Chapter Seven: Maple (and other) Leaves

At Sophia books, Vancouver with my old friend and brilliant artiste, Richard Winchell

My first trip to Vancouver and man, was it cold. Cold and beautiful. I've lived in Southern California pretty much my entire life so these past few weeks have been nippy for me and my one and only pair of boots I brought with me. Apparently I forgot that the pacific northwest isn't exactly hot this time of year. My sandals and sundresses have not quite sufficed.

I've looked like an asshole pretty much since I landed in Oakland almost two weeks ago. And especially in Vancouver where the skyline is snow-capped and I'm tripping around in chiffon and sandals, freezing my fetus off.

Being pregnant in Vancouver is kind of a buzzkill. Literally. My companion and I spent some quality time in the local smoke-marijuana-legally-kinda-cafe (guess who's idea that was?) where I got to sip bottled water and interview make friends with the locals. 

I also passed out some Rockabye fliers, because promotion is what this trip's all about, right? 

My signing at Sophia Books was awesome. Marc, the Sophia Books owner supplied the event with wine which was totally cool of him and some of my favorite bloggers showed up to hang, which was just so lovely. We even had ourselves a little after-hours fun. Hey now!

But sadly,  all good countries must come to an end and besides the US dollar is so shit right now that leaving the country will surely leave you broke. Especially if you're broke to start with. Ahem. 

Sweet home, I-5 freeway...

Yesterday Dana and I made the trek back to Portland. And here we are now, blogging over half-caf lattes, uploading our four-thousand home-vids by the light of the grey Portland skies. 



Anonymous | 3:33 PM

What you graciously left out is the fact that Nolan wet willied an unsuspecting man and peed indiscriminately on the stairs before we had to shuffle out before we even got to hear you read.

I'm amazed at your book - love it like crazy and it was great to see you again.

Safe travels

Anonymous | 6:43 PM

just finished your book. you're a great read. so many things you said are exactly the way i would express myself if i could express myself as eloquently as you. i hope you know how much i appreciate you writing

Crunchy Carpets | 7:27 PM

Oh wasn't THAT cold!

Anonymous | 9:09 PM

I loved meeting you, and you looked lovely. I can't wait to read your next book. :)


Dude! It SO was that cold. It SO-SO was.

mo-wo | 10:55 PM

What the video link is kaput?? P-man doesn't believe a word without the microfilm!

That -- and I hate your hotel as the package I left for you did not get delivered. FREAKS. Come on. Vancouver sort of sucks doesn't it.

Safe home, luvie.


Video link is BACK IS BUSINESS! And NO!!!!! The books! THE BOOKS! That effing sucks.

Crunchy Carpets | 11:25 AM

He is so deep and I am so fat!

Laura | 10:50 PM

So nice to meet you in Van at Sophias!! Next time come back in the summer. It's warm. Promise.