Things I Love for Me and Us: February

tumblr_n37toc3Ool1twrv77o2_500 Scott Wolf, Party of Five! BROAD CITY is BACK! 

I forgot to do this last month. And also the month before. Okay, so I've only done one of these before but I'm going to do another one. Right now. Go team. So, without further ado, these are things that I currently love. 

1. Wear, for me: 
Kelly Teegarden Lip Gloss
(in Amber Simply Naked)
Not only is this lip gloss my favorite in all the land, it also has a mirror AND AN LED LIGHT. Like ON THE LIPGLOSS. So you can gloss your lips in the dark on a deserted island and THEY WILL LOOK FUCKING FLAWLESS. It's the Macgyver of lip-glosses, people. Get you one of these. 

2. Osborn Shoes
I purchase, on average, one new pair of shoes a year. I used to be VERY EXCITED about shoes but now I don't give two damns so long as I have 1. A pair of black heels that are somewhat comfortable-ish 2. A pair of black moto boots 3. A pair of flip flops 4. A pair of brown oxfords 4. A pair of sneaks. Because, that's really all a girl needs these days. HOWEVER.  I am currently sporting my second pair of Osborns (first pair is made out of cork, no longer available to buy) which look fantastic with jeans, long dresses, short dresses, shorts, pajamas, nothing but a smile, etc. 

Anyway. Check out their site. Dig their stylish eco-friendly ways. 

3. Members Only Jacket(s)
My most prized sartorial possession these days is my Members Only Jacket that I got for $20 on a Melrose Blvd sale rack. I get more compliments on this bad boy than I do on any other item. You should totally buy one and then we can all be Members Only together!

P.S. This pink one is radical. Like your ideas.


1. Wear, for them: 
Costumes at Chasing Fireflies on super sale
My girls wear costumes as every-day clothing so, if I'm not purchasing their clothes on consignment, I'm purchasing their clothes, here. For example this birdcage gown is on sale right now for $30. I recently bought the same one for Revi and this Chess Queen gown for Bo. Dig it. 

Read, for me: 

I would actually LOVE some recommendations from you guys. Fiction, specifically, which I would like to do more of in 2016 which is, like, already halfway over. What books are blowing your mind right now? 

Read, for them:

This month I consulted Archer and Fable on their current faves and this is what I got:

Archer (who is in 5th grade) 
would like to recommend two books:


Fable (1st grade) would like to recommend:
(She has read the entire series thus far and is pacing around the house for the next book which cannot come fast enough...)

TV for us

Broad City is back (see above) so nothing else really matters.

Except Animals which is REALLY funny and well done.
And Baskets which is fucking GENIUS and odd and fantastic and genius.

TV, for them: 
Project Runway Jr.

I know. This show is over now BUT IT WAS SO GOOD. Did you guys watch it? Did you guys love it? I wasn't so sure a show that pitted children against each was a good idea but I was blown away by the love and support the kids showed one another (they were FAR more mature than any adult contestants I've ever seen which was FASCINATING) not to mention the TALENT level which, WHOA! We really enjoyed watching the show as a family and can't wait for it to come back.


What about you guys? What are your recommendations for watching, reading, wearing, playing, eating, doing, seeing, etc-ing? What are your latest and greatests for February?