The One Night Five Year Stand

Five years ago, tonight, what started as a "one night stand" ...

... turned into:

-- a five year relationship,

-- a four (plus) year marriage

-- two of the most beautiful children to walk/squirm the face:

THAT'S how good the sex was.

Oh, yes.

In all seriousness, though...

I could not have been booty-called at 3am by a better man...

... and (soon-to-be) father.


The very best.

Archer is absent from this photo because he's going through a stage where he refuses to pose for pictures. Bummer.


P.S. Hal started a blog a while back where he collects insanity and funny business. Be forewarned, 99% of what he posts is NSFW!! Welcome to my world. All I do all day is sort through these videos, which Hal forwards to me on the hour. Enjoy!