Epiblogues: Making Wishes

No words.



Backpacking Dad | 11:26 AM

Easy to love that one.

Anonymous | 11:30 AM

awww. :-)

Anonymous | 11:45 AM

Too cute! Happy Birthday Archer!!

Miss | 11:47 AM

Holy cow. My overies just did a flip.

Mama | 12:31 PM

I think a good healthy cry at 230 in the afternoon won't hurt me. I needed that pick me up. Thanks! Happy Birthday Archer Dude!!

Lisa Dunick | 12:42 PM

How sweet!! Happy Birthday to Archer!

And I'm so glad you liked the review :)

Rachael | 12:58 PM


Binky | 2:20 PM

U can't help smiling while watching that.

Mrs. Cline | 6:44 PM

happy birthday to archer!

Anonymous | 6:45 PM

Dude! We have that same sippy cup!

The excitement of little ones is so awesome. So by that candle count, he's what, 27? :-) I love that you just made it the most flamin' awesome cake ever.

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous | 7:23 PM

Can I have him?
Just for one day?
He is too adorable!!!
Happy Birthday, Archer! Hope being 3 is the coolest thing yet!


Ha! Totally! I figured, dude loves candles so why cheat him out of fire? Three candles just won't do. Wishes are better made on torched cakes, me thinks. Hee.

Anonymous | 7:57 PM

haha :) I was just going to say, that kid has FAR too many candles. that's cool of you to say what the hell and give him an entire flamethrowing cake :)

Anonymous | 8:07 PM

HB to Archer. You know it's a special day when you get to spit on a cake and make everyone else eat it. :)

Unknown | 8:18 PM

He's so wonderful...I am feeling sad because I miss having a child...my adult grandchildren are not reproducing for some reason.
Thank you so much for sharing your joy.

Anonymous | 8:24 PM

So sweet!!!

Anonymous | 10:30 PM

Very cute!!

On a more serious note, I know you were disillusioned with speech therapy, but Archer seriously needs some help with his articulation (speech) as well as his language -- what he's trying to say. He really should have a psych eval through the Regional Center, too. Can you hook back up with them? Or take him to the school district, since he's now 3?

Sorry to harsh on your party, but the little guy needs help. Keep looking!!


Dear concerned anonymous person -- Archer was tested for speech, psych and every other test imaginable several weeks ago (his three year evalus and because he's graduated from Regional Center to School District.) He passed everything with flying colors and is now starting one day a week at speech therapy (that was the only recommendation from specialists) as well as going to school full-time. If you read this blog you will know that Archer has struggled with his speech since the beginning but has made VAST progress. He has gone from one word sentences to three, four and even five word sentences in a matter of weeks and is kicking fucking ass I might add. I appreciate your concern and so you know, I am very aware of what Archer does and doesn't need help with. He's exactly where he should be FOR HIM right now and I'm excited to watch him progress and will continue to support his pace in doing so.

Anonymous | 3:42 AM

So lovely- what a happy little boy (with a gorgeous voice btw- speaking and singing). I'm not an habitual commenter on any site- but that child's cuteness demands comment!
I love the way Archer initiated the singing for "happy birthday" himself.

Heidi | 5:45 AM

I just love how excited he got, and his singing along is truely adorable!

Anonymous | 6:52 AM

Gotta love a little boy who loves birthdays! Loved the "spitting on the cake" comment above. I never thought of it that way, but makes sense!

Many, many more Archer!

Anonymous | 7:16 AM

I read your book and love it!!!As a special ed teacher I think Archer is doing great!!! How smart that he initiated the singing himself...you have done all the right stuff for him. Just enjoy his new found sentences and relax and enjoy ARCHER!!!
By the way I have shared your book with many friends, everyone loves it.

Amanda | 9:20 AM

Dude...wtf is with anonymous' little "concerned about Archers speach" bull?!
First of all, from reading Rebecca's blog, you would be able to tell Archer has grown leaps and bounds as of late with his speach. Kids just need to do things at their own pace. Fuck charts and percentiles.
As someone who's had a brother with ADHD and helped with special needs children of all ranges, I know personally that things take time and more importantly patience and care. Something Rebecca knows as well, as you can see with Arch's progress.
Sorry if I sound defensive. I just hate when people assume something is wrong with a child without knowing them or being there.
And Rebecca, you are the most awesome mom I can think of! Once again giving me inspiration, laughs, and hope. And if you can do that for some 20 year old, then Archer must be truely blessed!

Love to you all!

Anonymous | 9:58 AM

It's amazing to me to witness some people's distorted interpretation of 'their business'..I've met you before 'anonymous' lady..weren't you there to ask about my son's excema in your super concerned voice as if I (the one who gives him a bath and changes his diapers) hadn't noticed it? Weren't you there to frown and push the issue when I quickly rinsed out the bottle one day instead of thoroughly washing it with antibacterial palmolive? Weren't you the one that gawked at us in Old Mexico for letting little bit eat chips and salsa at (what you thought was) too young of an age?

Matter of fact..uh,Mama? Is that you? I didn't know you could blog..oh lord

excuse me, I need to go erase my blog now.


I really do love you people. Thank you.

BabyonBored | 12:16 PM

So cute. Ridiculously cute. yay!

Anonymous | 3:42 PM

I am glad to see I'm not the only mom with the "you are special" plate.

Heather | 4:02 PM

My heart just exploded and he isn't even mine!!! When he cheered after blowing out his candles...oh the cuteness.

Haley | 4:12 PM

I just found your blog, and I must say I instantly fell in love with your kid. He's so precious! He makes me want to trade in my day job of working with "I'm on a hormonal roller coaster...please, somebody let me off!" seventh graders to work with the little ones! I can't wait to read more!

Anonymous | 7:52 PM

:) :) :) :) :) :)

love you guys.

S.T. | 8:51 PM

Awww...he's so precious. Happy Birthday Archer!!!

Turnipheadedness | 7:55 AM

Archer is such a gorgeous boy - and happy birthday to him!

I've recently decided to un-lurk after finding your blog whilst I was pregnant with my son. Your words have given me courage that actually I might be able to do this - you have made me laugh and cry (though I'm blaming the hormones, of course).

Oh, and your book arrived on my doormat this morning. I will be delving in as soon as the boob monster releases me.

gwendomama | 1:19 PM

i am tearing up here woman. he sounds just like my little hard-at-speech-therapy working guy.
not three yet.
and hoping he can sing to himself as impressively as Archer can.