew. Overnight. Literally.

That is a thing that happens to children at this age. You're like, "Goodnight!" to your little baby boy and in the morning, you wake up to a man with a mustache.

(We recently watched BIG with the kids and I was like, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT FEELS LIKE LATELY. JOSH!!!)


Archer's going to be 11 in May and wears a size 7 shoe and a size ? in clothes. And, yes, the question mark is legit because we just had to get rid of all of his 11-12 pants because they no longer fit him and when I went to go get him size 13s, all of those were too big so I ended up getting him MORE size 11-12s because... well... what else could I do? Except that I just got rid of his OTHER size 11-12s which didn't fit him anymore and I don't even know what's going on...
Archer wearing GAP jeans (the first/last day he wore them because... growing)

...I do know that for the last ten years, Archer has been perfectly fine with me purchasing all of his clothes for him. In fact, he's URGED me to do the shopping for him, shopping is the worst, Mom, come on...  And now? He has to come with me/try things on/say "this is the worst" 678798 times before settling on something that is "FINE. Can we just get out of here?"

You can read my entire post, here. 


And for those with boys this age, WHERE DO YOU SHOP?