Chapter Eight: Impromptu Readings, Four Legged-Friends

This is one of the reasons it took BMC and me eight hours to get to Vancouver instead of three:

Sadly, no books were sold after this particular reading but we did pick up some Raising Alpaca literature from the main-desk of the farm. A fair exchange if you ask me.



Backpacking Dad | 12:44 AM


Why am I still awake?

Oh yeah. Because I'm sitting here waiting for more updates from you. Or, possibly, catching up on "The Office".

Note to NBC: In HD, everyone on the Office looks like a burn victim.

Gina | 8:27 AM

That was awesome!

You crack me up, GGC!

Anonymous | 10:22 AM

You. Are. Killing me. So funny. COME EAST!!!! :)

nonlineargirl | 1:31 PM

Here's hoping the portland reading has a lower llama to people ratio.


True that.

Mrs. Cline | 6:35 PM

hilarious! my husband doesn't understand why i'm laughing so much. thanks for the chuckle, and sorry no sales at this reading.

Anonymous | 9:36 AM

Those alpacas were riveted! Up until you started dissing on the hollowed out tree chairs and nannies... I think were offended by the critique of their opulent lifestyle.

Jillian | 6:44 PM

Did you buy an alpaca? I bet Archer would like an alpaca! :)

Stefania/CityMama | 9:28 PM

Those alpacas, alpaci? were totally eating that up. They were hanging on your every word.


Maternal Mirth | 1:08 PM

You look FABULOUS as a llama ... but then again you *would*.

Unknown | 10:12 AM

OMG...hilarious! Best. Reading. Ever. Oh, and I tagged you for a Meme on my blog--'cause, you know, I know you don't have enough on your plate right now. :) XOXOXO