GGC Recommends... Dogs

Archer doesn't go anywhere without his dogs and neither should you. This week GGC recommends the four-legged friend. They entertain. Babysit. Change diapers and can be saddled and ridden like horses. Beat that!

And Remember that different breeds have different benefits:

Boxers for Kisses:

Boston Terriers for Perspective:

GGC: (Reason #413 Why I prefer manual photography to digital.)
I take pictures every day with my good ol (seemingly obsolete) Canon Rebel.


Anonymous | 5:30 PM

Great photos! I love kids and pets.

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 6:15 PM

Too fa-reakin' cute.

Chris | 6:43 PM

Kickin' it old school with the Rebel (Can't say much, I don't even know what brand of camera our 35MM is). Pics look great!

Anonymous | 7:01 PM

GGC, we have the same dog... and I have to agree on the kisses part.

Alisyn | 7:56 PM

I concur. Kid/s + dog/s = good times!

A lot of work, but a lot of love, too. Dogs rule.


Yes to my dog-lovers, boxer-owners, pet-human caretakers and manual cam-appreciataz.

fist to the chest ma peepz.

Mrs. Blue | 8:45 PM

I am in love. What cute babies, all of them. Canine cuteness is a close second to tiny human cuteness. Great share!

musicmantra | 12:49 AM

awww love the pics.. your sun + cute dogs = awesome pics

Anonymous | 4:36 AM

Okay, f'n cute. Especially the damn hats.

Kimmy | 6:16 AM

Too cute! I love the pictures! (and agree...nothin' like 35mm pictures!)

We have a Fox Terrier, Snickers. I alway point out long lost cousins to her :p

Ex-playgroup mommy | 6:47 AM

Great pictures! Archer is a cutie. Congrats on being member of the week. Great blog!

Jess Riley | 1:12 PM

Wow...fantastic photos! We've got a terrier for perspective, too. ;)

Mom101 | 7:52 PM

Ridiculously cute baby + ridiculously cute dogs = cheating. Try posting a photo of a butt-ugly kid sitting alongside some road kill and see how many responses you get then, Missy! (Congrats on blog o' the week. Well-earned.)

Anonymous | 8:53 PM

I joke that my own baby is co-parented by my dog. He's great at cleaning off the baby's face. Nothing is more adorable.

Anonymous | 9:17 PM

I hear they also eat food flung from the highchair, thus preventing you from having to clean it up.

we so need one of those.


Wow! All of these new peeps. Thanks for commenting. I'm excited to be introduced to all of these new, wonderful blogs.