GGC Recommends: Lullabies for Sleepy Babies and Parents

We have a teeter on our hands. Two little teeth have pushed through the skin, which explains the temper tantrums, all-night slumber parties as of late. Poor wittle buggy-woo wee wombat.

Beside the dogs, the only thing Senior Arch is responding to is music, so we have been blasting everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Mirah to Warrant. The kid dances, chews empty strawberry boxes and the GGC house is happy.

I digress. Today's GGC recommendation is another bedtime CD for sleepy families and one of Archer's favorites. This CD is beautiful and soothing and everything the Baby Einstein CD's are not: appealing to the ears. (Is it just me or do Baby Einstein CD's sound like the slaughter of elephants?)

You can also check our the Brisa baby catalogendorfer. All sorts of fun for little ears! Buy it here.



Anonymous | 6:52 PM

I loathe baby einstein - not only is it ridiculous - but it's so ridiculous I feel as though I should have invented it.

Anonymous | 3:52 AM

Baby Einstein's Language Nursery made my son begin his talking phase in different languages. STEER CLEAR. Darn that Julie Aigner-Clark. What was she thinking? We had to go to freakin speech therapy!

Anonymous | 10:14 AM

One of the show series my son loves is the HBO Classical Baby series. He loves those and I love listening to/watching them because it's basically classical music pieces with cartoons and art. But the most amazing thing to me is how much he immediately calms down and just sits and watches them when they're on. You should try them!

The Baby Einstein stuff does nothing - besides make me want to claw my eyes out.