Lodi, Dodi, We Likes to Potty

potty animal 1.0 (we'll get to the 2.0 soon... hopefully)

I've spent the better part of the last two weeks on the toilet and not because I have to go to the bathroom. 

Ah, yes. Welcome to potty-trainingsville, where it's wet and the washing machine is always rockin' and it's probably not a good idea to walk around barefoot (or in socks). Enter with caution, people. (And platform shoes.) You never know what kind of tiny puddles might be lurking in the shadows...

More on potty-training, here. 



Whit | 10:05 PM

...rappin' on the mic, uh, oh, there's goes my body,
I'm just a man with lots of class
and we eat a lot of beans I have to pass gas...

don't make me growl like a bear!

Jonathon Morgan | 5:16 AM

Good luck. Potty training was so scary I actually thought I'd prefer diapers -- but IT RULES not having to change them.

Summer | 7:17 AM

Oh how fun. I'm about to start with #2. Fear the smell of pee everywhere.

Unknown | 8:22 AM

Oh, how I remember those days clearly.
Have fun- ha!

Fraulein | 10:21 AM

My Peanut is 3 and a half and she is just now reliable on the potty with #2. She got the pee thing down ages ago but poop took a lot longer. Good luck!

Ivy | 2:21 PM

Ummm, that is the one thing I'm so not looking forward to...potty training! Good luck and may your floors/shoes stay dry :)!

Maternal Mirth | 9:06 AM

TIP FOR BOYS: Cheerios in the Potty. Makes for some aiming fun.

I also had a bowl of M&M's and a hotel desk bell in the bathroom. For any bathroom milestone (#1 or #2) my son got an M&M. For #2, tho (which tends to be trickier for some reason) he got to ring the bell.

And *that*, lemmetellyou, is some motivation for the under 4 crowd!

Anonymous | 12:34 PM

I'm dreading it to. Benjamin used the potty once and it was so disgusting ... wrote an entire post on it actually because I found a potty training urinal! A urinal! Check it out:


tricia | 6:26 PM

fun ain't it! we started when the boys(twins) turned 3(aug 23, 2007) and 2 weeks ago they are finally fully trained. i never believed it would happen but it does and i am delirious. he's a smart little dude hopefully it's all over soon.

Anonymous | 4:36 AM

Nice pictures! Good luck with the potty training. When it's finished, you will be so relieved:)

Anonymous | 6:25 AM

We had a tee-tee celebration last night..our 2yr old actally tee'd in the potty for the first time (after a month of sitting on it and not doing squat! Sometimes he wouldn't even take off his freak'n diaper - and sometimes I was too busy moving bathtime along to make him ..shh)

It's a time of transition for sure.